Ooh, This Looks Fun!

I guess it is?

Hey, cause it's anonymous, I have nothing to hide. Unfortunately I'm boring also, nothing exciting to tell. :P

Bring it on if you are interested, I wonder if you can you come up with something creative questions.
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4 Responses Jul 14, 2010

thomasloomis (It seems I have missed you message... oops.) I must have when I was a kid, but not so that I could remember. Also, have no special interest towards it. <br />
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@ shatterer I guess they can if they want to, but at least not il public beaches. :D My guess is it isn't that common, sorry to ruin the fantasy. :p<br />
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@nakedtim Nope, the poorstranger would be badly traumatized... sometimes I walk around naked in the house though, if I'm too lazy to put clothes on after shower. xD

I had a Finish girlfriend long ago,(here in Canada). Is it true even Finish church girls swim topless? In Finland that is

ok have you ever or want to wet your pants ?

I was raised in Finland, grew up in Finland and still live in Finland. I have visited other countires only in vacation.<br />
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I have never been in the USA. Shame on me me. I will have to visit someday...