Something Happend to My Mom

Well when i was three thesee three men did something to her that changed not only her life forever but also changed everyone elses life around her. Im pissed at the world, i think if this never happend what my life would be like what kind of life would my mother have, I  Just have so much anger towards those three men i dont know what to do. Im 18 now, my mom will never have the same life nor would I and everyone else the knows my mom

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Ur welcome :)


Bad things happen to good people. There is no reason for it. But you can do good things and have reason for that. You can teach, mentor, defend, and/or help others. Maybe not the way you wished someone could have helped your mom, but how you do these things isn't is importat as doing them. A wise person onec said that if your not part of the solution your part of the problem. Most people are desent kind and worthy of your trust. If you want to feel better, help someone. I kknow you want to otherwise you would not have posted your experience here. Revenge never makes you feel better. BUt i find that every time I help someone and ask for nothing in return, I feel imense joy, from there gratitude. I urge you to seek out that joy. Let that light your future. Be the change in the future that you would like to have lived. <br />
<br />
FInd friends, have fun, take your mind off these bad thoughts, and focus on the good in this world, or the bad wil consume you.

thanks it means a lot

Sometimes being angry can help people deal with difficult things and can be an outlet for emotion that is hard to express. Obviously the pain you feel about your Mum is deep.<br />
But anger that stops you seeing any good or love in the world is not so great, it eats away at the soul.<br />
Im not sure how people go about fixing that sort of hurt - but I hope, like justmeonline, that you can find ways to see around the events and the outcomes of what happened to your Mum so you can get on with life and achieve whatever it is you want to do in the world - you cant let what three men did hold you back forever. Be strong, and best wishes! *hug*

thanks for the comment