Almost Anything.

Seriously, ask me anything! I came here to be anonymous and to be an open book, so feel free to ask me anything you want.

The only questions I won't answer are:
1) Things I know nothing about.
2) Anything that would allow you to stalk me.
3) Things about other people. (I'm not here to ruin the privacy of other people's lives!)

So ask away! :)
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Have you ever kissed another girl?

Have you ever had one of those "oops" moments? You know, "accidental nudity," one of those "wardrobe malfunction" things. Lots of women have, and I love those stories, they're usually so hilarious! lol

two examples of someone being dishonest and how did you handle it

What is the most erotic thing someone has done for/to you?

What is something you have done that you don't want your friends to know.

I know that crazy people are out there and that its a total concern, but I'm not one of them I have never stalked anyone nor will I ever. just saying.

I have many questions a bout sex , is that okay for you , if yes add me please thank you

You are a game show contestant on lets make a deal. the Host of the game show " Monte Hall" shows you 3 doors. Behind one door is a million dollars. Behind the other 2 are a goat in each one. Monte lets you pick a door and hold onto it but NOT look at it yet. Then Monte goes to a door and opens it revealing a goat. Now Monte looks at you and asks you " do you want to keep the door you picked and see what's behind it now or do you want to switch to the one door that has not been picked yet?" Which do you do and why? one of those choices is better than the other. Tell me your pick and reasoning behind it

When was your last org.asm and where you alone or with a partner?

what is the colour of your pubic hair?

Would you ever consider a friend with benefits relationship?

are you a dog or cat person

What is your favorite food?

Last post was supposed to say thre e s ome

Have you ever had a *********? And have you ever had sex with a girl?

What is your most taboo fantasy and/or fetish?
Have you ever had a squirting ******?
Have you ever been caught ************?
details in all please

It's late so my questions are not deep or thoughtful. Just stupid perv stuff, but answer truthfully.1) would you ever sleep with a guy for money 2) would you ever **** a guy 20 years older than you 3) oral, anal vaginal rate in order of enjoyment 4) spit or swallow 5) have you ever let a dog lick your ***** 6) how many women have you been with 7) do you believe in god 8) what is a better economic system - socialism, capitalism or communism. Friend me

I always imagined the women enter the mobile number of the vibrating settings into the vagina using a condom and let inside. so when there is incoming calls or sms then the hand phone it will vibrate.
That Niceā€¦.
Have you do it like that?....... I guess you've never done it, would you do it for me, may you remember me even though we have not contact directly

Nice to see, it will be more nice if you add me, then will be most nice if I Touch you or you touch me?.....

swollow or spit

What is one fantasy you have that you would really like to fulfill?

have you ever thought of letting yourself get ****** by dog?

H'many guys have you screwed? and what was the biggest one you had inch-wise?

Do you enjoy mutual ************ ?

Yup. It's something my boyfriend and I do frequently, actually. It's quite fun while we're reading books or watching a movie.

Interesting! :) Have U tried mutual ************ with anyone other than Ur boyfriend?

Are you a ginger?

Uhh, if you're asking whether or not I have red hair, then yes I am.

Nice, me too. Therefore, does the carpet match the drapes?

Oh, this'll be the fourth time I've answered that exact question... but yes.

would you date a man with smaller hands than you? :(

If they were small because he's technically a two year old toddler, then probably not... but otherwise, I don't think the size of his hands matter! :)

What was the best day of your life? (to date that is, no talk of future days allowed ;)

Hmm. That's a hard one. I'd say there are a ton of different ones for different reasons.

But I'd probably have to go with our last day on a cruise we went on last summer, or the final day of an impromptu trip. I'm pretty sure I wrote a story about the cruise if you want to read about it.

I will go looking, I am just finishing your most memorable day story... :)

What is your ethnicity?

Canadian. Or, perhaps more accurately, a smattering of European.

do you believe in god?

I was raised to, but since it was pretty much shoved down my throat, that belief has a bit of a bad light in my eyes.

Whether god exists or not though, I believe things happen for a purpose and I just hope we all respect each other's beliefs!

Okay....I now get to ask you a perverted one next. lol

Fair enough. Go straight ahead!

Good....let me think of really really good one. LOL

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has enyone ver told you you have beautiful eyes?

Yeah, a few times. But I always enjoy hearing it. :)

I am interested in your complete medical history every time you went to the doctor what for what happened how did you feel the more detail the better

Oh gosh. Well I've eaten a lot of apples, so I don't have much of a medical history! :D

Does this look infected?


if it were ur last time to have sex which would you choose to or bottom??

Top--it's just more fun to be in control.

Would u date me?

Well, considering I have a boyfriend and I'm just not attracted to other women... no, sorry. But I'm sure there are plenty of people who would love to!

have you ever feel sexual attraction towards a family member?


Have you ever had sex with a black man? And if so, did u like or dis-like?

Well, I try not to see race as the defining quality about a person. But yes, I have. And, considering everything, it was a series of rather great experiences!

Where is the craziest place you have ever peed? Don't be ashamed : )

Uhh, well I'd have to say in the middle of a park (no, not a city park, a wilderness one!) But I had to go, so I'm not really ashamed of that. :P

Hello rainandhayl - Have you ever wet yourself?

I can honestly say I haven't. Save for those first few years when none of us seem able to hold it in!

I have been told that on girl ba<x>seball teams the girls wearing bows in their hair are not gay those that are not wearing bows in their hair are bi or other, ture?

Uhh, I've never been on a baseball team, so I don't know. But I can only assume that's a myth...

can i steal your panties?

Well, I'm pretty sure you're physically able. I mean, you're typing so I assume you have the hands to do so... but whether or not you could find a way into our apartment is another matter! :)

Im really The Batman I'll climb up the outside with my Bat line

Oh dear! Then there's no way I can stop you!

Just say no I Respcet a womans choice 1

But you're Batman! How can I say no!? You have awesome theme music!

ROFL, awesome theme music

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HOW SHOULD A STRANGER (a man) ASK YOU (or just a woman) FOR A DATE SOMEWHERE OUT (on a street, in a shop, at a party..)? is it ok to just stop a girl on a street, tell her that she is beautiful, that i would like to get to know her and ask her for a date (or just out, for a walk, some drink...)? i hate the idea of feeling that every day i am passing girls in the town who i could have a nice relationship with...

Woah. No need to capitalize so much, haha. But telling a girl she's beautiful and (if she's interested!) asking to get to know her is fine. It might seem weird to some women, so don't be too forward--you'd have to know how to be okay with her flat out saying "Get away from me!" Most women would appreciate you getting to the point, too (for instance, simply asking if they're single after you compliment them), but everyone's different. You'd just have to try and figure out what each woman appreciates.

Do you like a hairy or shaved *****? And what do you currently have?

Well, although I get moody and might prefer one over the other, I've always been trimmed. So, some months I might let it grow out a tiny bit more, other months a little less. But it's usually just a trimmed triangle.

That sounds really nice! :D

I don't have any questions for you, but wanted to say thank you for enjoyable reading! Thanks for ANSWERING most everyone that asked you a Q.<br />
Some on EP say they will answer anything asked, then don't. It was refreshing to see someone who has!!!<br />
(EDIT 20 mins later)<br />
Ok I kept poking at your profile and i did have a Q.<br />
If someone offered you 10K to do a one day shoot for a one hour adult film that would be on the internet, would you do it?<br />
What about 100K?<br />
What about 1M?<br />
IF no to all of those, is there a price (cold hard cash up front) for which you would do that?

Well, I try my best to do what I can. And, since people take the time to ask, it only seems fair that I take the time to answer. Hmm. Well, I'm going to take the ambiguous route in answering this question. I guess my answer would depend on how many shots you could see my face in (or who the 'star' of the film would be, as well as who I'd be with, and what the general content of the film would be. And, of course, the context of the film. (If it's a progressive/feminist/ethical-**** promoting site, then maybe, but if it's one of those hardcore misogynistic websites, then no money in the world could get me to do that.) But, good question!

GREAT answer. Thanks

Thank you for asking!

What's a fantasy of yours that really turns you on but you'd never, ever want friends, family, or significant others to find out?

Hmm. I'd say sex in a hotel with a handsome stranger I'd never see again. But, it's a rather common fantasy among women, even if I'd never admit it to my friends or family. (My significant other and I always share our fantasies, though. There's nothing ever left unspoken between us.)

Good morning. Just wanted to know if you have ever had sex in a public place?

Uhm, well you'd have to define 'public' first, but I suppose the closest thing was when I went down on my ex in a public washroom.

What's the youngest guy who let **** you? How did it happen?

I think your grammar's off in that first question... but it was my ex. We were about fifteen I think, he was charming, and I was naive and in love with him, so one day at his house (after months of pressure) I just spread my legs and let it happen--and I've regretted that decision every day since.

do you wear thongs and do you have a blue one ?

Uhh, sometimes but not usually. And no, no blue ones. (Used to, though.)

thnaks for answering

what are you studying?

I'm trying to take courses in all fields right now to see what I like, but I'm thinking about psychology.

that's kinda what i did and do too. what year are you?

I used to be dom straight male then over the years I became a switch and how I consider myself a sub sissy cd bimale. I prefer a domme female with a *******. <br />
<br />
Why am so willing to be a total sissy cuckold - the right domme female could make me give up ******* ***** and become a sissy sex slave to her and to *****.<br />
<br />
I have nice **** and I have nice **** and willing to take hormones<br />
<br />

Uhh, okay?

your very honest my dear and I commend you for that and I do not blame you for being slow to picking friends. I went wild and accepted everyone and I probably did it wrong but I have met many nice people here and most are real supportive. I am not a stalker but so like talking to people about our similarities and we have many so I would like top be your friend. Don't care about looking at nasty pics just your profile pic is great and your eyes are beautiful but your sincerity is what attracts me to you. good for you !


Do you still think about your ex?<br />
If you do, how often while ************ or having sex?<br />
<br />
Haha have fun with those hayl ;)

Oh jeez. Were you really drunk last night? Haha. I think you know the answer to both those questions already, but yes. I do still think about him. And yes, while ************ and at other times. It's not like I'd ever act on anything though!

OK....What is the naughtiest thing you ever did while ************?

Uhh, I don't know. I usually fantasize, or look in a mirror if I'm wearing certain clothing... I can't think of any one 'naughtiest' thing, though. I guess it might be when someone walked in on me once and I didn't stop...

Now that was a walked in on you and what id the person do when you didn't stop..

It was my now-boyfriend (then close friend), and I didn't stop because I wasn't paying attention to anything else and I was too close to stop anyway. So as soon as it finished washing over me and I realised he was there, I tried to cover up, he looked away awkwardly, and that's about it! (I wrote a story if you want to read it!)

Good answers, you seem to be very grounded. <br />
<br />
Ok, Have you ever kissed a girl and did you like it ? :)

Uhm, I did once or twice when I was young... I was way too young to remember it though, and I'm sure it was only a peck, haha. So, I guess I haven't really kissed a girl enough to like it or anything. But, uhm, I'm not discounting it from my possible future experiences. And I'm pretty sure my boyfriend is okay with that. :)

I am sure, I would have to put that on a Fantasy list, watching my wife kiss another woman.

Good answer... i am trying to picture you and Laura kissing... Is that bad to say in a fun way.:) If so you can delete this :)

Bahahahaha! Oh jeez. Well, I wouldn't count Laura out--she's quite a warm and shapely and beautiful woman! (Not to mention she has the cutest butt I've ever seen! Haha.)

I picture you and Laura being very good buds... and yes I think she has a very cute butt. :)

Oh, jeez. Haha. :)

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hi how are you I was wondering if you like it when a guy goes down on you makes you *** first then have sex. does sex feel better that way for you?

Uhm, well I think any girl would tell you it's always good to feel an ******, no matter what it's before or after. But yes, I definitely love it when my boyfriend lets me reach one before sex. That usually just means I'll have more than one that day. :)

very good to know it what i have been doing for years with different women. i know one thing it makes me last long because they are sooo wet

I can ask you anything ? You mean anything ? ^^

Yeah, pretty much anything.
I can't think about anything I wouldn't answer (except for the stuff mentioned above), but the only way you'll know whether I'll answer or not is to just ask the question!

Have you ever been with two men at one time?

Uhm, no, I can't say I have.
I'm definitely not counting it out as a future experience though. But I would have to be comfortable with both if I really went through with it.

A) Why does it have to be so cold in Canada? I'm freezing :D<br />
B) You wrote that your boyfriend fell in love with you when he looked into your eyes. What was you looking at when you fell in love with him? ;)<br />
C) What was the last thing you did before reading my questions?

a) I dunno! I especially hate it when it's freezing outside, but it's still only raining and not snowing... ugh. I hate freezing rain the most.
b) I was looking into his eyes as well! Haha. :)
c) I responded to that panty guy above...

have you ever been on a collar and leash?

you ever worn a leather skirt before?

Uhm, no I've never worn a collar and leash.
And no, I've never worn a leather skirt before... (I actually don't go out in skirts much, I rather prefer jeans or shorts and cutoffs during the summer.

Thanks for asking! :)