anything you wanna ask go right ahead
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Hve you ever taken a douche and how did it turn out

What do you know about Douches?

In tackling a project, do you generally derive the most satisfaction from: planning the project; doing the actual work on the project; or looking back on the finished project?

What is the most number of guys you have had sex wit in one day?

what is the part that you like so much in your body and you think its attractive

i love butts so much

Were you ever spanked by your parents

Wow ok cool

Do you like dirty stories? ;-)

What do you think when you catch an older man checking you out?

Will you add me? :)

That lake in your pics, it looks familiar. Any chance it's Lake Lanier in Georgia?

Gee, I had a four hour layover in Detroit about two weeks ago, to bad we couldn't have met for a drink to pass the time. Did you see the private message I sent you?

Sorry, you might have answered this, but what's the oldest guy you've been with?

What instruments do you play and what are your influences? I'm a songwriter and play multiple instruments.

That's cool. Your very pretty by the way. Check out my page if you want. What's your favorite brand or type of guitar?

I see you're a musician. I play guitar and sing, wonder if we're close enough to each other to have a "music day" together. Wanna add me so we can explore that? Thanks.

Were you 18 in all of the pics you posted?

How ticklish are you? Where are you most ticklish?

How do you feel about being held down and tickled? Does getting tickled turn you on at all?

I would love to see a pic of your bare feet and toes. Can you put up a pic?

"healthy, wealthy and wise"... if you had your choice of only one of these which would it be, and why ? :)

i had sex four timea a in tthe morning after breakfast,neaxt at lunch,one in the evening and last one at midnight.

how many times you can have sex in a day.

I'm sure that'll change once you're married..... I cant remember the last time I had less than two in a day, haha.

Are you the daring type, would you take a picture of you naked in a semi public place or somewhere a bit daring.?

how many times u had sex.
how many times u were horny
how many times u got ******
how much u enjoyed hugging
how much u liked sex.
do u like day sex.
do u enjoy oral sex.

Add me hun...........

If I was to write you a love song would tell the world

Do you think taylor swift would ever get a record deal if she looked like adele?

But what do you think?

What would you want to accomplish in life if you could pick only one thing?

do you like to wear short skirts and do you think you have nice legs

What type of panties do you prefer to wear? What type and color do you have on now?

Do you ever pee pee your bed or panties sometimes Hon?

do you think about having sex with a family member

If you could one thing, and knew you could not fail, what would you do?

what color is your pubic hair

How much do you **********? If so how do you like to do it?

Nice, I usually do it two times daily. Have you ever tasted your own juices?

Haha you totally should I bet you taste like heaven.

Would you be willing to give me Wedgie Torture??!!

what is your kinkiest fantasy?

Whats the size of the biggest penis you have had in you?

Do you suck ****?

Sorry u answered this already but why not a small ****?

Have you ever purposely peed your pants

How about by accident besides when you where little

Do yuo suck ****?

I'm 62 and have a small **** 4 1/2-5" Would you consider mine possibly??

lol those two are sure winners. How the **** is she able to do that over the internet? Also why would she even do that to a old fart.

What's the favorite part of your body and least favorite?

How far have you gone with a boy??

Bra size?
Virgin? When lost?
Pad or tampon? Why?

Anything at all? whats the most outrageous thing youve ever done?

What's the riskiest sexy thing you've ever done?

Do you ever go out in a skirt with no panties on?
Have you ever flashed your boobs at a guy?

Why do you get so bored, that you're willing to reply to any idiotic question?

lmao slow day for replying to stupid perv questions.. Could you imagin if they ask those questions in person lol.

What is the kinkiest thing you have done sexually?

If you could go back and witness a just one single event in all of history, what would it be?

Assuming as a full fledged citizen and not a slave, you would be treated with less rights than a man with no ability to vote at all.

-->Why? (the Roman Empire I mean)

Ok. Will you add me to your friends list.

just looking through this group..some really fked up people asking some pervy ****....

Where are you from :D?

Spare us your self righteous pander in your shallow effort to win her favor and then do to her what most of these guys are asking..... It really transparent and useless

how ******* stupid are you....

michael I agree man. Some guys didn't bother telling me that i'm self righteous...

righttthr7, he was just being truthfull lol

Rightthr7 did you honestly just diss a guy for being respectful

I think he was being nice

Do you lik to be finget ******

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How old were you when you had your firstssexual experience and how far did you go

have you ever heard of ballbusting

Are you a SUB?? Do you LIKE to BE BENT OVER and ****** ??

How many piercings to you have, or want to get?

How much do you want to know about this crazy world? This can go places even I don't want to know about.

U like pee play?

What is the question, you wish someone would ask you?

Do you have any tattoos? If yes what and where are they.

Well, judging by the questions that you have already answered, you are pretty tame and actually quite normal. ( What ever normal is) I'm guessing you are a Democrat therefore close minded. How can you be a phychologist? Don't you have to be open minded?

Please accept my apology. I thought about my question and came to the conclusion that I was wrong. Liberals are the very ones that are open minded. I am opposed to gay marriage, abortion and Obama. So that makes me the one that is close minded. I will not change either. I guess I would be a liberal Republican. Because I do have some liberal ideas.

It's late so my questions are deep or thoughtful. Just stupid perv stuff, but answer truthfully.1) would you ever sleep with a guy for money 2) would you ever **** a guy 20 years older than you 3) oral, anal vaginal rate in order of enjoyment 4) spit or swallow 5) have you ever let a dog lick your ***** 6) how many women have you been with 7) do you believe in god 8) what is a better economic system - socialism, capitalism or communism

You are cute and all that, probably smart too... But a little vanilla.

Hey charliegirl, who is your inspiration for being a psychology student and answering so many comments I guess is part of a learning process, therefore all of your responses must be truthful..Yeah!

Do you like your ***** being licked clean after a good sex session?

***** can be a cat too :P muahah

Oo but I would get a furball

how many men have you slept with?

whos first

I was first :D in my dreams muahah

Wow...are you every considering sleeping with 5 at the same time?. xD

Its not that hard from my point, our government doesn't really know whether they are coming or going and spent too much time on useless matters that makes no sense. Yeah I do concur that every once and a while there needs to be a good up clean up to breath fresh air into a government such as mine and yours...Hey wait a minute!! this is about me asking you about anything-Thanks for turning the tables, Karl.

Thank you for the reply charlie girl. Two final questions am curious about your career path would it be in the communication or media field. Just that you're very intellectual gifted when it comes to question answering and now that I know you love a great conversation. My final question is that, for the very first time I always wanted to taste a burger from Wendy's and load and behold a Restaurant has finally come to our city. As a Restaurant worker what is your favorite take out food.

Thomas Jefferson once quoted politics is like the weather, Every once in a while you need a good storm to clear everything out. Me not being an American whats your take on what he actually meant.

Thanks for the reply that was a awesome take...Cheers, Karl.

I've read some of these post and some are just weird.. So here's a question for you about nothing. Have you ever been in a situation where someone spoke unkindly to you or tried to bully you right there and then or are you one of those gals that everyone wants to hang out with and just be your friend.


what is the sexiest thing u have ever done?

do u go out commando and let men and boys have an *******?

have you ever had a **** in your ***** and a **** in your mouth at the same time?

What are your plans for tomorrow?

Would you consider a Sugar Baby / Sugar Daddy relationship with and older man?

Are you going to college and if so what for?

Do you walk around nude at home? Have you answered the door nude before?

Have you ever been ********** and if so by how many men?

Strangest place u got ur self off

How many time you had sex and with how many guys. When was theist time and turf time. Which was you liked the most.

When was the first time and last time. Which one u liked the most

Tea or coffee?
Sugar ?

Thank you

how often do you **********

have you ever had sex with another girl, if not would you

What's the naughtiest thing that you HAVEN'T done, but dream about?

Trust me, it's the best ever. Whether you prefer one inside you and one in your mouth or one guy doggy while the other is lying under you licking your clitoris, it is amazing!

if you were out camping and you woke up with a condom sticking out of your *** would you tell someone

You are one of the most normal and sweet girls on EP. How did you get here? Stay sweet.

You know if you want to fit in you need to tell that story where you were cross dressing, pooped and peed your pants, then had anal sex with a dog. Or do I have the wrong girl? just joking Stay sweet stay sexy

i was joking. i will stick by the first comment though aboutyou being sweet and normal>

What is thw question that you don't want to be asked? ;-)

Don't know or don't admit? What secret desire is hidden away that you would surprise yourself or be embarassed if you admitted to it? Stretch the boundaries - discover some smouldering thoughts that you would rather hide than be asked about. I dare you to answer this.

would you mind gettting a dirty message sent in your mailbox

so much for that thought then,i was hoping you'd be open to that,oh well.

you have a couple really hot pics of yourself puts a guy in that frame of mind

so funny thing is that u answer so many Q. boldly but a simple Q. stop ur writing ................Can we be friends? :) hahaha.............

how often do you wear stockings ? and what sort , black/tan nude, denier ! or are you a hold ups, girl?

Pity i bet you have stunning legs and would look great in them . Any reason why not

i dont beleive that, nice girl like you,
so there must be areason why only sometimes you wear them

I don't believe that . I think they can go with any outfit ! But i suppose that's my option . I also think you have to like them . The way they feel the way they look and i suppose in most case's whether or not there is another reason why your wearing them ! You must like them a bit as you have some . For what reason did you buy them . Or where they brought for you . X

i hope i have not offended you,i was only saying that , they can be worn with many differant things, skirts, dresses and some trousers, and well it is your choice of course, but they can be sexy, or just a comfortable thing to wear, and you should wear them when you wont to not have to. But really i was only saying that i thought they would suit you . sorry

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Funniest movie you've ever seen?

I heard the Hangover was really good.

Would you tell me your 3 size?

What is one fantasy you have that you would really like to fulfill?

Have you ever eaten *****?

Your not interested or just haven't had the chance?

How old is the oldest person you've gotten a serious offer for sex from?
Have you been offered sex by someone of the same gender?
Have you getten sexual dares from anyone in person? What was the most extreme?

can you add me

what is your cup size and what is the age of the oldest guy you have been with

Can we be friends? :)

Do u have sexy feet