Why Not!!

G'day everyone, I'm new to the whole experience project thing, so feel free to ask me anything!! Dirty or clean!!

Roses92 xo
Roses92 Roses92
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A) Would you ever allow a guy to use your vibrator on you or do you keep 'sex toy relationships' and 'human relationships' separated? ;)
B) Where do you like to be kissed the most except on your lips?
C) What - to you - is the most erotic word in the English language?

Yeah I've had a guy use my vibrator on me during sex.

Neck, easy one!

And I have no idea... Can't say I've ever thought about it.

Stories & pics, request sent :)

Have you ever *********** in public before? Have you ever been naked in public before?

No apart from skinny dipping.

Do you have a fantasy that you keep deep and inside, afraid to share with your partner? If do what is it? What is the wildest craziest thing you have done so far? I can't add you so I do hope you'll add me.

Not really... I've never had a ********* or shower sex thats about it really... And I haven't really done much crazy either... I shall have to change that sometime ;)

Still breathlessly waiting and hoping for an add.

Hey sexy. Have you ever left home in a miniskirt without panties?

Of course!

That's so hot!

I wish I can add you but it's not letting me add anyone...

Hello beautiful! Love ur stories! Would enjoy being a friend. Have u ever had sex in public?

Never in public no...

Do you swallow? How do you feel about facials? Hot lil bodies you 3 have!!

Id rather not but sometime it just ends up in your mouth no matter what you want! Not heaps into facials I like a guy ******* on my arse of chest :)

Hm...heres one.<br />
<br />
Ever had anal sex? wanted to?

Nope, and not really... Something just seems a bit unnatural about it to me...

Would you ever consider traveling long distances just for a one night stand?


how about u and your two friends get naked with me and ill play the dirty old man do u like older

Well the only part of that story which has a chance of happening is "me and my two friends get naked", apart from that...

just kidding but would like to see u three naked

do you think you have sexy feet? has anyone ever told you that you have sexy feet/have you ever noticed anyone checking them out? Last question: could you please add me? (:

Have you danced in front of the mirroe naked? Ok that was too easy. You are a very pretty girl. Will you add me as a friend.