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I want to answer questions that anyone might have for me. I am open minded, so ask away!
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9 Responses May 5, 2012

What is your most taboo fetish and/or fantasy?<br />
Have you ever had a squirting ******?

Honestly, a fanatasy that I have that will probably never happen would be me eating Vanessa Marcil out, and getting ****** from behind. My fiance doesn't know I have this fantasy because I have never told him. I don't know if that's taboo or not. lol And yes, I do squirt. :)

I have this fantacy of ******* a pregnant woman who is caring someone elses child. I want it to be just sex no names just pure sex. Would you ever consider something like that? Its not a proposal just asking.

Yes, but only if I was single. I would never cheat. But, like I said, I would do it if I was single. :)

Have you ever french kissed another woman?

Yes I have.

its where you use a strap-on *****, and take charge of the man like he was a woman. You did say you were open-minded......

Oh ok. I had just never heard it worded like that. No, I have never done that, but my ex did let me finger his *** a few times, and yes, it did turn me on.

What do you mean by pegged?

Have you ever pegged your husband? Or any man?

cuffman, I have never been handcuffed, but I have been tied up, and yes, I like it.

do you liked being handcuffed?

Prissypantie, yes, I think I would. And Jennylovestodance, I'm not sure yet. I think about 13 weeks. I need an ultrasound to find out.

No problem. :)