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I am a 40ish married mom in an open relationship. Nudist, swinging, and any other adventure that comes our way! Feel free to ask me anythink...I'm an open book and LOVE forums like this!
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Go did your husband introduce you into swinging as if he said I want you to **** another man you would have probably said no I only **** you is that right so how did it all get started? Thankyou

I got into it YEARS ago. I had a HS boyfriend who liked watching his friends take turns on me.

What is the level of partner ship and the marriage, once you are being shared the thrill and the temptation is always high, does that effect routine life and how hard it is to keep the secret from the kids.

Obviously you can't read. I never discuss kids.
My life is whatever routine my Master demands.

My hubby introduced me into CBT and I started loving that...we have trained our maid servant who enjoys doing that...We have a close circle where we enjoy CBT on the male friends...Does your Husband like CBT?

He has never expressed interest. I'll have to suggest it...

How many guys have you been with?

After over 30 years of being sexually active, I definitely list count. Especially the years my husband has had control of!

Do you let your swinging partners *** inside you bareback or is that just for the husband?

There are people who I have let *** inside me. that and love to read more....

Do you like anal penetration ?

I have always liked anal. My ex husband REALLY liked ******* in the *** so I got a lot of it when I was with him. My current husband has a larger penis and he cannot comfortably penetrate me without having to stop. He tries, but it's not the same. I hate to say it, but when it comes to anal sex, I miss my ex.

Mine is 9" long, great for anal !

Not I've found 5 inches and smaller is best suited for anal. Imagine sticking ANYTHING over 5 inches up YOUR *** and you'll realize the smaller the better during butt sex.

You're not right, you have to talk about with my wife ...

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Would love to know if you've ever had sex with a tranny or crossdresser ?
We make a good 3rd party for 3somes.........or moresomes !
You can both enjoy what we have to offer, lol.

For my husbands 40th Birthday I hired a Tranny ********. He definitely enjoyed her!

How does it make you feel knowing you can walk into any businessman's hotel ( Courtyard Marriott type) and know within an hour you can have some stranger working his butt off to please you as you visit him in his room? Have you done it? More than once in an evening?


We've gone into hotel bars quite a few times and met men fire my husband to share me with. It's a very empowering feeling knowing that I choose who gets to **** new that night!
We have had multiple partners in one night, though usually it's at the same time. 99% of the time, the last **** of the night goes to the hubby. He REALLY gets off on watching me get ducked by other guys so by thend end if the night he's ready to explode!

love to read more about that....

How did you get into the swinger lifestyle? Also what do think of high heels and stockings?

My husband got me into the swinger lifestyle. It started off with him "sharing" me with other men. Guys we knew and trusted. I wanted him to get some sort of additional pleasure so instead of just doing MMF we started swinging and swapping partners.
I LOVE high heels and stockings. There is nothing hotter than me laying on my back with my legs spread and wrapped around someone's shoulders seeing my thigh highs and some slutty high heels!

we too love is great fun...