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A) At what age did you start writing poems and what was your first poem about?
B) Did you ever write a letter or a poem to try getting back with one of your ex-girlfriends?
C) What - to you - is the most erotic word in the English language?

A) I started writing poetry when I was 18. My first poem was about a lost love (breaking up with my girlfriend at the time).

B) I haven't

C) Hrmm, that's a hard question, although maybe not the most "erotic" word, I feel the word, serendipity is very sensual in nature.

What is your opinion on a friend who is judges before listening, and a friend who will listen and hug you even though you're not perfect but loves you anyway???

I hate people who judge someone first....

Btw I re-added you as a friend on here a while ago....

What is your reply to the I would like to know what you value most and which side of the fence it falls. I love youe nre aviatar BTW!

The later of the two what I value the most.

do you remember your absolutely first ******? tell me about it?

Hrmm, let's see, I was about 6 years old I would say. One of my friends was sleeping over and we always use to talk about girls. We started talking (laying next to each other) and then he said, hey want to play truth or dare? so I said okay. He went first and I said dare. He dared me to ********** along side with him while we continued to talk about the cute girls at school. I never *********** before (at least to my knowledge) and didn't know how, so he showed me how. Now this was the first time I ever saw another penis before and for some reason it kind of turned me on knowing that we both were jacking off. No I'm not gay, but for some reason it turned me on. Anyways, being young and unable to control our bodies, he came and right after I saw that, I came and had my first ******.

Wow! so young. i don't think i ever heard of ************ til i was in my 20's!! lol my first ****** was certainly a surprise, tho!
how'd ur young friend know so much?

Have you ever cross.dressed

No, I have not.

Would you be open to homo sex

Like I said before in a previous answer, my motto is to try everything at least yes, I'd be open to it.

Could i suck you off

Perhaps...I'd have to get to know you a little better first before I made a definite decision.