True Camping Story

This I guess is more about ways of disciplining children, but I thought it should be shared. This is also the reason why I will always wear diapers.

My brother and I, both 14 at the time, were being so childish. Things like we wouldn't share, our fights, often by the way, would always end with us crying and having our parents having to decide the outcome of the argument, and just stupid things like that. Our parents couldn't figure out a suitable punishment so they sent us off with our grandparents, because they really trusted their decisions. Our grandparents decided to go camping. My brother and I was bumped up by this idea. I mean it beat getting whipped by a belt or grounded. So we decided to go camping for the weekend. So we get to the camp site, unload, just got finished getting everything in order, and I mean we were the center of everyone, and my granddad lays out a sheet. It was around lunch time so my brother and I thought that it was for a picnic. WRONG. My grandmother says, "Ok this is the beginning of your punishment. ***** down to nothing." We were like OH NO! We were forced to anyways. So there we were butt naked everyone snickering who walked by, and it wasn't because we were naked it was because they saw my grandmother walking over with baby supplies. We were going to be wearing nothing but diapers the whole camping trip. So my grandmother puts each of us in two cloth diapers. Of course that would not be all. She said, "Ok that is your new toilet. Only you and your granddad will change you and only if we can tell you need it." Luckily we got through the rest of the day without having to go. We had two more days. The second day we were fortunate enough to meet what they called themselves, the diaper crew. It consisted of four guys who wore diapers all the time and were not afraid to use them. So we went with them to see who they were with. Two HOT sisters! Well it was the diaper crew time to use the bathroom because I just heard this utterly disgusting fart followed the sound of a filling diaper. I knew they had used the bathroom because of the obvious bulge. They were like clock work. Every single one of them. My brother finally gave up trying to hold it and the same thing happened to him. He was so embarrassed. In my laughing at his shyness I to wet and messed my diapers. It was so nasty feeling the the poop from my crotch to literally the bottom of my back. Our grandparents saw that we did this. They thought it to be best to switch the changers. They changed the diaper crew and the two sisters changed us. We were even more embarrassed than the day before. It took both girls for one diaper change. My brother was not bad because he did not eat as much as me. They opened his diaper and said, "Aw you were holding back. This isn't bad." So they cleaned him up and put two more diapers on him. Then they got to me. They opened my diaper and they were astonished that my diapers held all that I released. The proceeded to clean me and when they started to put the diaper back on me they both laughed because they could tell I enjoyed the change. Long story short. That happened the rest of the weekend. Our grandparents told my parents how well behaved we were because of the embarrassment that came with wearing the diapers. So until we were well behaved enough we would be kept in diapers. It's been two years since that happened and they tried to get us out after two months of the punishment. School was about to start again, but we both lost control, and could never gain it back. We just couldn't feel when it was coming. The nurse changes us at school and everybody there knows about the diapers because of the obvious diaper bulges. It actually gives more more of a chance to concentrate on work in class, than before diapers. I guess it isn't the worst thing that has happened to me. I like them now.

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Feb 25, 2009