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Thats Right Sis

Always and forever

There is NOTHING you can say to hurt me

Nothing you can do to make me care any less

Nothing at all

I am ALWAYS here fot you Baby Girl




You can trust me

You can count on me


TheWanderingSupertramp TheWanderingSupertramp 26-30, M 6 Responses Dec 28, 2009

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Just me being honest Phil

this is cute :)

I would MUCH rather you tell me the truth (as you do) Kiddo.............. A lie hurts soooo much more then the truth, and I am grateful that you trust me enough to talk to me honestly

Honey, I WANT to hear those words. I want you to trust me. I want to take on your problems and lessen your burden. Do not be worried about hurting me Kiddo, if you did I would tell you (and I pinky promise that)<br />
Always and forever Baby GIrl =)<br />
No need Lil SIs, no need at all

omggggggg ... I've got tears now. This is such a wonderful loving tribute.

Baby Girl **holds you close**<br />
You do not hurt me when we speak, honestly and truley you don't. I may cry at times, but that is only because YOU are hurting. I cannot bare the thought of MY Little Sister hurting. <br />
Why do I want to be your Big Brother? Easy, because I love you more then anything else in the world Honey. We are made to be brother and sister, we are made to look after one another.<br />
You have nothing to be sorry for My Lil baby Girl, nothing in the world