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2 Responses May 23, 2012

wow, that sounds amazing! not my kind of thing (i suck at computer stuff), but sounds cool. i'll wait to see a new Chrysler Building with 'designed by snickers' on the front. you should totally work on something like an avatar movie. that would be awesome.

HA! I wish! but yeah it would be pretty cool to be able to say i designed a skyscraper or just any building

totally, and i would be like 'OMG!!! I KNOW THAT DUDE!!!! I INSPIRED HIM!!!!!!'

um, ok, do u like traditional artwork, or multimedia art. A totally originally amazing question for you... not!

I like to draft buildings and draw things from futuristic movies but yeah I also enjoy multimedia art. I am currently learning graphics in my AP Computer science class which is pretty awesome