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if you are reading this, please ask me something!

i'm Australian, 15.. 16 now! and think of something interesting. :)

anything you want cause answering questions is funnnn
Lelli33 Lelli33 16-17, F 103 Responses Sep 25, 2012

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U take any questions? What was the biggest bug u ever stepped on? What were u wearing when u stepped on it?

Can you add me?

I've heard for years that Australians were very open about sex and very explicitly randy. Is there any truth to this? And do you find that tendency, if true, is also true for you as an individual?

uhhh certain groups of people are i guess and others tend to be more old fashioned and are not it all depends. i wouldn't call the majority of people 'very open' about it but i guess from time to time there are jokes and comments made. nah not really for me, i like to keep it classy in public otherwise i'd just feel guilty you know, save that for those you are close with.

How's it going chica? So what experience on here that you've seen on here has made you want to try it or makes you read more experiences about it

Why are Australians so racist towards Indians?

haha i'm not gonna disagree with you cause a lot of us actually are, i don't really knooow i guess its the differences. people often don't like things different to them and so they make fun of them. there are racist jokes about every race or country though but there are heaps of indians in Australia so i guess they can be targets. you say you're Indian but do you live there or here?

I live in Kolkata, India. It really hurts to see such racism, specially being an Indian myself. Jokes are okay but personal targeting really hurts. I hope you are not like the others.

how do you know about Australians racism towards indians? i don't think its usually personal, the whole race doesn't apply to some of the jokes just like how not all Australians believe in them.

do you walk around the house naked?

if only lol but that's way too risky so no

answer my question?

do you walk around the house naked?

have you ever seen a cane toad ?

don't think i have, although i don't pay much attention to toads :p

ask meeee somethinnnnnnnn that makes me think please

Was in Australia for about 2 years. How I wish there is someone to chat too like yourself . I am in Adelaide and you from?

you were or are? i'm from nsw :)

Nice of you to reply , thank you. I am from Singapore and was in Adelaide for about 2 years. Have already see Perth and Melbourne . Mostly likely will visit Sidney and Gold Coast .

no problem, well then you meant 'i was in Adelaide' not 'i am in' i think, yeah i wanna go to the Gold Coast too

You are right at this moment I am in Malaysia . Hope to get my passport renew , can't enter Australia with a passport of less then 6 months left from the date the return ticket is dated. It great to hear you too love to travel to Gold Coast. May be we could be travel companient at a later date!

Hi dear Lelli nice talking to you. Care to exchange mobile number?

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Do your socks fall down inside your shoes when you walk? Hahaha

you asked me this yesterday in another story and i replied.

I really would like to know. What would be considered the Australia version of Hollywood? I have always wondered about that.

i don't think there's another place as good as Hollywood but i guess the centre of Sydney would be closest as it has all the shops and the most popular icons and everything going on.. there are other cities but i guess that's the most well known one. :)

Whats your favorite color

turquoisey/blue i guess, just to look at but it changes for different things.

That's cool my favorite color Is Red

Describe yourself

welllll i'm 16, i'm pretty short like 5'1 or 2 or something, i have dark wavy hair, i have Italian and Egyptian in me so i'm olive skinned, i'm friendly, i'm pretty positive most of the time, i don't like when people are over dramatic and inconsiderate so i'd say i'm pretty considerate of most peoples feelings i've noticed, i find it hard to physically be rude to someone who is right there unlike some people, i'm great at spelling, i'm pretty bad at maths unless i really concentrate, i don't dislike myself, i can be really caring, i love shopping, i might be a bit quiet around people i don't know well but once i know they accept me i'm not, i don't like not knowing things about people/what's going on which i haven't decided if it's good or bad yet lol, i spend too much time on the internet but i think my life will be more exciting once i move out of my grandparents after christmas, and that pretty much sums up me haha hope my lil facts were goood (:

Awesome answer finally someone actually answered with a real sense of what I was asking

haha thanks, i thought i may as well give a bit of detail. :)

hi !
you only have one pair of shoes ? :-)

why would you think that? no definitely not

didn't you in one of your stories miss the bus because you couldn't find your shoes ?

........... i think that was a status lol, and yeah i only have one pair of shoes that i would wear to school, also it's like the end of the year so i just used that as an excuse

thank you . i wasn't trying to upset you . thanks for your answer . :-) good excuse ! :-)

no i just thought it was a bit random, but now i understand. :)

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I think living in Australia would be neat... How far do you live from the outback or bush.. I live in Indiana

well most of the outback and desert is in the middle of aus, and i live on the east coast, and there's bush everywhere aha i live in a beachy kinda rural place so when you're driving out theres forests all along until you get to farms

I live in a small valley by the river lots of trees and farm ground

after christmas i'm moving to a place with beach in 5 minutes and city in 15 minutes, best of both worlds :))

which band do you like the most

would have to be the gorgeous One Direction, followed by Little Mix :)

what are u wearing today :P???

black shorts and a maroon hurley singlet top

Ohh good would love to talk to u

Where in Australia are you from


nothing is interesting unless motor bikes are doing jumps and fireworks and lions and tigers but hay ill ask you anywhays whats yourfavorite thing to drink?

aha questions like have/would you ever or what would you do if; or describe something about your life, stuff like that is interesting! and to answer your question um probably a really good smoothie or something? i'm kinda in a no junk food style right now and i haven't tried much alcohol

would you take a mission to space to find new planets or would you rathercolonizeone floating inour solar system? i dont have muchof a sweet toothi just drink some tea some timesad irarely ever drink alchohol so 2 beers is enough to get me felin good im super lightweight

that's probably a good thing and both sound pretty hard work haha floating would be cool but not being able to be on land ever wouldn't soo i guess the first one

0.0 if i was pregnant would u help me during birth :3 cz idk where itll come out from

uhh are you okay there

Describe ur sexiest panties

they're cream coloured and really thin and they're see-through cause theyre made entirely of lace... and you wanna know the best part? my nan bought them for me i was like what?! ahaha

they sound wearing them right now?


So what ru wearing now? And will you please add me to your circle? Thank you

lol i tried to make it sound good and then ruin it but it didn't quite work and a jumper and shorts

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If you could live anywhere but Australia where would you go?

well i'd want somewhere that speaks english, england would be too cold for me so i'd probably choose America and live in California or some really nice place and maybe even meet famous people sometimes :)

Would you ever do anal?

i don't have a clue to be honest

Do you own a *****

if that's the thing starting with 'D' then no!

what do you like to do when you have free time ?

use the internet, tumblr, instagram, go shopping, hang with friends, go to the beach, cook something healthy, sing and dance, that's about it

all at the same time wow your like 18 and you can do that
I was still in dippers then lol

16* lol it says right there in the story and oh..

Opinion on anal? And fav kind of panties?

idk it's probably gross? and i don't really have a fav anything that matches i suppose.

Do you see a lot of spiders in Australia and what do you do when you see one?

you see a lot of daddy-long legs especially in the bathroom, occasionally see huntsmen but i kinda just go away from them and leave them be haha, sometimes usually outside though you'll see dangerous ones like white-tips, redbacks and funnel-webs but that's pretty rare i'd just tell someone else or leave them

I am in Australia as well, my question is, what do you like to do while you are on school holidays, and do you do it with boys or girls you might even do it by yourself, please add me

lol i totally wonder what you're getting at, but well in my school holidays because i live with my grandparents atm i go to my uncles house, do lots of shopping, got my license, visit my mum, do more shopping, go to the beach a lot and yeah that's about it and sorry i can't your profiles blocked.

I do not understand why my profile is blocked, it might be because of your age

yeeah it would be