I am so bored right now, ask me anything you want and I will answer :)
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Any chance of seeing childhood pics of the two of you together? Nothing illegal.

Message me how you got started

How did your brother get you naked that first time was it like before a bath or what and how old was you brother the first time naked and the first time you had sex

I've posted an experience already that explains how he first got me naked :)

How old were you the first time you and your brother played naked together and how old the first time you had sex with him?

I was 6 when we first played together. I was seven the first time we had sex

who were u in YOUR previous life???

I'm not sure, who were you?

your daughter

Was I a good mother?

Pretty much!

Pretty much? That doesn't sound like you are sure... I'm a little worried now :/

but you were a good mother gone bad.

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Would you try wearing a diaper u pooped in

No, if I was wearing a diaper and I did a poo in it, I would take it off immediately and put a fresh one on.

So you like diaper fetish then

No I was humouring you at the end

I'm not into it I'm just racking my 16 year old brain with stuff I was told about I mean what is sex I've never been told why do girls not like guys seeing them naked i mean it's a mystery to me

You've never had sex before then?
Girls are just more sensitive about showing off their parts to people than guys are I guess.

Hmmm ok works for me and I don't even know what sex is mother of god I'm not gonna even ask ill find out eventually and why is it a shock I don't know what it is all the girls at my school like me more because of that for some reason and I'm stuck in what my friends call a harem

Sex with the right person is the best :) don't be too obsessed about sex though. If you are then the girls will think you only want to be with them for sex and then you'll leave them

Again I don't know what the word means

Google it then

I'm not allowed something a girl told me at school said it's not worth it they also said I was innocent and I don't need to know what it means for that reason

Just google it, there's no way that someone your age doesn't know what sex is... How old are you?

16 and I'm not lying I just never had to learn what it means I've been trained by ninjas since I was 10 and I've been trained I don't remember much else I my name is dark my given name is sonic so I don't sound emo

Surely you're not serious

Oh i am I was adopted and since know could find my real parents I was named dark I was found in a ally way I woke up and the rest is history I spend most of my time training then leaning my full name is dark sneak smith

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Can I message you

If you want

Why did you name yourself good girl gone bad ?

Outwardly I appear to be a good girl (especially to my parents and the rest of my family) but they don't know half of the stuff I really get up to

I guess maybe if you don't mind you can elaborate since it is anonymised here

Well I guess the biggest secret my parents don't know is that I've been in a relationship with my brother since I was 12. They are very religious so I'm very sure they wouldn't approve if they did know...

Did you engage any sexual activity and how long did that relationship last ,? I do think at some point we will fantasy our brother and sister during puberty happened to me but not to the extent of relationship

We have been doing stuff for ages but we finally decided to be in a relationship and we still are together.

How old are you now? And have you engaged full sexual intercourse ? And you know this eventually will come to light you got plan to deal with it ? Or playing the waiting game

I'm almost 18, yes we have. As for a plan if this gets out, we have really spoken about it because we are hoping it won't.

Are you living in European country or USA , and it will eventually come to light you need to prepare for it and please don't think jumping over bridge , train track as a way out , if I were you tell your parent you are both going to head to a different country and start a new life there where prejudice from your family would not be seemed by you or directly effecting you, but you are still young in my opinion , another 2-3 years if you are still together , ignore others and have fun :p

Moving to another country is a good option because then we could just tell people we are married and that's why we have the same last name

Yep , I guess ina way parents will still be parents and no parent can be angry at their loved ones for life so don't worry

There's no way our parents will ever be okay with this so we decided to never let them know

Eventually you will have kid , it is better to let them know while they are still younger when they get old you will give them heart attack since they more fragile that age

Possibly, we almost had to cross that bridge already :/

-.- all I can say is good luck to you hopefully things won't go out of hand and make sure this is what you want but I'm curious in the beginijg who made the first move ? Your bro or you

I suppose my brother I guess but I am planning on sharing that story soon so keep and eye out :)

Lol I only downloaded this app, and this is like a twitter update ?

Your parents sound a lot like mine, and us kids acted a lot like you and your brother...

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Are you more nice or more naughty

It depends who I'm with ;)