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What are your thoughts on trans women who identify as lesbians?

I'm fine with it. Whatever floats your boat (:

Did you have a difficult time coming out to other people? Did you stress about how other women felt (not that it is anyones business)?

I came out to my friends in middle school for the first time in 7th grade. I came out to my family last october. I think that because of my style I look obviously gay so people just assume that I am and no i wasnt worried about what people would think.

Do you two feel like you are in sync? Does the awareness of each others feelings take a lot of energy or is it easier and more constant? I imagine that your relationship does take more energy but that it must be well worth it because it must be so beatiful compared to other kinds of relationships.

i definitely think we are in sync. I think its easier. But honestly i think that being in a lesbian relationship takes more energy then a hetero relationship.

Who takes out the garbage and who makes the bed in your relationship? Do you feel that the responsibilities are fair?

Well I make the bed and she takes the garbage out. Yeah I think they're fair. :p

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When was it obvious that you were a lesbian, and what actions did you take when you realized that?

I always liked girls but never acted on those feelings until I experimented with girls when I was 14. When I realized that I am a lesbian I was really confused and thought that It was very bad to be gay.. Ive never officially came out to my parents.

Well I hope you realize now it's totally normal to be gay, no matter what certain others think. I'm glad you have discovered that for yourself.

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