Why Not??? If You Dare

I dare you to ask,,,  I will be honest.  I have no reason to lie about anything and I think I am old enough to know what is out there.... 

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Have you had anyone *** in your mouth and then snowballed with them! You are a very beautiful lady!

At Captain Crush... No I have not and I dont think i would enjoy it... I rather have a hard **** inside of me than a candy that pops... there is other ways of making my **** pop..

Well at the resort I never seen a guy with an erection...I been a member there for a long time and there is rules so no erections are seen... and if I seen an erection and I am enjoying the man in front of me I will let him know that I admire the reaction I am giving him...and never seen a **** that is repulsive...

Never been to a nudist camp but been to many nude beaches so I know erections are uncommon but sometimes they do happen. Its happened to me a few times and I either turn over on my back or just think of other things until it goes away. When you see an erection at the nudist camp do you?<br />
- admire it secretly<br />
- admire it openly<br />
- feel repulsed and not look<br />
- ask that he hide it until it calms down <br />
- engage him in conversation

You too... Hopefully 2011 brings everyone what they hearts desire...

Thanks for the answer. Wow you are pretty cute.i wish you a safe and healthy new year<br />
<br />
<br />

No sweetie I havent wet my pants since I was a kid and not sure I would like the smell of it...sorry

wow you know alot heres mine,, just a random question......<br />
<br />
have you ever or recently WET your pants/ and if you did how did it feel?

No.... i haven't done that.... cause most deliverlys guys are young

Of course... Especially if it's in the middle of the day... And hot and bother I will either call them or text them and get them worked up for my visit... It's about arousing your partner and letting them know you want them..

@ccuk, I have an office that I close the door too...and since it does not take me long to get there I done quickly otherwise I just go to the bathroom.... if I want to take longer... and usually I just use my hand for there is no risk of finding a didlo...lol

LOL.. yes I have especially if I am stress and need some relief... I feel that sex is a main role in releasing stress... and always makes you happy when done

I dont fck anyone I work with because this brings problems but I had a lover come to my job and play role play but discreetly when nobody really was around... and not shure what your second question is for it got asterik out so you must re word it... thanks

MMM never done DP and a long time ago someone taught me how to play with my A hole and well, once he was gone haven't found anyone else who would want to... and I think I would not do ******* or SMS for i believe sex should be pleasureable but not painful.... I dont think I would also put any foreign ob<x>jects that seem adnormal but do know how to play with other toys... and I been writing about my experiences...

btw... if you look under erotic pleasure no longer a dream you will find in detail one of my major fantasies that came true,,,

I just had one regarding me going to a swingers club and it was great it has lots of details if you look under my stories you will see it... it has all the details that is one of my major desires and it was something I would probably want to do again. I think the story is under dream come true if you look under my stories you will see it there.... we all have dark secrets.. for instance if anyone at my job knew what a sex addict I was I could lose my job for I work strongly with the public and that is why I keep my identily but enjoy being able to express my thoughts without worrying about getting caught... sometimes the saint must play but it also needs to know not to get caught...

LOL.. Halo guy you are funny.... I think you should just go to a nudist camp and find out for yourself and realize its not all about sex but the freedom of just enjoying whom God wanted us to be... I think I mentioned in one of my stories God did make Adam and Eve naked before they ate that apple? Society has made being a nudist a sexual thing when really it is not... People do not understand its about freedom of whom we are with clothes on because with clothes on we pretend to be someone we are not... without clothes there is no barriors and you have no choice but to be who you are and it does not matter your back ground... <br />
1. No... I dont mind wearing a bathing suit when necessary especially if it makes others comfortable. 2. I enjoy it cause its my home and I could do what I want and at the nudist camp everyone knows who I am... I love it because it takes the barriors we all have when wearing clothes... its like we let our hairs down and we are all equal but mostly because it feel nature and its more of the freedom of what society has taught us... 3. Sweetie I just watched a few times but can not say I had only been watched once when I went to devore... 4. No I dont like being lectured so I dont let myself... with my exlover not long I ended for it was getting to involved and I still continue to live with someone... 5.. I dont swallow my own juices but have tasted them when I kiss a guy when having sex and he just went down on me... but I think we all done this when having sex and we are kissing and playing... Not hard it just came really easy coming up with angelmorals and because people have told me I am a saint with a sinner mind it was just perfect...

1 . Cool. Prob. a good thing u take all that into consideration. Do u mind wearing a bathing suit when that's neccessary? <br />
2. That's too bad!! Do u currently live alone then? lol. Too bad your Mom is so strict about your lifestyle of choice. It's good u realize that, tho. Cool! lol. What do u like best about being a private nudist at home? Interesting!! What do u love not wearing clothes so much??<br />
3. Nice!! Are u watched often? Do u care whom decides to watch??<br />
4. Too bad u can't enjoy those any more. I'm srry to hear about your tough relationship? Sounds fun. Do u get caught enjoying yourself in the showe much? How long were u and your ex together?<br />
5. Just seems like it is. I could be totally wrong here!! lol. Cool!! Do they usually swallow your juices? Nice!! What combo of those 2 names did u use to get Morales?

@nudydude<br />
<br />
I gone streaking who hasn't but than Now I just belong to a nudist camp so everyone is naked there and we all enjoy who we are... and we respect the rules and its wonderful to meet new people who feel that nudity is part of life and not to be hidden... Yes, I enjoy a man that is not affraid of who he is when naked...It shows his strength and that he is proud in how he was created... I guess what you are trying to say is playing with one self... I must say if I say guy doing this I will most likely join for I do not want to be left out and yes I have done it in front of my partner for its part of the foreplay and the arrousing period... its always fun to play with someone and show each other our pleasure spots...

@haloguy...1. I must say yes and no... depending where I am at and if I am among my friends and who they are,... If they are my friends that wear bathsuits than I wear them but if its my friends who believe like me we are all naked in the hot tub... and enjoying the stars... or there is times where its me with a glass of wine...2. No, my family does not know I am nudist they would not approve of it but than they do not approve of my life style they have accepted who I am but I know better than to cross a mexican mom.... Since I left my moms home 25 years I been a private nudist in my home... I loved not wearing clothes and now I am just happy to know that there is many out there who do not see the naked body just as a sex symbol but the freedom of enjoy who you are underneath...3. Its arrousing... it makes life more thrilling to watch or be watched4. before my ex and I would enjoy toys and ************ together but if you read my sexless relationship story I am not allowed to have toys or ********** however, it does not stop me from enjoying myself in the shower if I dont get caught...5. Why is it unUSUAL... and never had a guy complain of me swallowing his manhood juices especially if they know its arrousing to me...No actually it was easy finding my name had it for many years... its part of my middle name and last name...

lol. Is my curousity a bad thing? <br />
1. Interesting way of looking at it. Do u usually hot tub naked alone? <br />
2. Hmm. Interesting. What interested u in becoming a nudist? Does your family ever say anything about how much u are naked/ nude? How often do u go to the nudist camp?<br />
3. Cool. What do u like best about being an exhibionist? <br />
4. wow. How did u discovered that out at only 8? I'll look into your stories. Do u typically use toys when u mastubate these days?<br />
5. lol. How long have u enjoyed this? Cool. Good point. Seems unusual! Does he ever say anything about u doing so? <br />
Cool. You have some interesting takes on your user name. Thanks!! Was it hard to come up with?

@haloguy07...<br />
<br />
Aren't we curious... but here it goes...<br />
1. as often as I can once or twice a week.. Its like taking a bath relaxing... <br />
2. its soothing to the soul and its relaxing to know that there is no barriors between each other, plus its like freedom of your everyday routine., and knowing that you dont have to pretend you are someone else when you have your clothes on... but it release all stress <br />
3. I would say about 2 years<br />
4. I was 8 years when I first discovered that it felt good read my stories I got two of them regarding discovering sex at a young age..<br />
5. mmm... It knowing that I am pleasing him that I am able to give him the pleasure that I get from giving him what he wants... it has a unique taste and each guy is different ... and I love the way it feels and it gets me more arroused so I just want to drain him of his juices he can deliver...<br />
<br />
because I am a lady in public but a naughty girl behind close doors.., angelmorals is basically as the say I am saint in public but a sinner after dark... I do have some morals that I believe in and do not want to cross but I am also willing to let the devil come out when needed that is why my name means to me...

1. How often do u hot tub naked?<br />
2. Why do u love being nude?<br />
3. How long have u been an exhibionist?<br />
4. How young did u start mastubating?<br />
5. Why do u love to lick a men precum omg??<br />
<br />
I look forward to getting to know u!!!!<br />
Please explain your username.

Glad I find words that are pleasing to you... and so true but than at the age at 16 and 24 its more about how many we can sleep with... I remember my saying my three Fs...Find them, **** them and Forget them... Yes, I was bad and still am... I still tell my friends do the three Fs and we are in our 40s

you do have a nice way with words, morning delight is my favorite, it stands up straight and tall, and the fact that my bladder is full seems to make the pleasure greater, but really have to pee hard after we are finished. I now take as much time as possible to ensure we both enjoy the experience while as a youth, 16 to 24 it was all about me

You got that right Msshelly... and they know what a woman wants and needs...

LOL... thank you... Its always great to wake up to a hard on...its always turn on to know that the man I am with is willing to have a morning delight before starting the day... and older men just have more experience in understand how the woman works and how to please her

yes, it ison my mind daily, and getting erections several times a day, also can relieve myself after cyber or reading stories, or listening to you, interesting about your view on older men, have had a couple of relationships with younger women who are not at all turned on my younger men and their greater abilities, they stated that outside of that aspect the other routines such as conversations are lacking. I and I think other men wake up each morning with a hard on, so ready teddy for a quickie, you are fun to chat with,

It is normal to want it 2 - 3 times a week and I would probably have to look for a 21 year old to handle me but... that does not mean I would.. I dont like the younger man and I always enjoyed the older mature man since I was a teen... or early 20s... and I believe in resting in between sessions... I meet one man that was able to handle me once twice even lunch breaks a day and 24 hours on the weekend but we broke up for other reasons and he did not need a pill. I think if you have the right partner you can rest and just enjoy the foreplay for 24 hours till you are both ready to enjoy having sex... more of the thought of starting of slowing and working yourself to where you want to have it... I am at my peak and maybe one day I will slow down I have always been this way... I could be awaken any time day or night and be ready and I guess you can say I find this a curse for its hard but I can go day or two without sex but it will be on my mind...

no to your comment of a man having sex 7 days a week, 2 books are out that describe how 2 couples had sex for 365 days. sometimes he was just unable to get it up, so she sometimes just gave him a helping hand. I would not be able as well, younger we would do it most every day, and now 2 or 3 times a week good for me tho. used to go a second time after a short rest, now no more than once. from what I read this is normal as the aging takes place. you are still good for daily? more than once a day?

No... I have not tried the MMF and I do want to... I have seen it in person for the first time I will be writing about that soon,,,, and not sure how it would work for me but I do find the thought to be very sensual to meeting my nees,,., Its one adventure I have yet to cross,,, hopefully, I will find the right man to take me to that level

thanks for your terrific answers, a real turn on as well as getting the knowledge, I wear briefs usually and get an erection on the expection of what is going to happen. you also asked the question about MMF,, have you tried it yet. I have one experience. like of like not sure how to proceed, the other male and I sort of reached for the same part of her body at the same time and sort of got in each others way. then she took over and gave directions on where each of us should be and what we should be doing. would like to try another

Usually they already have erection due to the fact that most likely we been making out and I have already touch his crotch by the time we undress... I seen those boxer briefs mostly...the funniest one I seen is four left clover boxers. I guess he just want to make sure he would get lucky... and I love blowing a guy,... I can go for hours and learn how to stop him from *******... Its a trick I learned from my ex husband.... and usually since I enjoy it so much I would say the shorts time period is 30 minutes... Use to be 15mins but becaue I like to savory whats in my mouth... I learn to expand my time... and I usually show the guy how wet he has gotten me in the process,., which drives him for more....

do you enjoy giving a man a *******? how long does it usually talke till he shoots

when you watch men undress do you note if he wears briefs or boxers? which do you see most often? do they have an erection when taking off underpants or wait until you start forplay

Los Angeles, California....

Where are you from?

Well, I live with someone who is not giving me sex so I do have a lover.... and looking for a new one because it seems Lover #1 has been very busy with traveling and his wife and now looking for someone to take care of me between..since I do have a high sex drive I have yet to meet a man that can handle it 7 days a week... it seems I tired them out...LOL and not sure what your last question was do to the fact that it was blocked out maybe you can re word it....

how often do you have sex with bf, have you had a *********?

I dont think size matters for its how you play that matters... I been with a man that is well in the big penis size and was not able to get me there.... however, I been with an average and Boy!!!! He knew what he was doing... Its not all about the penis size its how you learn to use all of your other assets... Dont get me wrong I also been with a good size and its been great... but its all about the package... Never really used a strap on on me, but have used it to please a lover... and I dont think plastic compares to the real thing anyways...

I have a question: If women really enjoy a guy with a big penis; and if a guy doesnt have one thats considered above average; could a women still be satisfied if the guy has one of those big hollow strap ons? Would if feel the same to a woman; or do you just have to have the real thing?

@buddhawannabe<br />
<br />
1. A man who is sure of himself and knows what he wants without complicating the situation. <br />
<br />
2. Yes, I have teased strangers, we start of course with flirting and MAYBE some kissing but than my hand will grab their **** and see if its worth it and if it is not I just leave... I done this many times.. and now these strangers have become interesting friends....<br />
<br />
3. I am not married but living with someone and Yes, I have strayed. I enjoy my lover right now he knows what a woman wants and he is not demanding however, I do only see him once a month because just like me he is in a relationship. We do have passionate sexual pleasure and we do not get emotionally involved. Though I wish I could see him more...

Thanks Yamoo...There is no reason to bullshit here... Right... and you may call me Angel...

Thanks Angelmorals, may I call you Angel. ;) Good honest answers across the board. Refreshing.

@Philipdddad<br />
<br />
I am straight but wondering about having a MMF kind of sexual experience.. and I want to try vovyerism but haven't found any guys who are willing....

MMMM... I would have to say kissing my ex and I would not kiss during our sessions but my new lover does.. however, my ex would be more adventures when this one is more sensual to my needs...

1. He has brought me back to life. He caress my body and is willing to show me what a lover is all about.<br />
2. I always been daring in how I dress. I dress with a classy sexy look. I dont show much but enough to make you wonder. I used to dress like this when I was young but than my ex-husband hated so i started dressing conservative however, my undies always were always lacey. Once divorced I went back to enjoying my style. So going to the nudist camp really did not make me dress any different. However, It made me more daring in my outlook of enjoying the male body more. I believe it has opened my mind to ideas that once I might have been to bashful to consider. <br />
3. He says my attitude. He loves the way I will mold my body into his. He says he loves the look I have and my smile as well as the body. He claims I am one of a kind but than all men are known to lie when getting some. He claims to enjoy the whole me. <br />
4. I think all nudist camps are what you make of them. I been to several some high class, some sleazy and others down to earth. I always enjoyed all of them because of the people whom I have meet. I believe that being naked makes us all equal. There is no suits so there is no pre-tense to be superior among each other. We are all equal and stay that way.

These are random but;<br />
Q1: What does your new lover do to you that really "lights your fire"?<br />
Q2: Do you feel being a nudist makes you more daring in what you wear, both just while you are out and about but also when you want to exude a little sex appeal?<br />
Q3: What does your new lover find as your best physical aspect?<br />
Q:4 What, in your opinion makes a good nudist camp?

@Hohn693 - She should first start off at home in her bedroom first. that way she feels comfortable with herself. If you guys have a swimming pool or a back yard let her sun out in the nude. Once she starts doing that try one of your local resorts. They are everywhere. She can start by wearing a wrap and slowly take it all off. Once she starts there is no going back... BTW. make sure the blinds are closed you dont want any cops knocking on the door...LOL.. Howevver, make sure when she doesn't get any interputions for this might scare her.<br />
<br />
@Philddad - I will post them later...

I hope that helps.... feel free to continue to ask

1. I love lace and only wear lace for I hate cotton... depending on what I am wearing it will either be a thong or just bikini .... I dont think a woman looks sexy with cotton briefs no matter how old you are<br />
2. I started shaving because everyone else was doing it and because I heard only men want clean shaving girls but I do have a landstrip... I couldn't get rid of it all<br />
3. From the nudist camp I go to everyone does it especially my age group...

I have a few questions if you don't mind:<br />
1. What is your panty preference--what style do you wear on a daily basis?<br />
2. Do you shave your pubic hair? If so, do you shave because it is the trend or for other reasons?<br />
3. Do most of the women you know or see that are in your age group shave their pubic hair?