I'd Love To Share.

I am awfully young to have had such a strange life.  It has already been packed full of odd and interesting experiences, and I'm just getting started.  The thing is, even on a site like EP, my stories seem mundane to me.  I lived them, so I don't find them nearly as exotic as do the people with whom I converse. 

So ask.  I'd love to answer. 

Plus, I'm supposed to be working on opening up and sharing things with others as opposed to holding my life to my chest like a boogie board in hurricane.  So you'd be doing me the favor. 
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Wow that's a hard question to answer. I'm going to take a liberty and alter it just a bit, because the lines on the map really don't divide cultures as much as they delineate states. So.

I have a lot of respect for what I know of some aspects of Japanese culture, but I feel out of my depth talking about it. I don't feel I know enough. But what impresses me is the attention to detail. The unhurried dedication. The unrelenting search for perfection. The idea that a person could do the same thing over and over looking for the minutest improvement, like the men who make rice for sushi and spend years at it. Life as meditation.

I love the French attitude toward food. Quality over quantity, and in all things, pleasure. I love the Canadian inclination toward personal expression. So many have quiet hobbies of great beauty, and you'd never know unless you ask what they do of a winter's evening. I love Australian friendliness, Austrian precision, and the way New Zealanders will have a pint with anyone.

But now that I've said all that I fear backlash, because I have no choice but to generalise.

What a great attitude!

Which country, other than the U.S. impressed you the most, either positively or negatively?

A guy friend of mine gave me that name to begin with, for ...censorable reasons, but it does seem to fit me. He was referring to the skittish way I react to sexual situations, even though I'm pretty sensually aware. He enjoys watching me twitch with discomfort.

But it the rest of my life, I just... I find that my attitude is one of innocent wonder. Not ignorance. Never that. But I am open to life and to new things in a way that I find most people aren't. I'm open to a new experience from the same old thing, even, and I laugh when I'm happy, not because something's funny.

I had a period of adjustment to accept my innocence because it's more common in this culture to expect that innocence is something you can lose or have stolen or squander but not a way of life. I feel perpetually new, and I like it.

That was a great start. You are doing wonderfully,

I wonder about your username; how does Rabbit fit in your life?

aww thanks, sierra!

the perfect friend... definitely i require that people be honest. That doesn't mean they never lie, although that would be nice. But it means that they are true to who they are, above board, not deceptive and underhanded. I don't like finding that there are ulterior motives for things that are going on between friends. I expect that from people who have no loyalty to me, but I don't need that in my inner circle. And I guess I need my friends to be understanding, because I'm a bit of a flake. Oh, one more thing: I really appreciate for my friends to have their own interests. Their own life, hobbies... I don't want to have to entertain them like a dancing bear for them to be happy.

Exotic things? ok.. well, I've lived in my car, in a hotel room, in an apartment, in a house, and on my friend's floor. i've owned a truck but can't drive. i have a cat though i'm allergic to them. i learn languages because they interest me instead of because i need them. now that i'm describing, i think maybe exotic was the wrong word to use. i don't really feel that I'm so exotic, it's more that that's what other people have said about me. now suddenly I feel awkward, as though i've put on airs. that was not my intention. anyway, i've traveled as far south as venezuela, north to about the middle of quebec, west to the coasts of canada and the U.S. East I haven't done yet, but I've been all up and down the coast of the States. I can't wait to go somewhere new and exciting. I feel limited to not have traveled more, but as I've found out that most people stay within 50 mi. of their hometown all their lives I guess I'm doing all right.

Hobbies... I knit. I used to play the saxophone but it's a very loud instrument to practice and the neighbors would hear me.. i'm too shy for that. I write. I used to sing with a garage band but my voice needs some work before I go out in public with it again. I cook. My mom says I cook restaurant style meals over homestyle. I looked at her askance but she promised it was a compliment. I'm working on my baking. It could be better. I love sports, but don't have a lot of sport-y friends. I love my PS2 but don't get to play as much as I'd like. I'd love to have the next generation of games but I can't afford them at the moment, mostly because I don't really chase money at all. Unless I have a need, I don't work. I hike, and camp... I've only been fishing once or twice but I liked it.

And now I've used the word "I" so much I feel odd. But I really appreciate that you'd even want to know. = )

Ok rabbit here goes:

What describes the perfect friend for you?

Could you give an example of some of the "exotic" things in your life?

What is your favorite hobby or past time?

I'd love to hear all about you! I like the way your words sound as I read them. I think this will be great finding out all about you!