Have You Experienced This And Does It Get Better?

i haven't stayed in one place long enough to make friends, or maybe i just didn't continue with relationships as i moved on, but either way im in a new situation again, "starting over", except this time i have to do it in this state and near where most of the most current **** happened. because of being 23 years old, i noticed most people have their own group or space in life and i haven't been able to find a friend anywhere i go, but always manage to attract the wrong people or men. i know there are more things i should be doing, but has
i know my decisions and crazy life has brought me again to this point and im trying hard to figure it out.

has anyone experienced this? does it get better? do you find friends and a place you belong?
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And yes it does get better

I suppose it depends where you go to to meet these people - try changing the place you try meet people

It helps to be really observant. Keep your mind open but watch and listen carefully. A lot of people know the right things to say and they will tell you they are a great person ext ext. however, actions speak louder than words. Watch their interactions with other people. For example - A woman I know told me she was a great and loyal friend and she never talked behind anyones back. She told me if she had something to say to someone she always said it right to them. However lol, I observed every time someone got up to go to the bathroom or get a drink, she would talk about them; and not in a nice way. Even her supposed best friends. That told me right there she was nobody I would ever want to know my business. Sometimes you have to watch for a while, but sooner or later a dirtbag will show their true colors.<br />
Real true friends are very hard to find. Most people are lucky to have one.