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I admire you. You're thoughtful. Not a question, but I just thought I'd tell you. Maybe I'll have a question for you later.

Thanks for the compliment, and I look forward to hearing what you have to ask.

This is difficult to answer, because of the many variables of which I am unaware, and in addition I am not trained to give advice on these matters, the only training I do have advises to not give advice other than to say seek professional assistance. If you are yourself trying to assist someone else who has said broken spirit than I would advise you to suggest professional assistance to them as well. If you are trying to raise your own spirit, than I would say that no one knows you better than your own self, and all I can offer is my own experience in the matter. The one thing I do know is that there is always someone in a far worse place than you, no matter how bad you think you may have it. <br />
The basics of my own situation are; excommunicated from my parent’s religion at the age of seventeen, disowned by my parents because of this, essentially alone in the world with no known allies in a strange place at a young age, with no place to live. I suppose you could call it luck that the place I was all alone in, also happened to be in an economic boom due to oil and gas, and so finding employment and supporting myself was not a real problem. The problem was that everyone I had known up to this point was through the religion that my parents had tried to push on me, and now all of those people had turned their back on me.<br />
My saving grace at this time was that I am very stubborn, and I stick by what I believe in, they turned their back on me….. **** no, I told myself that I had turned my back on them, what changed everything for me, is that I changed my mind set about the whole thing, I just looked at it differently. I also play guitar and I used this at the time as a focal point, thus taking my mind off of unpleasant things and concentrating on things I enjoyed. I guess the key for me was to find a bunch of things that I really enjoyed, and use them as a distraction against the **** in my life. It worked for me, I just won’t think or spend any energy on negative things, I won’t give them the power.

How would you mend to someone's broken spirit to the point where it's in no man's land?