What Is A Pervert??

I will add anyone who wants to be in my circle as long as they dont become to overbearing. after all what is a pervert anyway? in the eye of the beholder i suppose. I myself do things some may deem unusual or perverted. I enjoy nakedness and webcams and all. but doesnt mean i would force that on anyone who doesnt .

rumpledforeskin rumpledforeskin
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3 Responses Mar 3, 2010

Am I a pervert? Read my stories and tell me what you think, if you want!
Thank you for this posting! :)

thanks for the post

Hey Rumpled, I am surprised nobody has posted here since you put it up over a year ago. I am basically a straight male but your screen name caught my eye. As an Uncircumcised guy here in the United States I am curious to exchange thoughts, stories and experiences with other similar guys. I also share pics and live cam. If you are interested you can PM me for my contact info. I primarily used Yahoo Messenger but have recently added Skype. I do have a very seldom used MSN Messenger as well. Take Care.