Yeesh, I Only Like Perverts

This is the internet. We're all anonymous on this site (in theory, at least). This is where you talk about the perverted stuff and the dark stuff.

This is where you confess that weird fetish that you're afraid to talk about.

This is where you tell us that you once blew the cashier at 7-11 just because he rounded up on the change he gave you.

This is where you describe that bizarre sex fantasy you have that involves a cheerleading squad, robots, bubble wrap, and a giant vat of marshmallows.

This is where you tell the story of how you once cheated on your girlfriend or boyfriend with your old 7th grade English teacher after you bumped into them at the Adult Superstore.

This is where you reveal which items from the supermarket produce section feel best up your ***.

This is where you outline where the best gloryholes in New Hampshire can be found.

This is where you talk about the best calls you got after you left your phone number on the restroom walls of every highway rest area in Arkansas last summer.

This is where you get it off your chest that you ********** while thinking about Simon from "Alvin and The Chipmunks".

I like the dirty stuff. That's the stuff that makes you interesting. I guess I can understand how girls might be put-off when they log on and there's a different guy sending you a picture of his **** every five minutes, but I say just ignore that (if you want).

Another thing I say: PERVERTS UNITE.
Pinballs Pinballs
31-35, M
May 25, 2012