When people are too stubborn to admit that they're wrong, it shows so much about them and their capabilities to understand. People who leave their opinion out in the open but refuse to acknowledge contradictory arguments, disappoint me. It's a closed-minded way of voicing yourself out. I want to tell them "Defend yourself!" but they rest their case without attempting to see the other side's point. I will admit it when I'm wrong, because I wish everybody knew how to.
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It could be that people who live their lives based on faith rather than logic give themselves little time for critical thinking. Too often people fail to consider the "why" of who they are.

Lysistratas, you're on a roll. I'm not trying to flatter you, but every time you comment my stories, you make me see my own writing from a different perspective. I'm amazed. You're going in my circle! (:

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Fantastic! I do enjoy critical thinking. 👍