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I'm bored. If u have a question ask. About me, for you, a friend
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I dare you to answer also my "special" questions related to my pants wetting fetish: What about your experiences in pants peeing ? Do you pee your pants a lot ? Did you get caught with it? And anyone in your family or other friends (girls or boys) know about your occasional pants wetting? Know you anyone else in your real life that pees her pants too? Have you told anyone in your environment about pantspeeing? If so, what was the reaction ? Have you pooped your pants (by accident, when drunk or on purpose) as an adult ? And what about farting, do you do it a lot? And have you ever sharted your pants (wet fart with poo)?
Hope i didn't offense you with my questions

What is your preferences about penis size?


Have you ever had mfm & what was your favorite part & favorite postion ?

What is mfm?

Male female Male Having Sex & pleasuring The Lady iN Every Way She Wants

No but want to try.

its lots of fun.. trust me you'll love it.. 2 hard ***** to do what ever you want them to do to you in any position..

Sounds nice

love to help you out with that.. be lots of fun...

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ya.....thats sure.....i believe that there will be good bonding....ur opinion on it....

do u believe in adult nursing relationship

Well I guess its ok everyone have theeir likes

What's the craziest sexual thing you have ever done?

Had sex in the movie theater when I was 16 and wen we got out the security told us it was video taped but we got in trouble

Hey there, what are your desires for the future? what makes babyluv tick?

My desire is to be happy. I know its impossible to always be happy but I just want to be happy in general. And do something in art.I don't have to be famous but at least have my work in one or two gallery. What makes me tick. I'm open minded love to try new things. Wants to try everything at least once.just want to enjoy life