11 years. 11 years ago on this exact date. 9/11 Tuesday September 11, 2001. Is a day we as a country will never forget. It is a day that we honor, and remember all of the lives lost that day, and reach out to the people who lost someone that day. Today is Tuesday September 11, 2012. 9/11. When we see this date, we remember the horrific, terror that took place in NY. We remember the exact moment where we were at. We remember exactly how we felt. We remember everything.

Watching our t.v with tears in our eyes, as we saw the chaos that was happening. Every time I see this date, or hear about it on the news, or online, I automatically start to cry. Their were so many precious lives lost that day. So many traumas that happened that day. 9/11. I hope everyone of us, will honor those that we lost, and pray to the families, and people that lost a loved one. Today is a day we will never forget. Even though we are 50 individual states, together we make a whole. We make the U.S.A. This is the place we call home. That we will always call home. Nobody can take that away from us. Remember 9/11. Always‚ô•


^^ Be still, and know that we are with you. RIP 9/11 <3
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aww that made me cry so much xxxxxxxxxx