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I will answer pretty much anything but I am not giving out my home address or number etc, so don't even bother with trying that. I hope to have some interesting and thought-provoking questions, so surprise me! Hehe.
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What is the velocity of a swallow (the bird not some perverted thing) in flight while laden with a twig for a nest?

If you don't know the answer then here is an easier one....What is the Theory of Relativity and who came up with the idea?

Still stumped.....ok.....what size bra do you wear and do you always wear one?

Have a nice night!

(whisper) Its supposed to be a coconut... (shakes head in disappointment)

I couldn't remember so I just stuck in a random thought LOL

ah, lol

Hey I love your profile and responses, sexy and humorous-very rare and cool combo!

would you have sex with a complete stranger just because he is hot?

If you could be someone else would you? And do you know who you would want to be??

Do u like cut or uncut **** more? Or does it really matter at all?

Okay I have never done this but there's a first time for everything right here goes
Are you somewhat physic? And what is your favorite food

What is more important in your life, movies, music or books?

heres a quesition for you.<br />
a dumb person who cannot speak saw his blind frend;s wife kidnapped by a deaf will the dumb frend tell his frend that his wife was kidnapped by a deaf person

This is a tough one...


by writing it down if he can write.

Not unless he writes braille. The problem is that there's no way for them to communicate directly. Since he can't speak and his friend can't see. Unless the friend knows sign-language and he moves his hands to show the friend what hes saying, they'll need a third person. Of course the question becomes, if its so urgent and current, that he can't tell someone else, why hasn't the wife (who is presumably completely normal, based on the lack of description), screamed for help?
There really is no answer, that I can see. Which is sad, cause I love riddles =(

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would you like to be laid on your back with your legs over your head and your *** in the air as you are licked from **** to *** and back while you have a **** dropped in your mouth... and then when you *** in said moth and he licks you clean then he pushes his **** into your *** and **** deep in you, then you will turn over and suck his **** while he watches you collect all of the *** so you can eat it.....

lol. Filthy.

but would you do it....?

Some of your replies to these comments are hilarious, by the way. If you could spend an entire day with anyone alive or dead, who would it be and why?

Someone alive would likely be more fun to talk to.

But someone dead would likely not complain about your sarcasm.


Oh, sorry. Was that your ego?

No, you can't damage that.

Let me guess: Life-time warranty?

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Hello,<br />
<br />
OK so I read the earlier post of no panties at leat once a week. SO, are they friend or foe, and why are they left at home when going out?<br />
<br />

Sometimes you just want the freedom. You know what I mean?

Why would you want to own a restaurant?

I guess it would be nice to see people regularly enjoying something I had created and the money would be good. It would be rewarding as a lifestyle.

Good answer! I, myself am starting culinary school this fall. Good luck with the dream!

Do you have Vaginal Hubris? Lol .Jk =)<br />
<br />

Yes, absolutely. lol

lol sigh....

You would be the same.

I would be the same If what? =)

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why don't you like guys with tiny weenies in girls panties?

I don't like guys with tiny weenies at all. The panties just make it worse.

Awww.. :(

What kind of kid were you growing up? Where did you fit in at school? :)

I was the cool kid and a bully.

Aw, oh no! lol.

True. lol

Where is the most public place you've been naked and/or ***********? Have you been out in public without a bra and/or panties on?

For nudity a public park at night. I go braless and pantieless about once a week

What is your greatest ambition? What do you want to do in your future?

I would have liked to have been a famous Musician, but I have no talent like that sadly. I would now merely like to be filthy rich. ;)

I forgot what I was going to ask when I saw all the pervs. It's nice to meet you, pretty lady.

Happens to me too, must be why my memory seems to suck.

lol geez i would delete them so fast

Cute owl!

will you change my nappy am all wet

Dream on.

now now play nice you be a nice mommy

Freak much??

whats your msn please. and do you still bully people now. :)

Very funny...

is it funny hahaha