I've always wanted to do this, lol.
So sure, go ahead. Any questions, I will answer!
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Where did you get your screen name? Do you like The Simpsons?

Yes, I love The Simpsons! That's the birth of my screen name, haha :D

Hahaha! Sweet! Well then that just solidifies your coolness. XD

Haha! It sure does, lol XD :D

do u find any dream interpreters?

Yes, lol :D

Can I borrow a dollar? :P

Fine, I'll throw it at the screen. See if you can catch it!

Yay lol.

Haha :D

Do you still consider Pluto to be a planet? XD

Yes, I think so.

. ? sllikS gnidaeR ruoY erA woH

Great! Hehe :D

I gather that my avatar fits you Header to a tee , But I prefer Blue fire Hair ;0)

Haha :D

Are you a vampire?

YES. *hisses*

Ahh, keep away from my blood

I can't resist!!

how old are you?

13 turning 14.

oh cool want to txt? lols


its cool if you dont lols btw im 16 so dnt be afraid of me haha :)

Okay...Thanks anyway, I think.

welcomes btw be carefull they are alot of pervs up here and like that guy who asked you what is the freakiest thing you ever done ? he meant as in sex and stuff just letting you know

No SHE didn't. SHE is my friend, and I have been on here for a year or so. Thanks.

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What's your favorite type of panties to wear?

Panties? I just wear normal underwear, lol. I don't wear lingerie, ha.

Some questions should not be asked lol

Lol, okay, maybe some! :)