What Did I Do Wrong to Get a Bad Deal In Life.

I don't even know where to start.If I start this story and its going to take me all night.And it will probely be boring.So I will just talk about what has been going on the past few months.Its about my ex wife and my kids.I have been married 2 times and my first wife with who I had my kids with died a few years ago of cancer.Age 38.We where just starting to get back together after being seperated for 12 years.This wife realy did me wrong.I met her in 2004.we got married a couple of months later.She had nothing.I stood behind her to go to nursing school.And she was real over weight.I stood behind her and help her lose the weight.We where married for amost 3 years.Than on jan.2 she left the house happy and came back telling me she wanted a devorce.I keep asking her what I did wrong and the answer was always.Nothing.I don't think I would feel so bad if she would just tell me.Than it comes to my kids.I didn't see them for 10 years"Not my fault Was 1 wifes fault"they met my second wife and liked her,and my wife liked them.We visited on xmas day and within a week we where split up.Well my kids asked me to move 240 miles to be with them.I did.Now it seems that this relationship with my kids is going sour.I don't know what to do.I don't want to move back to where my ex is,But I feel that I don't want to stay hear ether.Sometimes I just want to,Well you know.I can't talk to anybody about this.Thay just say get over it,Its hard when the persons you love seem to turn there back on you.I see a doctor once a month to get my meds.I feel that I am going to die a lonly man.
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I'm not sure how a comment that I leave here could help you because I really don't know what to say, the only thing I can tell you is that things always happen for a reason, even though you may feel really crappy now, you'll be happy later on in life with yourself or someone else. You don't have to have a wife to be happy and to live a life that satisfies you. All you need is to be happy with yourself, to love yourself, and you'll be fine. When people love themselves, other people learn to love them too. And if you're happy with yourself, other people will be happy with you aswell.<br />
This all sounds like its coming straight from a movie, but it's what I think will help you through the stuff that makes you down.<br />