Up For It

I know I am going to regret this lol
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18-21, F
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How deep is your *****?

I have had some really big **** and got it all in, still tight tho as I work out my pelvic floor and can squeeze one finger

Wat is a biggest object which you fit in?

Had a cucumber and the telly controls.

I don't know. Probs way to many. I had 3 different guys at the weekend and have been ganged at a party.

How many people have you ******?

you said your boobs are your best feature, but small - what size are we talking about?
do you like having *** on them?

32 c

yes lol

do you swallow? do facials?

So have you ever had sex with a family member or thought about it? If so, how was it?

No, I have let one of my dads mates do me but never family. X

That's hot......how much older was he than you?

At the time I was 19. He was 48.

What is your most taboo fetish and/or fantasy?

Probs being used by a random group.

Cool that is taboo thanks for sharing.

Your welcome x

What is the oldest guy you had sex with and how old were you at the time? Have you gone out in public without and bra and/or panties on before?

I see you have joined I squirt. If you tell me you do and you are stunning fiery red head which I have seen but I mean your bush then I am going to have to meet you.

What do you think is cuter - chipmunk or squirrel?


You sure.....chipmunks are so cute? lol

Defo squirrel. X

What is one fantasy you have that you would really like to fulfill?

I have had some pretty wild ones. But really live out? Hmm the one with my boss. Xx

please tell us more

Most guys you have had sex with in a day?

4 though I thinks a couple went twice.

You THINK? You don't know?

Do you smoke?

No. Not at all

I quess that could be open to interpretation. Not wearing any knickers in church would be a good answer, but I think peeing on a guy is the kinkiest loll