They Will Always Be Remembered

Three years ago..on our first date out... you planted many butterfly kisses on my forehead, my cheeks and my nose.  The kisses were so loving.... 

Every now and again I get butterfly kisses from you..  Last nite your butterfly kisses reminds me of our loving moments back in HRC KL...  I wish moments like this will never ever end..

Eternal Eternal
31-35, F
2 Responses Feb 26, 2010

Thank you Twen. No, I have never shared these words with him... I do wish I can day in the unpredictable future. I dont' know even know when will I see him again..

that is so lovely to read Eternal. beautifully written and shared. do you share with him how much you appreciate these special moments?<br />
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I have fond memories of my ex's goodnight butterfly shoulder kisses as we'd spoon to sleep:)<br />
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my now Beloved isn't as naturally affectionate and i love it when he goes, oh hang on, you like this don't you and then gives me a hug:)