Getting To Know Me

I'll answer any question except things about where I live :)
anymore questions?  anyone interested tonight?

funjulie29 funjulie29
31-35, F
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I am incurable flagellant. Have you been caned, or would you like to be caned?

Are you still answering?? I mean the post is old.

What has made you happiest this week Julie?

How old are you now in 2016 :). Who spanked you mostly growing up, your mom or dad?

I'm 35 now... Dad spanked me more

What's your sign/birthday? 😀

What would happen if I was a tiny shrunken guy in your bowl of cereal? :)

When was the last spanking your mom gave you? When, why and how? Details please

Mom stopped spanking me when I was around 10(dad took over)
She spanked me over her knee with small paddle... Can't remember why now

Where you from? Plse message me so we can talk about our spankings 😀

you live at earth...haha

I am interested, what about you ?

would you put makeup on a man and dress him as a lady

I don't think so, I'm more the submissive type

has anyone put their fingers in your ***** besides your boyfriend since you have been with your boyfriend- male or female?

No, only my bf has

I'd love to see you naked to mmm trade pics ?

did you get paddled in school?

My school didn't have spanking

would you wet your panties for me or would you let me lick you while you are ******* ?

Don't think my bf would want that, sorry

do you think you would like that ?

Do you have sex more or ********** more?

I probably ********** more

Is that because you don't have enough sex to satisfy you or because you enjoy the variety?

I think I just enjoy it

Would you rather see an attractive nude stranger or be seen nude by an attractive stranger?

Hmmm. Good question... I like seeing naked people!

I go back and forth on this answer depending on the day. Today I probably lean more toward being seen naked.

Would you find it exciting if you were a hostess at a party and were the only girl there, and your husband or boyfriend made you serve the other guests wearing sexy clothing? And as the evening went on, he required you to start removing your clothing so that you served nude, and the men were encouraged to grope you, to caress you, and to finger you after watching you get a bare-bottomed paddling for not disrobing quickly enough?

Yes!! That sounds very erotic

You should do that then! Tell your BF to have some friends over this weekend and you will serve them, in every sense... You know how hot it would be for you to be your BF's present to his friends! Just make sure they all take pics and then post them here! ;)

I have done something like that before

Did you have fun? You should post a story about it!

Yeah, it was embarrassing but looking back, it was fun

then you definitely have to do it again!! Just think how hot it would be for his friends to see more and more of you as you tease them... and who knows what all will happen as the evening progresses... ;) Just make sure they all take pics of you!

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Do you get horny on your period? Do you ********** and have sex during your period?

with how many guys , u have sleeped yet ?

Have you ever opened the door totaly naked or be only one naked in front of more people when they are dressed? with who and why? just liked, forced, lost bet?

I have been naked when others in the room were not. Was being disciplined by my bf.

wow nice can you tell me more about this please .mybe on pm ?

You got my attention

What kind of panty u wearing now me thong

hi cut bikini style right now

Nice what color


Nice lick lick

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would you hold your ***** open for me a i ***!!?

When did you first think about DD and being held accountable for your behaviors?

not until I was in my 20's...I never thought I would after being spanked so much growing up

So you like spanking that is hot what other submission do
You enjoy?

I like many submissions...what ever my bf wants me to do :).

When will it be my turn.....???

For what?

I have been waiting for my drink

We should be friends

go commando ALL day!

My penis is barely 4 inches would you say I'm tiny

Yes, sorry

do you prefer to give spankings?

would you

Yes, maybe. Lol

So what is the wildest thing u have done ?

well...done lots I think are wild, but not sure what you think would be wild....heheh

Have you ever been with our seem a guy with a pieced ****?

no, I never have

Add me and you can see my picture. ..I would love to hear what you think. . Good bad or otherwise

I've got some questions. Message me. ;-)

Are you still spanked?


when you're alone, and the darkness envelopes you..., do you feel desire,or dread?

Ever been handcuffed nude?


Nothing sexier than a woman only wearing her "bracelets." Hope you enjoyed it.

Do you have a favorite way to be cuffed?

like my hands above my head

Nice position whether you are cuffed standing or flat on a bed. Many fun things can occur.

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could you add me?


how much fun are you really?

try to be a lot of fun :)

sounds interesting...I love having fun as well...would like to connect...

What size do you like a ****** to be?

like at least 7 inches..more is even better....hhehehe

Can I see your boobies?

I would have to know you better

My name is Tim, I live in eastern Utah and my most favorite thing in the whole wide world is BOOBIES. Now you know almost as much about me as I do. So hey, whip those beauties out and lets have a look.

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how many girls have you been with?

hmmm..i think 4

at once?, only one at a time

hahahaha! i figured. i bet you were in high school when you did it

first time yes

i knew it, most women i know who do this started then, some still do it now.

Sorry I didn't see this question. And the answer is yes :)

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Have you ever been caned on your bottom

no, that's one thing I have not used on me

Do you like giving handjobs?

sometimes yes

Only sometimes?

yeah...don't like using my hand that much...hehehe

Prefer to use your mouth or a combination of the two?

my mouth

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ever had a foot fetish fantasy?

hmmm...not really

Can't add you but if you want to talk about spanking please add me.

What's your greatest sexual fantasy?

Hmmmmm. Well one is to be in a room with about 10 guys and I give them all BJ's. Lol

Can i be one of the 10?

Sure. :)

Would you sit on my lap in a short skirt and call me daddy?

Maybe..... Hehe

did your dady spank you rude with belt or hands

I was spanked with his belt mostly

my god painfull

yes, it was :(

do you enjoy having a butt plug or anal beads in your anus while being spanked?

No, I really don't enjoy that


Wanna see how my **** curves

Why do you have a pic?

Yes add me and look at my pics

Have you looked

I love it :)

Good good. Would you leave me a comment. X

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Can't add you but you sound like a true spanko. Welcome.

Whats your two favorite colors . x

Pink and purple :)

May I give you a good spanking?

Sorry I have a bf

No problem. I am sure you do.

Is your bush completely shaved? What type of panties do you like to wear and favorite color?

I am trimmed right now. I like to wear bikini cut or thongs...Pink or purple are my favorite colors :)

Yes pink or purple thongs shows off your beautiful trimmed bush

Do you like men too?
Have ever had anal? Did you ***?

yes I have a boyfriend
yes I have had anal...not a fan though
not when I had anal

Did he ***. Inside or on butt checks?

he has done it both ways

Which way was more enjoyable for you.

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have you spent Xmas morning in the nude with another women then made love to each other on Xmas day?

Sorry never done that

you been paid for sex

Hmmm, well. Yes....hehe

Oh please share more detail

have you made love to another women in the shower before making love to the same women in bed?

No, I have never been with another woman in the shower

what do you enjoy about making love to another women?

the sensual part. I love the women's body how soft and smooth it is... Just love touching her and kissing her whole body :)

so it's been a while again, when is the last time you ***********, and what were you fantasizing about?

Last night... Was looking at some cute bottoms on the Internet and really got me horny....hehe

They were both, but mostly girls

Could you share with me?? I have some great bottom pics I could swap/share with you. Curious as to what site

Have you ever fantasised about castrating a man, and would you ever consider doing it?

No, I never have.

Where do you live, not house number or Town/City.
Name the Country.
I think you will be an African Country like Congo.

I live in USA

are you allowed to be naked

oh yes...all the time

how bad do you wanna undress me

would love to see you naked :)

under one condition

what is that?

Will have to tell you that in private....hehe

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have you been nude with another women then kissed each other other outside?

yes I have but not outside

What object(s) have you used to ********** with that were never intended to be used for ************?

Add me please.

Did you eat it after?


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If you had to try turn me on with a message on EP what would you write? Take your time and make it sexy

I walk in the room with nothing on... Wrap my arms around you and kiss you hard....then I kneel and say.....what would you like me to do Sir?

Grab my hard shaft, lift it up, and while staring into my eyes you slowly lick my balls. Then, still never losing eye contact you lick up my shaft and take all of me into your mouth. After I've blown my load wherever you've asked for it then it's my turn. What would you like me to do Mam?

have you had a fantasy about a female ep member?

No...have never got to know anyone here enough for that. I am sure there are many girls on here that I would fantasize about though.

What is your most taboo fetish and/or fantasy?
Have you ever had a squirting ******?
Have you ever been caught ************?
Details in all please.

I have a fantasy of being submissive to someone young. Doing anything they told me to do
Yes, my roommate walked in on me Was really embarrassing

I'm 22 come be submissive I'll dom you young lady

Have you had shower with another girl and made love to her in the shower?

No, never done that

have you watched all girl **** with another woman while both nude?

I have watched all girl **** but not with another nude girl

have you had internet sex with another female member from ep?

no...I never have

have you watched two woman make love to each other outside while you feel yourself?

only in a video

have you made love to a female member from EP ?

no, i have never met anyone from EP

have you gone down on another woman while making love to her?


Have you watched all girl **** with another woman ?

I have watched it but not while I was with another girl

Do you Like to Wear Diapers???

No, really not my thing

do you like internet sex?


do you like ***?

yes :)

do you like to play online

sometimes I do

me to !!!

Have you watched **** and played yourself at the same time?

oh yes...many times :)

so u r normal :)

ok, now let me ask you... any sexual discovery? I don't know if you ever tired this... I like to have sex on bed with our bodies in a 90 degree angle

I don't know if I have discovered anything while watching...maybe I have...hehehe
I like many things though :)

i meant discovery overall.... not specific to watching.

and hey, tell me about some of those things

well...spanking has been a part of my life

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have you ********** while another woman get's nude in front of you?

No, but it sounds exciting to try....heheheh

Have you watched another woman get nude in front of you?

Yes, I have seen many girls naked

yes i have

have you kissed a woman's bum?

I never have, but it does look like fun when I see pics and vids of people doing it

Have you used a strap on when making love to another woman?

No I have never been nude in a forest. I don't think I have ever been in a forest....hehe

have gone for a walk in the forest nude?

I would much rather have sex after a spanking. I become very turned on later after I have been spanked.

I am interested, but I don't have any question... Ha. <br />
no really I'll try to come up with a question or 2...

Ok, let me know when you do.hehe

Hopefully I am not bypassing something that you've already answered in a story.
Do you like your spankings with some sex, or do you prefer to separate them?

When you are getting a spanking, do you prefer to be completely nude, or just have your panties down so that only your hiney is bare?

I prefer to just have my bare bottom showing

Have you made love to two other woman at the same time?

No, never have done that

have you *********** with another woman before?

I never have

have u had a bath with another women?

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have you had a shower with another woman?

only in gym class while in high school. never done it like at home shower

have you had a erotic massage with another woman?

no, but would love to :)