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5 questions each, but you can ask anything you like. :)
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hi, how old were you when you first saw a naked guy and a guy see you naked, xx

as a baby

ha ha, ok,,, how old were you when you first made love, x

18 I was good :)

1) Are you shaved, trimmed or all natural?<br />
2) Out of my photos, which do you like the best?<br />
3) What is one of your fantasies?<br />
4) Do you like to look at ****?<br />
5) Are you single, married or in a relationship?


will get back to you on that when I have looked

mile high



How often do you do one night stands?<br />
Do you like them?<br />
Do you smoke?

not often
occasionally but only if Im drunk.

Do you consider yourself a ****?


What sort of things make you feel like a little kid? Like hearing certain songs, or being easily amused. <br />
<br />
What makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside?<br />
<br />
Just two for now :)

jelly babies! :) they make me happy... although I dont really like eating them but when I was ever upset my mum would give them to me so now they make me feel all nostalgic and happy :)

I guess jelly babies would work for this as well but lets think of something else... erm... getting into freshly laundered duvets and wrapping myself up :)

x3 yay

Thanx to everyone else I do not need to ask any questions about your sexuality.<br />
<br />
1. If that is you in your avatar, who are you blowing a kiss to?<br />
2. What would it take for someone to get your attention?<br />
3. Again assuming that your avatar is you.... You are sexy are you smart as well?<br />
4. If I flew down and picked you up where would you fly to?<br />
5. Are you particularily talented at anything?

1) lol I was just posing to the camera cause I am a camera **** lol.
2)my attention is easily attained but also lost just as easy lol.
3)Thank you and yes it is... I would have said I am smart-ish... I was well educated but often have blond moments and my spelling is sometimes not all that.
4)turks and caricaos islands (sp) or japan :)
5) I used to baton twirl and I am trained in dance, also pretty good singer and love cooking.

also thank you it was nice to answer something different for a change.

Well I like sex as much as the next person, probably more actually, but there's a lot of other interesting things about people as well. :)

dunno I am pretty high on the sex scale! if I could have it constantly I probably would :P

Yep me too. Hmmm. I've had sex while driving, wonder if I could pull it off while riding on the bike.

wow.... i bet you could give it a go lol

I think so. I have it worked out in my mind. I think it would be rather easy actually, but the girl would have to do most of the work. haha

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I just have one question:<br />
<br />
What is one fantasy you have that you would really like to fill full?

mile high

also fullfill not fill full lol ;) x

thanks - need to be more carefull with spell check..

np :P x

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What part of Canada?

Im not from canada lol

1) yes I have <br />
2) LOL yes many times<br />
3) I dont so much enjoy it but its okay and put up with it if the guy wants to as long as he has pleasured me fully first.<br />
4) kissing and biteing my neck ear lobe and behind my ear. my knees literally buckle lol.<br />
5) Mexican or japanese (particularly tepanyaki or sushi)

Fantastic! I'm a huge sushi/sashimi fan as well - big fan of Nobu in soho. By the way, do you love incorporating toys in your sexual activities?

OOoo I had an amazing meal in Nobu, sushimi can be hit or miss... if the fish is cut too thick it can sometimes be a struggle but if its cut thinner then its probably better then sushi.

thats question number 6 mr not sure I should answer that!! but yes I do

So very well said and I like how you know exactly how you want/like things... and I tend to push limits

1) have you ever been bound/tied for another's pleasure?<br />
2) have you ever had sex in public?<br />
3) do you enjoy anal sex?<br />
4) what drives you wild in (or out of) bed?<br />
5) what is your favorite type of food?