Whenever She Needs It.

My wife and I have agreed that, since I like to wear lingerie and dresses, I will do whatever housework she determines and that will be the times I will wear lingerie and dresses. It seems only reasonable that any time I spend in lingerie and a dress should be devoted to making my wife's life better. I do find it quite rewarding and enjoyable to wear silkies and a dress doing the housework she used to do so she can have more time to seek the more leisurely and enjoyable. When she makes plans to spend the day in town shopping, going to a hair appointment, and the like, or maybe going out with friends, she seems to really appreciate being able to take her time and enjoy herself knowing that there won't be any housework waiting for her when she gets home anymore because now I will wear lingerie and a dress and do the work. I'm quite proud of her for taking advantage of the fact that I will wear lingerie and a dress and do the housework while she does things that she'd really want to do.  She has told me in the past she often feels like she needs a wife.  It seems only reasonable that I do what I can to fulfill that need for her since I will wear lingerie and a dress and do what she tells me to.
Niqqi Niqqi
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4 Responses Aug 18, 2010

My wife said sence I'm a sissy she needed to date real men. After a while she got into black men and she started sharing them with me

No she doesn't make me wear anything. She doesn't mind if I wear heels but it is up to me. I normally wear housekeeping shoes. They don't have heels but are very quiet.

Does she make you wear stilettos while on duty? I think you should all the time you are on duty.

Isn't it cool to have a wife that not only says it is fine if you wear a dress but will also take advantage of it by having you do the traditionally feminine, mundane tasks while she does the things she would really like to do?