Ask Away!!

ask me anything you want!! can't wait to hear the crazy questions you have for me. lol
Jenny36c Jenny36c
18-21, F
25 Responses May 22, 2012

...can my niner 'Gloryhole' your *** !!!

Why do people ask but don't reply?

I don't think your going to get any answers. She has not been on since june 2012

What was your best sexual experience so far ?

have you ever ****** an older man? Would you like to?

What's is the craziest thing you have put in your ******

Do you read any of these questions?

will you add me plz

Would you send me your bra and/ or swimsuit to c*m on?

Do you like guys to *** on your face?

OK, do you like men or women he most?

Do you like white or black men the most?

Does size matter to you, if so, how much?

What is your favorite sexual position?

How many guys have you beeen with?

Please add me, I want to follow what you have been asked and what the answers are. Thanks.

Did you ever smell a pretty female friends panty crotch while ************?my wife sometimes sniffs my fingers w/her ***** scent on them while we re fuking,serreptitiously,however I always notice as it really turns me love it if she 0would sniff another girls wet panty crotch while ************ for me...shaking...I can hardly type this out...gotta go get busy!

Favorite way to make a guy ***?

Do you ever come to the Dallas area?

Where are you from and what's the biggest size **** that you've had?

Would you have sex with a cross dresser?<br />
And if you would what would you want him to wear?

Whats your favorite thing to self pleasure with? Toy or hand?

What is the most odd thing you have put inside of you?

Have you ever been tied naked and Spreadeagle then sensually tickled?

Whats the youngest girl you have had sexually?

a lil younger than me :-P

well i would like to hear more about it:)

How often do you self pleasure yourself? Have you self pleasure in public before? If so where (park, a restaurant, school)?

at least 4-5 times a day. i've *********** in school, driving, at work, on the beach.

What is your favorite sexual position? And what is the highest number of ******* you have achieved with on round of sex?

When someone ask you a question about sex what is the first thought or memory that pops in your head?

the first thought that comes to my head is the answer. stupid question

after reading it again I tend to agree with you

What properties or talents must a man have to give you a great ****????

So where's the most random place you've been naked?