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Ask me anything you want to know regardless what it is. I will answer.
missamberlawrence missamberlawrence
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2 Responses Sep 26, 2012

What is one fantasy you have that you would really like to fulfill?

Well that is much more than I want to reveal in public.

Fair Enough - must be a biggie..lol

Have you ever been caught having sex?

Um......no, not really caught. Usually I am very opened about when I am having sex.

thank you for you answer.......would it be bad if you did get caught?

In what way? I think depending on who it was catching me, it would be a little exciting.

lets say if it was someone walking in on you

That is what I meant. If it was one of my children, I would be mortified. Although I am careful when the kids are around. But if it was an adult, I would continue as I think it would be a turn on.

i can understand the mortified if it was the kids thing .....not something you want to happen ......do they see you naked?

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