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Fierrrrce Fierrrrce
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If your pic is real, can you tell me please, 'why you are so beautiful & can I see you for a moment so that I can write a poem for your delightful beauties. Promise I will gift you the poem.'

It is real but a few months old...and thank you very much! I don't know the answer to that :0 haha sorry

You can answer everything, why not this one?

Do you believe in UFOs?


Who do you think will win the premier leagues this season and why?

I think the best team will win because they're good. (you can tell I love sports)

Hahaha, kop out! The answer should be Liverpool... in case your asked again!

Does that mean I can't ask any questions at all or..?

Welp you already asked one soooooooooo000000ooooo

Ohh 😞 😂