I feel like answering some questions. Ask me anything.
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do you come from a middle class family?

No, I don't.

What is the proper way or manner of worshiping The Almighty creator base on what he order HIS creation to do and not base on the teachings of religious leader but solely God given order way on how we are going to worship HIM.

What is the reason why I exist on earth? Why the CREATOR did created me? What is the purpose of creation?

What is the true name of the only true religion given by this Almighty Creator? That I may follow, observe and practice it to my everyday life.

Have you ever wonder and asked from your conscience from the deepest part of your heart with your sober mind, who is this Almighty God who created me? How did HE originate? What is HIS true name?

I do not want to let you down, but no. I have never questioned myself about religion because I have never taken interest in it. I might be hated for that, but I didn't grow up in a religious family, only a few people in my family are religious and I never wondered about God and etc. :/

Gay bi or straight


Cool so am I thank you for being honest

No problem :)