Horny Night Here So Will Answer Any Of Your Nasty Questions Who Has The Balls To Ask

Ask anything that you wanna
I will reply all
letsknoweachother letsknoweachother
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hot pics u like mine

share ur pics with me please

send friend request as they all are in album


huge is all i can say.so tell me u really can't remember your first ****.hard to beleave that,if u say so though.sextoys agasinst the law where u live.so not muck detail in some answers though.like ur tied up answer,u didn't say if ur open to it or curious about.just like ur ******* answer.
so let me ask u this.would u like it if i where to come up behind u and blind fold u as i took both ur hands in one of mine as i whisper in ur ear as i'm kissing and nibbling on ur ear loab all the dirty kinky things i wanna do to u.so my question to u is.do u submit to me and my desires or not

India is the country
I would like to know what will you whisper in my ear lolz

how u r now mine to use an traine as my personal sex slave.how u will whorship me as ur one an only master,but first u must give ur self to me willingly. i ask u do u give ur self to me fully and completly.as u feel my hand lowwer ur hands and put them between our bodys.as u feel mine exploring ur body,u feel me press my semi hard **** against ur hands.i whisper in ur ear to rub and feel it.as i tell u if u say yes to me this will be ur's to please anytime i tell u to.so tell me know as u feel me run a finger between ur puss lips an squeeze a nipple.am i ur new master

i await ur answer.r ur nips hard

how about i grab that **** of yours with my hand and do not let it go till you uncuff my hands than as soon as you uncuff my hands i tie your hands and say lets do the same now but now i will be the master and you will be the slave i will finger **** your *** and you will lick my ***** till i want how about that babes

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multi questions okay because i got a big set of balls.
answer fully and completely k
1-how old where u when u/someone first played with u r **** and *****.
2- first anal
3-ever with another girl/woman if so when and how also did u like it.
4-u first **** tell me about it,did u still have u r cherry.
5- ever been tied up and used like a sextoy,if so tell me all about it
6-sextoys and objects u have used to **** u r ***** mouth and ***, if so u know the drill
7-have u ever been fisted or thought about it or open 2 it.i find it very sexy an erotic to me.what about u.
8-ever been 2 a swingers club,if so
9-have u ever thought about making u r own ******/sextape.i have i wanna start a small buisness making more realistic and be leaveable porns/sextapes.i know there is a ton of money to be made there.what do u think
10-u sub 2 u r man or partner.u like him 2 have control of u sexualy 24/7
well lets see if u answer those 4 me.so i can get 2 know u and u r likes and dislikes better.

1) 18 years
2) 20 years
3) never before but wanna do with other girl if get change
4) cant remember my first ****
5) Nope never been tied up
6) i am actually not into sex toys where i live they are not legal
7) ******* is really tough i guess
8) no such clubs available here
9) well we have made so many but for fun only not for public
10) well ya i am both sub and dominating person
any more questions let see how big balls you got now

3rd ? first time u played with ur *****,an first object u shoved in it.in detail,be my nasty kinky naughty ****.

2nd ? first **** 2 **** u in ur *****,first anal.also do u like being submissive.lets chat

in detail the first **** u sucked,also first ***** u eat out

Have you ever had oral sex performed on you when it's that time of the month ?


Ever **** two guys in the same day?

kissing may be but not ****

How many men have you had sex with?

If you feel down and hit your head hard, would you invite a friend over in case of a concussion or go it alone?