Hey! Are You Raping Me?

Well, The Boyfriend spent the night and (as usual) I was sleeping like a dead fish little girl when I felt a DAMNWHATISTHAT? feeling in my bottom. I woke up to find that my "romantic partner" was mounted on my cute tush with his average white wiener halfway up my seating arrangements. "What the f*%k do you think you're doing?" I mumbled sleepily. He gave an embarrassed little laugh and said, "Well, you know .... you like this!" I growled back at him. "Yeah, but you could at least ASK, you jerk!"

I did not, however a) move b) hit him c) call a cop or d) go after his average white wiener with that pinking shears I keep under the bed in case the monsters from my childhood have tracked me to my new locale. It actually ended up being ... well .... not an entirely awful experience and fun was had by all.

But when I woke up this morning, it made me think. The little creep (she said, affectionately) hadn't asked my consent before he put his thing in my fundament. Isn't that the law, as well as common courtesy? On the other hand, I have never refused him rump-humping privileges, so I guess he just assumed .... Anyway, I guess I was wondering what other people think about this. I know that if you don't agree, it's well .... a bad thing. On the other hand, does the guy (or the girl, for that matter) need a "yeah, sure!" for every stage of the hip-banging? Maybe I could write him a note with checkmarks like one of those "to-go" orders at restaurants. "No tomato, extra sodomy."

So I am considering slapping him when I see him Saturday. Just to let him know he can't just ... you know. What do you think?
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Return the favor. Stick a finger in his bum while hes sleeping. :O

Asking is not just courtesy, but the way to go about it. If the consent is not there, then it's basically rape. But, since you woke up later, and didn't ask him to stop, it doesn't count as that.

Maybe you should tell him this, that atleast he should ask before doing these things.

Well, the relationship is over, now. But it was fun for a while.

Glad that you liked it. Sorry that it's over.

"No tomato, extra sodomy."
ha ha ha ha, iz funny

Well, you perhaps should have had a discussion that defined whether it was OK for him to do things (and exactly which things) to your body in your sleep. IF and only IF you think you'll be OK with some night visits should you say that he can have carte blache.
If you want to be asked and it's OK with you if you return to sleep during the doing, then tell him THAT, but you have to ask yourself (to be fair to him, too) 'will YOU remember giving him permission in the morning?'
The way to avoid raping (for a man) or feeling as though raped (for the woman) in this situation is to set rules and guidelines during at least 1 sit-down talk where both people have the chance to think out possibilities and variables.

ok Ill ask a question then your turn to ask.....
q: what do you enjoy most sexually to do and to be done to you?


I have to admit I rather like rump-humping.

mmmmm we could do that.... and what do you most like to do?

OK Im sorry, but do you REALLY want to be with a Guy that dead fishes when he finally gets to sleep over? I think he's is above all an opportunist, look if you want to give him your very cute (I'm sure ***) its a gift he should be grateful of and do something equally pleasurable for you in return. He was using you disrespectfully, could have used his hand!
I say you get him over and go with a pinking shears circumcision! every time he sees the zig zag skin he will remember (D:


Well, he's history now. It's all behind me, so to speak.

good for you! can you add me please? pretty please? I wont bite unless you ask me too!


Okie dokie.

thankie dankie! you are very cute btw! what part of the world are you in?

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Rape is rape. Slap him and let him know you'll cut the lil bastard off next time. I hate guys like that.

such wit.... ahhhhhh..... I'm glad sarah cant stop!

What would be the fun in stopping?

I don't understand penetration without waking you up. how can you not feel that?

I am a reeeeeeally sound sleeper.

When we were younger, after a night of partying, I used to boink my wife all the time while she was sleeping. She would wake up the next morning wondering why she had such a mess in her panties. Nothing makes you climax quicker than when you are getting away with something that you probably shouldn't be doing. ; )

Slap him...and then let him get even. :)

Slap him where?

The hand....?

i had a girlfreind that flat out told me yes in the middle of the night or when you first wake up even if im not in the mood i want you to use me and get off on me, she didnt require working up or for play every single time ,but she is unique and we had lots of romantic and less than romantic encounters over our 5 years, and a few after lol. as has been stated prior to my post your writeing and use of diction is great. as to your lover ..... poke him back, why not hehehe

I like your sense of humor...but I think he could at least take the time to get you roused...and aroused...before trying to fill you up! A good strong whack on the white wiener is in order!

a white wiener makes a smaller target ....

True...but the impression your lesson will leave is also heightened! LOL

I dont think he shouldve asked, but I think he shouldve woken you up first. What fun is it playing out a rape fantasy if you are asleep?!

"Hey, Sarah, wake up. I'm going to ravage your bumhole and I want you to enjoy it properly. Now just stop squirming while I handcuff you to the bedposts ..."

I'm thinking that you have to give the guy a bit of a break since he was sleeping with an irresistable lady. Establishing ground rules might be a good idea, though.

How about if I buy one of those strap-ons and do a little turnabout-is-fair-play thing on his average white buns?

Yes, I can see the fairness argument in that.

I would have done the same thing!<br />
maybe it is your submissive side coming out...

awww the poor guy wanted it like that. This one bets the guy has always been in love with the idea of ding that to a sleeping woman and now you are going to deny Him the opportunities to do this. Well, it did not harm you greatly, this one thinks if you can forget it and get on with it you should allow Him to do that or he may be of this personality and love it that much and go elsewhere to get it. Everyone gets sexual ideas and urges. Maybe asking first was not part of His fantasy?

Like the others have commented above, I love your writing style! Anxious to read more!

Thanks! I guess I will write more then.

I'd slap him just the principle of the matter, then kiss it and make it better. Unless you've dropped hints that you wouldn't mind a midnight surprise, slipping it in(average or not) while you are unaware is not cool. He probably just made a stupid mistake after staring at your beautifulness half the night. Forgive the horn dog, unless this is part of a larger pattern of selfish behavior.<br />
And I love your writing style!

Thank you for the compliments! You are very sweet. I have to examine my conscience and find out if I let him to believe it was OK.

You've kinda answered your own question, it doesn't matter that you've never refused him, you still didn't apperciate that he just did it, you feel the need to slap him .... I don't think slapping is the way to handle this.<br />
<br />
If he wanted a middle of the night action he should have maybe woken you up with some kissing or something, not with his penis already inserted in your fundament.<br />
<br />
I find it a bit creepy what if for whatever reason you didn't wake up? Would he have told you about it? If he did how would you feel? If he didn't how would you feel?<br />
<br />
Tell him from now on he can cut the creepy "sneak" sex out, and he isn't to be inserting anything in you while your asleep.

Can't I just slap him on general principles?

Only if he is asleep when you do it!

I don't know if this is suitable for a fundamental application but might work better than the shears...

We can find out.

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Imagine if he were asleep and you started to give him a blow job.. I'm sure if he woke up as you sucked his **** he wouldn't complain too much. I know I wouldn't. ;-)

Given your outward penchant for lust and satiation, I don't think there is reason to complain...needs to go both ways...and you know you like that!

He should have asked unless you told him anytime you can have me . Most girls I think would be upset . But go easy on the poor guy .