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1 Response Aug 15, 2014

What is the reason why I exist on earth? Why the CREATOR did created me? What is the purpose of creation?

What is the true name of the only true religion given by this Almighty Creator? That I may follow, observe and practice it to my everyday life.

Have you ever wonder and asked from your conscience from the deepest part of your heart with your sober mind, who is this Almighty God who created me? How did HE originate? What is HIS true name?

Each and everyone of us has a purpose for our lives. Iv learned that the time when I was most unsatisfied was when I was living. A selfish life and just living everyday for my self. I became depressed and very bitter heart. I grew up in church my whole life but not until this moment did I began to realize what God and all of this church stuff was all about. There in the quit place I began to hear the voice of the LORD so clear and still to this day it has been a moment that impacted me so much. He told me that I was going about life the wrong way and He has a greater purpose and plan for me if only I let HIM have control. So I did and my life and purpose has changed completely. I no longer live in selfishness but live in a way of helping others He used the most depressing and hard trails that I went through to help others who went and are going through the pain and suffering I did with being very sick and having way more heart surgeries then you can count. I fully depend on Jesus because of HIS love. This is truly what I believe is the meaning of life and creation is to love others and help one another on this crazy and in know life. I didn't know exactly what was this creation and us all for until I started to read the bible and it made complete since. Hope this helped you out?

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