fine go ahead and ask me something.
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no i wouldn't

In which area? because there could be a lot of them. Surgery really freaks me out a lot.

i don't believe i can, oh well.

i am horn and the end of this story is ey can you tell me who for

ask the people asking the questions.

wheres all the interesting comments and questions

because I am bad

Why did you do it?

No I am not, how about you?

Are you gay?

what do you mean?

i haven't read all your comments but do tell me... arorin, anything to do with orion?

I love someone I wish I could be with, but it isn't a secret.

Do u love someone that u secretly wish you could be with or JUST BE FRIENDS WITH But u don't wan't anyone to know...iv'e had that happen and i just pretended to hate person cause everyone else did

will u forgive me?

Thanks<br />
<br />
I am just me

no august<br />
<br />
Well a lot of people came to my stories and asked me questions.

I had one that went over 1000 once, Give me a month and I will be 22.

yeah i am

are you a leo (zodiac sign)?

white/red<br />
the chocolate? <br />
I thought they all tasted the same.<br />
Nope not yet. <br />
I guess abuse does<br />
Someone I am close to<br />
The good the bad, and the ugly, or remember the titans<br />
I put up a lion one day to make a statement of power, and it became an identity for me here.<br />
Front<br />
Piano, and Guitar<br />
I wouldn't know, I never experienced being killed<br />
disrespect <br />
Mustard<br />
Pirates get booty<br />
Mix<br />
2<br />
maybe<br />
On the dark side of the moon<br />
Cajan<br />
never heard of it<br />

i got a few.<br />
<br />
What color is your toothbrush?<br />
Believe in Nessie?<br />
What's the worst Skittle flavor?<br />
Have you ever swallowed a tooth?<br />
What makes you sad?<br />
What can pull you out of a bad day?<br />
What are your feelings on marshmellow peeps?<br />
What's your favorite movie?<br />
Why's your profile picture a lion?<br />
Do you keep your phone in your front or back pocket?<br />
Play any instruments?<br />
What's the worst way to die?<br />
Any pet peeves?<br />
Miracle Whip or Mayo?<br />
Pirates or Ninjas?<br />
Boxers or Briefs?<br />
How many fingers am I holding up?<br />
Yes or No?<br />
Where's my sock?<br />
What's your favorite Top Ramen flavor?<br />
Do you say "pin" or "pen"?<br />

bare right now.

What colour socks are you wearing

they are boxers, just a different type

is that an order?



I don't know, but I did eat a cookie once.

Are you really a lion or do you just play one on EP?


8 months? surely it hasn't been that long.. Nothing new other than I am pretty close to being able to join the air force.

It's been 8 months....what's new?

No I can't help you.

hey can u help me i was bitten by what i think is a wolf about a week ago now im growing fangs can u help me because it hurts

sure thing

It is fine, don't worry about it.


I can't picture a scenario of why I would have to kill my family to survive a tsunami. No I would not kill them, but I would still try to survive my own way. I don't believe tsunamis reach that far either though.


I think I did anyway. I been in so many it is hard to remember.

I have lost fights before, but I won all the fights I was ganged up on.

Not for years, but yeah I have.

bound for the floor by local H<br />
<br />

Depends if you are depressed or not. If you are depressed then that is an often effect of being so.

is it normal to want to die

If you are going to hate you should do it right!

nah lets keep the hatred to a minimum

Well I think if you hate one you should hate them all!

I think I should be allowed to have petty hatred for one random thing. I have chosen R's. Hating W's as well would make me strange. <br />
(I can't pronounce R's. American R's are fine but I have a rolling R language)

Why do you hate R's? that seems petty that you hate R's and not w's as well.

I hate r's, what can I say? and you have two of them in there. >.>

you hate my name because it has R's in it? and Arorin is a real name, it is my name after all.

It has r's in it so I hate it too... just saying. I do like it in some other strange way. Cuz it seems like a real name..

Just one of the names I made up 3 years ago. It isn't my favorite to use, but no reason to change it now.

how did you come up with your name?

Arorin code is better! -_-

I live by honestlyme code. You can have a virtual smile>>> =)

you still have to tell all that you have learned. It is arorin code!

owkay. have a good one ;)

yeah I facebook. I use to have everything before twitter. I don't use myspace anymore though.

that's cause they're stupid people who don't know when to shut up.<br />
you don't facebook?

Guess I have to choose facebook, because I don't even know what a twitter really is. I just hear a lot of people get into trouble with it.

tsk tsk...<br />
facebook or twitter?

I thought as much! <br />
<br />
Jerry, because tom always loses..

no :p<br />
next question: Tom or Jerry and why?

well enlighten me as to which you have learned.

I've already learned so much about you >.>

mineral? like what is that?

if you could be any type of mineral, which would you be and why?

The people who I care about.

What do like about your life so far?

Well not too far up, people might get jealous you know.

Just stresses of life. Happens to us all from time to time.

Sweet made me become one when she sponsored me. She said she felt I would be a lot cooler if I was one.

Arorin is just a name I made almost three years ago, and lions are cool. They aren't like my favorite thing in the world just because I use one as an avatar.

Nope, I still don't drink.

Do you drink now?

... I dunno, maybe if I fix one of them to be better.

Can I read one of your songs you've written?

No I am an open book, I have shared everything there really is to share other then certain things like lyrics to songs I write, or stories I have wrote. I haven't opened myself in those ways, but I can answer questions just fine no matter what they are. The most important stories I just rewrote recently in my first group on my profile.

I figured you were hoping there was one that someone would ask you.... something you would REALLY like to tell us, but need to be pushed to it.

I was saying that there is no question that comes up to mind, because I have already answered nearly everything. Any question you can think of to ask is a question I will probably like to answer.

But you didn't answer my question. Why not?

I have been asked nearly everything. I have one story where people asked me over 800 questions.. Then 2-3 more of them that went over 400-500. I just get board and what not, so I keep making these stories.

What one question would you LIKE to be asked that no one has asked you yet?

Yeah I have..

Have you ever been in love for longer than 2 months?

probably something sappy!

What questions did I ask you where you gave me the -_- treatment at the start of the feed?