if you are reading this, please ask me something!

i'm Australian, 15.. 16 now! and think of something interesting. :)

anything you want cause answering questions is funnnn
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Can you add me?

I've heard for years that Australians were very open about sex and very explicitly randy. Is there any truth to this? And do you find that tendency, if true, is also true for you as an individual?

uhhh certain groups of people are i guess and others tend to be more old fashioned and are not it all depends. i wouldn't call the majority of people 'very open' about it but i guess from time to time there are jokes and comments made. nah not really for me, i like to keep it classy in public otherwise i'd just feel guilty you know, save that for those you are close with.

How's it going chica? So what experience on here that you've seen on here has made you want to try it or makes you read more experiences about it

Why are Australians so racist towards Indians?

haha i'm not gonna disagree with you cause a lot of us actually are, i don't really knooow i guess its the differences. people often don't like things different to them and so they make fun of them. there are racist jokes about every race or country though but there are heaps of indians in Australia so i guess they can be targets. you say you're Indian but do you live there or here?

I live in Kolkata, India. It really hurts to see such racism, specially being an Indian myself. Jokes are okay but personal targeting really hurts. I hope you are not like the others.

how do you know about Australians racism towards indians? i don't think its usually personal, the whole race doesn't apply to some of the jokes just like how not all Australians believe in them.

ask meeee somethinnnnnnnn that makes me think please

Do your socks fall down inside your shoes when you walk? Hahaha

you asked me this yesterday in another story and i replied.

I really would like to know. What would be considered the Australia version of Hollywood? I have always wondered about that.

i don't think there's another place as good as Hollywood but i guess the centre of Sydney would be closest as it has all the shops and the most popular icons and everything going on.. there are other cities but i guess that's the most well known one. :)

Whats your favorite color

turquoisey/blue i guess, just to look at but it changes for different things.

That's cool my favorite color Is Red

Describe yourself

welllll i'm 16, i'm pretty short like 5'1 or 2 or something, i have dark wavy hair, i have Italian and Egyptian in me so i'm olive skinned, i'm friendly, i'm pretty positive most of the time, i don't like when people are over dramatic and inconsiderate so i'd say i'm pretty considerate of most peoples feelings i've noticed, i find it hard to physically be rude to someone who is right there unlike some people, i'm great at spelling, i'm pretty bad at maths unless i really concentrate, i don't dislike myself, i can be really caring, i love shopping, i might be a bit quiet around people i don't know well but once i know they accept me i'm not, i don't like not knowing things about people/what's going on which i haven't decided if it's good or bad yet lol, i spend too much time on the internet but i think my life will be more exciting once i move out of my grandparents after christmas, and that pretty much sums up me haha hope my lil facts were goood (:

Awesome answer finally someone actually answered with a real sense of what I was asking

haha thanks, i thought i may as well give a bit of detail. :)

hi !
you only have one pair of shoes ? :-)

why would you think that? no definitely not

didn't you in one of your stories miss the bus because you couldn't find your shoes ?

........... i think that was a status lol, and yeah i only have one pair of shoes that i would wear to school, also it's like the end of the year so i just used that as an excuse

thank you . i wasn't trying to upset you . thanks for your answer . :-) good excuse ! :-)

no i just thought it was a bit random, but now i understand. :)

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I think living in Australia would be neat... How far do you live from the outback or bush.. I live in Indiana

well most of the outback and desert is in the middle of aus, and i live on the east coast, and there's bush everywhere aha i live in a beachy kinda rural place so when you're driving out theres forests all along until you get to farms

I live in a small valley by the river lots of trees and farm ground

after christmas i'm moving to a place with beach in 5 minutes and city in 15 minutes, best of both worlds :))

which band do you like the most

would have to be the gorgeous One Direction, followed by Little Mix :)

what are u wearing today :P???

black shorts and a maroon hurley singlet top

Ohh good would love to talk to u

Where in Australia are you from


0.0 if i was pregnant would u help me during birth :3 cz idk where itll come out from

uhh are you okay there

Describe ur sexiest panties

they're cream coloured and really thin and they're see-through cause theyre made entirely of lace... and you wanna know the best part? my nan bought them for me i was like what?! ahaha

they sound sexy...ru wearing them right now?


So what ru wearing now? And will you please add me to your circle? Thank you

lol i tried to make it sound good and then ruin it but it didn't quite work and a jumper and shorts

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Would you ever do anal?

i don't have a clue to be honest

Do you own a *****

if that's the thing starting with 'D' then no!

what do you like to do when you have free time ?

use the internet, tumblr, instagram, go shopping, hang with friends, go to the beach, cook something healthy, sing and dance, that's about it

all at the same time wow your like 18 and you can do that
I was still in dippers then lol

16* lol it says right there in the story and oh..

Opinion on anal? And fav kind of panties?

idk it's probably gross? and i don't really have a fav anything that matches i suppose.

Do you see a lot of spiders in Australia and what do you do when you see one?

you see a lot of daddy-long legs especially in the bathroom, occasionally see huntsmen but i kinda just go away from them and leave them be haha, sometimes usually outside though you'll see dangerous ones like white-tips, redbacks and funnel-webs but that's pretty rare i'd just tell someone else or leave them

I am in Australia as well, my question is, what do you like to do while you are on school holidays, and do you do it with boys or girls you might even do it by yourself, please add me

lol i totally wonder what you're getting at, but well in my school holidays because i live with my grandparents atm i go to my uncles house, do lots of shopping, got my license, visit my mum, do more shopping, go to the beach a lot and yeah that's about it and sorry i can't your profiles blocked.

I do not understand why my profile is blocked, it might be because of your age

yeeah it would be

I'm Australian too! And my question is do you like 1D?

i certainly dooo <3 do you?

please add me

Have you ever posted or sent naughty pictures to anyone

only to a guy i thought i was really close with..

How are you lelli are you single

yeah :|

for guys

Do the toilets in Australia really flush counterclockwise? Serious question ive always found it mind blowing

If you could do anything in the world for one day without any consequences what so ever. What would you do and why??

wellllll, i'd most likely transfer a lot of some banks money to my account, buy a really nice beach house in either australia or america decorate it with giant slides and pools and games and sports rooms, a home gym, rush over to the uk and marry zayn malik or at least get introduced and be bestfriends haha, i'd maybe make a clothing brand, just meet all my favourite famous people and get their numbers, i'd probably make my own tv show with like games and questions and get cool people to come on it, i'd make a really well run animal shelter, put some puppies in my house haha and yeah this question made me think... mainly about money lol :p it could all be done in 24 hours tho dontchu worry

Hahaha well your response was a little more "colorful" than I thought it was going to be. Well played XD

Would you rather fall down every stairs you walked on or slam your hand in every door?
Would you rather do the job you love but be broke and homeless, or sit in a room 7 days a week for nine hours with no stimulation and make 5 million a year. :)

oh gosh haha, well i'd slam my hand in a door cause it's only doing damage to my hand whereas falling down the stairs can do damage everywhere and you didn't say how hard to slam it :p
that one is really hard but i'd probably choose the job i love cause if i was working 7 days a week i couldn't spend the money... unlessss i worked for a year or even half a year and earned millions ;p actually if i knew i was gonna earn 2.5 million in 6 months i'd do that one... lol throwing this back at you what would you do?

It is true, if I could choose to simply slide/bump down the stairs I'd choose that. And yeah, I could do a heck of a lot more with the money even if it was a job I loathed. My brain would go crazy having nothing to do but sit. However I do enjoy money.

Hmm I enjoy the 'would you rather' game. However most of them get pretty grody. I blame the girls for that of course.

I should have pointed out with the job, that you at least live in a house and just get by on welfare, but you are truly happy every day.

So quick run down. Eve if it isn't your favorite, curious on preferences! Cartoons or live action, Rock or Rap, PBJ or BLT, Eddie Bauer or Gap, Mentos or Altoids, Ancient Egypt or Ancient Rome, Mac or PC, and Sunshine or Rain. :)

oh umm, well some cartoons are good like i'd rather watch the simpsons than a car racing thing, actually i'd probably rather watch the simpsons over most things haha, rap usually but depends, BLT minus the bacon hah, idk either of those but briefly looking it up i'd say gap, mentos are good, i'd go with egypt since my relatives are from there, macs are exciting but pc's are easier to use for me so them and definitely sunshine! thank you for thinking of these :)

Do you remember taking your first photograph ?

wow no i have no idea haha it was probably on some adults camera not knowing how to use it properly but good question :p

do you?

Thank you ......i think a lot of us were the same ...some one else's camera and chances are didn't see the end result

Yes i still have the original photo.....it was of a duck when i was about 7 .....both my parents were into photography and let me take the photo.

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Have you ever been to nz?

nopee i haven't, the overseas places i've been to are Vanuatu and Indonesia :)

How come? Its just over the ditch

well i know but because noone in my family's ever taken me there, or been there either, i most likely will one day

Fair enough. Its nice here, not as hot lol

haha well right now it's been too cold so i love when it's hot! i would hate living in a cold place all the time though, i like the sun :p indonesia was a bit too hot

Hahaha its not that cold. Indonesia is amazing

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Why do you block your profile? :(

it's notttt it's cause of mine or your age ep automatically blocks it, how old are you?

hm I set 1.1.1990 as age O: Is that a problem?

so over 18? no problem with me but ep just sometimes doesn't let you see other peoples profiles, idk how to fix it

What is the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?

ummm gosh haha so many i can't really name one outstanding one, if they're way back in the past i don't like to think of them lol but thankfully i haven't done something huge so idk sorry what's yours?

you seem to be very smart girl what was your up bringing like ?

thankyou :) well i\'ve lived with my grandparents since i was about 3 cause i don\'t see my dad and my mum was into drugs and stuff so she wasn\'t suitable so my grandparents took me in :)

ugh i dunno why when i do apostrophes it does a / as well so annoying haha i don\'t type like that

its ok I belive you lol

Can you add me please so I can read your stories?

sure, they\'re all pretty old though

Bra size?
Virgin? When lost?
Pad or tampon? Why?

idk i\'ll say when i\'ve actually been measured, yes i\'m a virgin, and well both but probably prefer tampon cause it\'s hidden and easier.

how bout no....

how about i got 199 comments ;)

sh!t i hadnt noticed.

haha neither had i until now! well a lot of them were my comments but still i thought it was about 30 but hey

so, how ya been...

gooood gooooddd, cold lol how about u?

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Wat is your favorite sport

to do i like dance and hockey and i wish i still did dancing but the teacher kinda quit and i didn't like the other one much, i mighttt take it up again when i move to the city :p

You ever been to a nudist beach??

noooooo and i don't want to.

Tell me a little about how wave particle duality and the Copenhagen interpretation have affected your life. In a positive or negative manner.

hahahah what, all i know is Copenhagen is in Denmark.. i actually knew that! but i'm not sure what those other 2 things are sorry, so i guessed they haven't affected me at all.

Yes and no!!!!


I was being a little facetious: \"wave particle duality\" deals with particles displaying both wave and particle properties depending on circumstances. The Copenhagen Interpretation is a theory which tries to explain the behaviour of quantum mechanics.

The yes/no answer was meant to be a bit of word play based on the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle! e.g., the more precisely the position of some particle is determined, the less precisely its momentum can be known, and vice versa.

Heisenberg\'s tombstone, is, incorrectly, said to include the inscription: \"He lies here, somewhere.\"

yes.. i totally.. understand ;p

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Ah, the land down under. Been there a few times. What's your favorite food and pizza isn't a food group?

like it? and haha i wouldn't have said pizza, there are better things like my favourite food(s) at the moment are probably prawns, chocolate, passionfruit and peaches, banana on toast and avacado on toast (not together). :)

Cool. Strange , but cool.

have you ever sucked your thumb

uh when i was a baby, probably?

I have always wanted to visit Australia. Any recommended attractions to see?

hmm well Sydney of course! like the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge is a definite and places around Sydney are nice, also in summer i've never been but the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland seems really nice, probably Uluru which is the giant rock in the middle of Australia.. if you wanna travel to the desert. I've only been to one other state even though there's only like 7 but yeah um also in Queensland there's all the themeparks and yeah, there's lots of little things everywhere. :)

Are you going to college after school ? What do you want to do ?

university i'm pretty sure, in the next few months i have to choose my subjects for year 11 and 12 and if you choose the right ones, and pass, you can get an ATAR into uni so yeah i haven't fully decided yet, but umm i kinda wanna do law or like become a police officer but i'm not sure cause that'd be kinda risky, but it would be nice to do something that keeps you fit but maybe that's what i just think now, but i also like fashionnnn, and i do like animals too.. so i haven't really got it worked out yet ahahah, i'll probably just do some classes and see what happens :p

good luck to you....i wish i was 15 again.........:)

ep's so annoying, they changed the thing where you hover over your name and it tells you the persons age and gender, now it only says their name.. so i have no clue how old you are lol


haha okay (:

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wat ur favorite color

turquoisey. :) you?


What makes you excited most ?

ermm the fact that you can kinda create your own life and be able to do a lot of things you want.

are you wearing underwear or not


How much do you hate creepy guys? :P

just a little! or a lot haha but oh well it's only words on a computer screen

Wanna chat

not to be rude but i try not to talk to people who love sex with dogs and don't even have profile pictures, it's not that hard.. the second thing i mean.

Ok. Here you go. What is the age of consent in NSW?

i know this cause we learnt it in science and somehow it's something i remembered lol, it's 16. for 16 and 17 year olds but once you're 18 it can only be with people 18+.

Hi I'm Emily I'm 17 and live in australia as well.where abouts r u?

nsw wbu?

I'm in vic

I'm in qld

hi there you girls. emgirl you not chatting no more and hi lelli

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what do u do on weekends

usually nothing interesting. occasionally go to a friends house or just waste it away on the internet lol, wbu?

sleep and play sports

oh and i work but only on Saturday mornings for 3 hours, i need a better job but everything's too far away!

Alright if you insist, How did you first discover this site, And why did you join it?

i can't remember but i searched something in google, i think it was a question and i wanted to answer it so i had to join, and that was back in April 2011.

Sounds like how i found the site. Do you remember the question?

nope, i don't

I am going to a nude beach w my GF. Have you ever been nude in public before?

no way and i don't want to. i don't see the point of going there besides people that just want to perv on others..

u still want any one to ask a question

of course.

Girl you really need to find a hobby.
Life is a lot better when you belong to a group or team. The joy of winning as a team or the sorrow of losing as a team which one belongs to is something special.
I don't think that your life is boring, I do think that you need to find something that excites you, and then embrace it.
Life is not all about sex or boys nor money, some of the best parts of life is finding where you belong.


ya i know i've gotta change something and i will sometime.

how many men have you slept with?

what's wrong with you.

i didn't say that because of the actual question, whatever, i said it because if you actually took the time to read some other replies you would realise the answer is clearly none, and no where near that, so this question is dumb.

If you had the choice of any meal, say...three courses... what would you pick for entree, main and dessert ? And what is your fave drink of all time?

hmmm i don't think i've ever had a three course meal but lets just say it was my last mean on earth, well i'd probably have like seafood banquet thing lol, garlic bread and some fancy chocolate thing for dessert (as long as it's chocolate idc what it is) and my fav drink is probably just freshly squeezed orange juice or like smoothies that taste really nice. thanks, this was a good question. :)

That does sound like a good approach.
Sometimes it's a good idea to have a strategy in place for things that you know will became a problem.
Like for you, maths
So do you play any sports, instruments in other words do you have any hobbies ?

yup, and i don't really play sports, i used to dance and i should've got back into it after my teacher quit but yeah idk why, i just do whatever sports we have to do at school and then at home i try to work out sometimes like i just do videos off youtube etc, i used to do a lot more but lately i've lost motivation. and i don't play many instruments and no hobbies that stand out besides like shopping and the internet which is really bad i know.. i'm trying to work on making my life more interesting lol


What subject is coursing you the most pain at school, and how are you going to address it

*causing lol definitely not english for me ;) haha but ummm uhhh probably maths i guess idk school just started so none of them are too bad yet but if i had to choose one it'd be maths cause that's always hard, and i guess i'll actually try to study and know things well before tests this year, but that goes for every subject.

No I guess it really don't matter at all, not to me anyway

Just trying to make a little conversation with a fellow Aussie, but if it to difficult ill just stop asking you questions.

okay well it's just a weird question, think of something more interesting or thought provoking i guess

Do you have a boyfriend

serious i already answered this question, no! does it even matter?

So tell me what is a sweet young lady like yourself looking for on ep ?

nothing lol i joined it like two years and made a few good friends but i kinda got addicted and now i'm stuck here because if i deleted it, which i really want to do i'd regret it and want it back so yeah

Whats your favorite TV shows?

i like this question more than when people ask movies cause i can never remember them but my fav tv shows are the simpsons, xfactor/idol/anything like that, big bang theory, friends, modern family, the middle, home and away, packed to the rafters, family guy, the biggest loser and those really interesting American reality shows that come on once in a blue moon like hoarders, wife swap, hotter than my daughter etc lol... and i don't even watch tv very much

You have picked some really good shows. Simpsons modern family, family guy, biggest loser, bib bang theory, friends are all really good show.

next time you are this bored message me!!! i can be quite interesting LOL!!!

Who's your favorite League player and what do you think of SBW?

rubgy league? australian? i don't really have a favourite player, i don't exactly watch it very often but the team i go for is the dragons and is that sonny bill williams? all i know is he's good and has a cool accent lol (: who's yours?

Hey there,

Good luck to you and Your Dragons, I'm a Roosters fan as Sonny Bill Williams plays for them and he is such a Multi-Player, its frightening. Not only does he Play league he also plays rugby and boxes. People dislike him which is a shame but if you get the change to watch some of this games this year or any of his sporting activities then he's the man to watch...OK!

Sorry I hijack your bloggy thing good luck to you and you're very very brave answering these people.



Can you add me as a friend

nope you're blocked.

How old are you?
When was the first time you had sex and did you enjoy it, or did you want more

15 and no you obviously haven't read any other answers, of course i haven't had sex.

hey dude are you some pedo , can't you friggan see how old she is .


Have you ever been skinny dipping?

nopppe lol

why you not add me as friend??? LOL

becaaaause you didn't ask me or to or message me or anything lol i have a story about that, i can now though.

ok thanks LOL i wil read your story xxx

What makes you smile ?

erm usual stuff i guess like anything funny, cute, my family and friends, money haha and yeah.

Will u be my friend?

sure lol just add me back(:

What type of dudes are girls interested in?

what sort of questions that? every girl is different and so is every guy. personally i don't agree with the nice guys finish last saying because idk why a girl wouldn't want a guy that treats them right, but i can only answer for myself. most just want a genuine guy who can make them laugh, and feel special and have fun with.

can u add me pls

you're blockedddd.

what kind of panties are you wearing right now?

idk normal ones

have you ever wet on purpose


how are you tonight

kinda afternoon here haha but im okay, pretty bored as you might guess. and you?

late night here cant sleep

oh okay that sucks, at least you have the internet aha

thats true lol

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whats your fav type of music??(:

i kinda like anything i like but hmm i guess pop mostly, rnb and some rap, sommmetimes country and i like a lotta girly, meaningful and dancy stuff lol

ohh nice

If 3 ducks swam 20 miles in under 2 hours...what kind of popcorn would 2 midgets eat after fighting over a sandwich?

ummm salted? aha idk

caramel but only if the 2 midgets ate before 6pm..otherwise its pizza flavored popcorn and they listen to one direction ..while dancing gangdam style

salted is close though .. :p

what! haha, interesting... i dont like flavoured popcorn lol

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I meant like not unlike

Do unlike fat guys?

no not as a preference haha, it doesn't matter extremely though

Well u look gorgeous

aw thankyou :)

What is your biggest acomplishment so far in life?

uhmmm i really don't have many... really.. haha, uhhhh i dunno how to answer this, i guess passing primary school? lol in 3rd grade i was the faster reader in the school, we had this test thingy and yeah thats about it, hopefully i'll have more soon.

Could you inbox me I tried but it wouldn't let me

i can add you?

Thanks :)

Do you **********?


Have you thought about it?

lol well you said do you, not have you, it doesn't really interest me right now idk, i tried it for someone but ehh.

You are very pretty. How tall are you?

haha thank you. i'm short, like 150-155cm which i think is either 5'1 or 5'2 but i haven't been measured in a while.

Awww. That's ok. I've always thought short girls are cuter. ;-)

i don't mind being short most of the time. :)

do you shave?

lol no, trim, not that anyone see's it anyway.. hahhaah.

Trimmed is even hotter than shaved.

hahahaha okay then.

are you enjoying your holidays

yeah i am, really really needed a break off school so that's good, i went shopping yesterday and spent some christmas money which was fun and i'm really happy with what i bought, i'm going to a wedding soon which will be good too and yeah :) are you on holidays as well?

oh thats good news , im on holidays till tuesday then back to work .

ask ask ask me somethinggggg!!!!!!!!

if you could transform into an animal, which one would you choose?

umm.. probably an eagle cause they can fly and they're cool and scary, or a seal cause they can swim in water and go on land as well. wbu?

Uhhmmm maybe an owl.... I just noticed I have so many little statues of owls, they can see at night, they can fly, and to me they are kinda cute, or maybe I would choose an arctic fox, they are definitely cute as well and I like winter woohoo, and you probably know, if it is not cute then it is not me haha

will u add me

first, why? and i can't anyway cause your profile's blocked.

how old were u when u had your first ****, please add me

first what? first d*ck? yeah, never. no interesting stories from me dude.