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What is the proper way or manner of worshiping The Almighty creator base on what he order HIS creation to do and not base on the teachings of religious leader but solely God given order way on how we are going to worship HIM.

What is the reason why I exist on earth? Why the CREATOR did created me? What is the purpose of creation?

What is the true name of the only true religion given by this Almighty Creator? That I may follow, observe and practice it to my everyday life.

Have you ever wonder and asked from your conscience from the deepest part of your heart with your sober mind, who is this Almighty God who created me? How did HE originate? What is HIS true name?

I do not know the answer to many of those questions, though I can say I have wondered about all those things many times.

What are your views on Islam?

That I don't know enough about it to really have a view. I would like to learn more about it someday. It makes me sad that some people interpret something as beautiful as spirituality in a way that makes them think they should kill people.

Wow such an amazing reply!!! Truly hit my heart. Thank you so much. If you do ever wish to know more come visit www.edialogue.org or www.faithchat.com. You are right and what I always tell people is never to judge a religion based on its followers, if people dont follow what a religion teaches, the religion can never be put to blame. Just one food for thought, if Islam was as people thought it to be one of terrorism and violence how can it then be possible that it may the fastest growing religion in the world. Even if thousand or a few thousand people commit these actions thats a small percentage there are more than 1.8 Billion Muslims. I love your open mind!! Thank you sooo much

Well thank you for your kindness and your information. I will check out those websites tomorrow! :)

My pleasure. And awesome, also please do keep in touch!!

Alright. :)

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