I hate that his is so jaded! It makes him so insecure. I work so hard to make him feel secure, but he always finds something to question.
How can I make him understand that I'm head over heels in love with him and want no one else but him?
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That was me till I dated my last gf.....the one b4 her ruined me......so the next girl glendy I dated for almost 9 years.....didn't drink or like to go out clubbing or talked with other guys...this was her how she was I didn't ask for that....it was perfect for me though at the time. She liked going out but with me....she would have 2 drinks Max. She taught me how to trust.....after a little while I knew I could trust her n that she loved me and I would encourage her to go out and I never once worried if she was upto no good. If u love him maybe u have to go a littleout of your way to make him feel secure but after that its good. If your going outwith the girls invite him....trust me he wont go...lol, but he will feel like u wanna be with him. Little things. Like this will go a long way.

He is 24 and I'm 35. I don't go out. I don't drink or smoke. He is in Korea for a year and I'm in Cali. I have no idea how to assure him that I'm being faithful, when we are so far apart.

Ouch....that is def. Difficult! You would need to be in constant contact which is crazy. The best thing maybe to have an open relationship for the next year. Honestly being truthful even if it hurts would be easier on him