His Bestfriend Is Not His Bestfriend

I have been knowing my airman since i was a kid like a toddler. And we have been together for a year and 4 months now. His bestfriend has been trying to get with me right before my boyfriend left and now since my boyfriend has been gone he really has been on me. So I let my boyfriend kno and he is like goin crazy but on the other hand my bf cheated on me wit his bestfriend ex girl and thats another story for another day and they got back cool but now I see how his freind feels and I kno he juz wants revenge. But I forgave my boyfriend after months of him begging and pleading and I told him I will never stoop to his level and try to hurt him the same way he hurt me. So yes I was the bigger person but between me and you guys I do kind of see his bestfriend point of veiw. So thats my story thats why I'm in this group I vowed to be faithful to my airman.

AirmanDarbysGirl AirmanDarbysGirl
Mar 23, 2009