I Am Very Open And I Will Answer Anything Truthfully.

Hey everyone! I've been a member of EP for only a few days, and I really enjoy reading about people's lives and sharing my own. I am 24, I live in Ontario, and I'm in a wheelchair - I have a terminal, neuromuscular disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type 2, which causes my muscles to be very weak and gets worse over time. I have a wonderful fiance named Mike, we've been together for 9 and a half years and we are getting married next summer.
Please feel free to ask anything (except for my address and phone number), I will answer all questions, no matter how personal, truthfully and as best I can. I look forward to hearing from you!
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Hi Thomas :) You're very sweet, thank you for your comments <3 *hugs* And I hope you had a wonderful holiday as well! I have a cousin with MS too, thankfully hers hasn't progressed yet to needing a wheelchair.<br />
I don't go on MSN or Yahoo very often, but I will add you, and in the meantime we can keep in touch through e-mail, if that's alright with you! My address is xcreature_of_the_nightx@hotmail.com<br />
Thanks again, and God bless you as well my friend :) Hope to hear from you soon. xxoo

hi,Eternalabyss, don't worry about writing late, that's fine, i just hope that you had a wonderful holiday season.and enjoyed all your friends .There's nothing like haing friendsand family around for the holidays You know what?, you just made thisd day a whole lot better.Sometimes we forget about the disabledand hw they deal with life . I commend you on what you do, , i have a friend who has MS,and he's been in a wheel chair the past 20 years and he writes me everyday.i don't know how he does it, ms is one of the worst desises you could have. i want to say to you, yes i would like to chat with you it would be nice to talk to some people on here. do you want my E-mail adress? well here it is anyway, <br />
<br />
it's..>>>> thomasloomis83@yahoo.com, i'm also on yahoo mesenger, skype,and twitter too so you can reach me on one of those , i'm usually on yahoo,most of the time anyway,ok sweetie. Thank you for being there . I really hope the best for you and may god bless you every day. your friend thomas

Hi amplifire! Thank you for writing :) I have the same problem, and I'm really not sure why sex is so painful for me personally, but I've been doing research online and I have found a few possibilities: There is a condition called Imperforate Hymen, and it causes the hymen to not be torn open properly and makes sex very painful. If you have it, it can also cause a lot of pain inserting a tampon, and the tampon can even get stuck when trying to pull it out. I'm going to assume for now that you're a girl, if not please correct me. For myself, I'm extremely tight (a pinky finger is even hard to fit in), and I've heard there is a condition where your vagina doesn't loosen like it should, basically causing you to feel like you're losing your virginity every time, being very painful. The cause can also be an STD, or trauma to the genitals that never healed properly. If you could message me and answer some questions, I might be able to help you. Also, I have an appointment this month to see a gynocologist so I'll be finding out what's wrong with me, which can also be helpful to you. Hope to hear from you!

Hi Thomas! I'm sorry for the late reply, I've been out of town for the Christmas holidays, but I'm back home now. Thank you so much for your kind words! Really it isn't so bad, you get used to things and learn to manage and make the most out of what life gives you :) I'm sorry to hear about your accident, that must have been terrible! I'm glad you're alright now, and that the Vicoden helped you. I take heavy pain-killers, but they hardly work...I'd like to try Vicoden but I don't think they prescribe it here in Canada. <br />
Please don't feel bad about asking any questions, that's the reason I posted this! Yes, I have wet myself, many times. Because of my condition, my bladder is not very strong, and throughout my teenage years I had to wear adult diapers. When I moved out on my own, I was eventually able to train my bladder to not release when I had to pee, so now I no longer wear them, but I do occasionally have a few drops come out when I go from a laying down to a sitting position because of the pressure on my bladder, but I just put some toilet paper between myself and my panties and it works great. Thanks for writing! if you want to know anything else or if you'd like to chat, don't be shy :)

Hi i read your story at the top ,i am so sorry that you have that , i could just imagine what you go through every day.my heart goes out to you sweetie,i'm guessing that is the wort kind of disese to have .now i don't feel that bad , i hurt my back a few yeays ago ,i pulled a muscle in my back next to the spinal cord and i couldn't move for 2 days oh god i wa sin pain,,but now i'm ok the doctors gave me the mericle drug,,,,vicoden.worked wonders.i ws gonna ask you a question but i feel bad now,but if you want to hear it , here it goes ,you don't have to answer it if you don't want to.ok i was wondering ....have you ever wet your pants ? ...... my heat and prayers go out to you . love you for who you are. this is thomas from san francisco. god bless you .

I had a good time reading this :P<br />
And I wanted to say, I can't have (proper) sex either ._. but I don't know why the*** it hurts so much!<br />
Then for a question maybe,<br />
do you have any thoughts on why it's painful?<br />
cheers ;)

Hi, I really apologiize for the super late reply - I was gone out of town for a while and things have been a bit crazy here. I love the clothing too, that's one of the things that I enjoy the most, especially the corsets and flowing dresses or skirts, they're very sexy. I have a pretty wide range of music from rock, heavy metal, death metal, metalcore, screamo, to industrial, gothic, etc... I'll listen to anything that sounds good to me, just not rap, country, jazz, or any of that. I don't really like HIM, only because somebody that I don't like was really obsessed with them and drove me nuts, so I haven't yet been able to put aside my feelings and give their music a chance...I might someday.<br />
Can you tell me more about yourself?

Hi blackjack, nice questions :P. I am sort of shy and not the type of girl that would flash somebody I don't know, so the only time a stranger would see my panties is if I was wearing a skirt and the wind blew it upwards, which has actually happened lol.. But I do feel comfortable with my best guy friiend, who is actually sleeping next to me as we speak, so he has seen them plenty of times. I wear small to medium thong panties, black is my favourite and preferred colour, but I have a white pair that my fiance says he loves because they're see-through which he says he finds very sexy. I've never caught anyone sniffing my panties, but I had a pair mysteriously go missing, and my friend brought a guy and some girls I didn't know over a while back and myy favourite bra went missing from the bathroom so I know one of them took it, which is kind of strange. Any more questions feel free to ask!

Hi ripley, thanks for your kind words! My life is good because I try to deal with things positively, and there is pain more often than not but I try to control it with medication, and keeping myself occupied. I also have wonderful friends and loved ones that help me through and make my life really worth living :)<br />
My display picture is not me, but I am what I guess you would call goth with a bit of 'metal' mixed in. I have the traditional gothic look with piercings and tattoos as well. Thanks for writing, if you want to know anything else just ask! <3

Hey, thanks for the question. Our sex life is not really what we both want it to be...I'll explain. For some reason it is extremely painful for me to have sex; our first time wwas obviously painful because I was a virgin, but it didn't get any better after that, in fact it may have even gotten worse. I'm not sure why, but I've heard about connditions where women either stay very tight no matter how much you try to stretch it out (my guy can barely fit his pinky finger in, it's that tight, and even that hurts), or where the hymen covers a larger area and doesn't get completely penetrated so it causes a lot of pain and resistance. I may have one of those problems, I have to get checked out.<br />
Regardless of that, we do like to fool around a lot. I have my own way of giving him head that works well, and I'm a sadist and usually like to get pretty rough so there's quite a bit of hair pulling, smacking, biting and scratching, etc... going on, its hot and fun. The odd time we do have sex, we do it in the spoon position because I have a lot of pain and flexibility/movement issues, so it's the only way we've found so far that works.<br />
Hope that answers your question, if you want to know more or anything else, feel free to ask!

Hi ... How is your sex life do you Guys ever get wild and if so can you discribe it to me ...

Hmm...not exactly sure what you're trying to say, but I take it to be along the lines of you being bored with the same old around here and are looking for something or someone new...I must tell you though, I'm not a guy. But anything you'd like to ask, feel free to, and I will answer.