i'm really quite sure that this is true.

however, i have no idea what "the right question" is.


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actually we could start working on it even now....

re: keifer (sp?), very!<br />
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indeed. it's a shame. but i suppose it's only fair.<br />
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we can add it to the easter to-do list, perhaps.

How weird is it that Kiefer (sp?) was in that movie?<br />
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Yikes. I know. It's ok--he lives on in our memory. Kind of like Cary Elwes. Another ungraceful ager, that one.<br />
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oh yeah. i need that on dvd asap. <br />
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unfortunately, he hasn't aged all that gracefully. but we can remember him at his peak.....<br />
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we should make a new quiz of consternation.

Oh yeah! And one about owning a Rascal. Oh, and one about the scene in "Three Musketeers" in which Chris O'Donnell removes his shirt!<br />
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lol! the quiz of consternation! i remember one question had to do with transubstantiation.....

Perhaps it's one from the Quiz of Consternation (which I just remembered! Holy crap! High school flashback!).<br />
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Unfortunately, I can't remember any of our questions...


it's a tricky matter, finding this question...

no idea. that must not have been the right one either....

When Pharoah Sanders said, "Music is the healing force of the universe," what precisely did he mean?

Icecream sundae and fries?

I know what you mean. If I knew what the right question was I'd just have told people to ask me it and would have you all eating out of my hands by now----moving along....<br />
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I've heard that the Journey Full of Laughter begins with a single giggle.


hold on to that fee-ee-ee-li-i-in!!!!

lol, quirky is good ;)

The right question is... "Journey?"<br />
<br />
And the answer is the multiplex of all you've written here, I think. Bah, sif a single story could contain all that's in the stars and fairy strewn lands of your weird....err... quirky mind.

I think the right question is more important than the right answer.