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Almost Anything.

Seriously, ask me anything! I came here to be anonymous and to be an open book, so feel free to ask me anything you want.

The only questions I won't answer are:
1) Things I know nothing about.
2) Anything that would allow you to stalk me.
3) Things about other people. (I'm not here to ruin the privacy of other people's lives!)

So ask away! :)
rainandhayl rainandhayl 18-21, F 64 Responses Jan 6, 2012

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Have you ever kissed another girl?

Have you ever had one of those "oops" moments? You know, "accidental nudity," one of those "wardrobe malfunction" things. Lots of women have, and I love those stories, they're usually so hilarious! lol

do you walk around the house naked?

two examples of someone being dishonest and how did you handle it

What is the most erotic thing someone has done for/to you?

have you ever wanted to be with another girl ? I am married for 15 years, i have two kinds and i been felling some attraction to an older women.
so far i had not the courage to go forward, what should i do ? tell my husband about ?
or go and cheat him ? or just forget ?

Have you ever got a wedgie? Liked it?

What is something you have done that you don't want your friends to know.

I know that crazy people are out there and that its a total concern, but I'm not one of them I have never stalked anyone nor will I ever. just saying.

I have many questions a bout sex , is that okay for you , if yes add me please thank you

You are a game show contestant on lets make a deal. the Host of the game show " Monte Hall" shows you 3 doors. Behind one door is a million dollars. Behind the other 2 are a goat in each one. Monte lets you pick a door and hold onto it but NOT look at it yet. Then Monte goes to a door and opens it revealing a goat. Now Monte looks at you and asks you " do you want to keep the door you picked and see what's behind it now or do you want to switch to the one door that has not been picked yet?" Which do you do and why? one of those choices is better than the other. Tell me your pick and reasoning behind it

When was your last org.asm and where you alone or with a partner?

what is the colour of your pubic hair?

Would you ever consider a friend with benefits relationship?

are you a dog or cat person

What is your favorite food?

Last post was supposed to say thre e s ome

Have you ever had a *********? And have you ever had sex with a girl?

What is your most taboo fantasy and/or fetish?
Have you ever had a squirting ******?
Have you ever been caught ************?
details in all please

It's late so my questions are not deep or thoughtful. Just stupid perv stuff, but answer truthfully.1) would you ever sleep with a guy for money 2) would you ever **** a guy 20 years older than you 3) oral, anal vaginal rate in order of enjoyment 4) spit or swallow 5) have you ever let a dog lick your ***** 6) how many women have you been with 7) do you believe in god 8) what is a better economic system - socialism, capitalism or communism. Friend me

I always imagined the women enter the mobile number of the vibrating settings into the vagina using a condom and let inside. so when there is incoming calls or sms then the hand phone it will vibrate.
That Niceā€¦.
Have you do it like that?....... I guess you've never done it, would you do it for me, may you remember me even though we have not contact directly

Nice to see, it will be more nice if you add me, then will be most nice if I Touch you or you touch me?.....

swollow or spit

What is one fantasy you have that you would really like to fulfill?

have you ever thought of letting yourself get ****** by dog?

H'many guys have you screwed? and what was the biggest one you had inch-wise?

Do you enjoy mutual ************ ?

Yup. It's something my boyfriend and I do frequently, actually. It's quite fun while we're reading books or watching a movie.

Interesting! :) Have U tried mutual ************ with anyone other than Ur boyfriend?

Are you a ginger?

Uhh, if you're asking whether or not I have red hair, then yes I am.

Nice, me too. Therefore, does the carpet match the drapes?

Oh, this'll be the fourth time I've answered that exact question... but yes.

would you date a man with smaller hands than you? :(

If they were small because he's technically a two year old toddler, then probably not... but otherwise, I don't think the size of his hands matter! :)

What was the best day of your life? (to date that is, no talk of future days allowed ;)

Hmm. That's a hard one. I'd say there are a ton of different ones for different reasons.

But I'd probably have to go with our last day on a cruise we went on last summer, or the final day of an impromptu trip. I'm pretty sure I wrote a story about the cruise if you want to read about it.

I will go looking, I am just finishing your most memorable day story... :)