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I hope you don't mind me asking since I have one and I like to hear what others have experienced. Did you ever get any sexual transmittable diseases?

What would happen if I was a tiny shrunken guy in your bowl of cereal? :)

What is your favorite food?

You used to take alot of pictures nude or topless, will you do that again?

Probably not. But we'll see

what happened? Just got bored or tired of harassment? You truly are beautiful. Women like you are super rare.

When was the last time someone other than a family member, doctor, or partner saw you naked?

Yesterday lol

Have you ever sucked a guys **** while it was between your ****? Did he *** from it? Where Did He Get To ***?

is she cuddling the bear tight?

do you have more sex or more ************?

More sex

100/0? 51/49? What would you estimate?


For me it's 10/90 with more ************.

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Do you think that you can climax just from having your breasts stimulated? If you think you can or have done that before, what was it that took you over the top?

Do you ********** more or have sex more?

So you'll just add anyone who adds you I'm guessing, right?

What was the most tender moment you've ever had with one of your lovers?

Hey happy new year to you! Did you get my last message?

Will you post another thong pic? The boob to butt ratio is staggering in favor of boobs, and they're both so very lovely ;-)

What is your favorite movie?

Lion King duh lol

Lol. Good choice, mine are Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing.

of which superhero you wouldn't buy and wear a shirt?


you showed superman and batman. there are plenty of heroes left. of which one you would never buy a shirt because you dislike him?

Have you had anal sex? Have you ever thought of professional modeling?

yes, but im not really a fan of it. and yes again, but its not really something i wanna do

i just didnt find real pleasure in it

I don't think it was the technique. Not sure how to describe it, but I just couldn't get off from it

So are you always wet?


Would you take a picture of your breasts engorged with milk?

i already have before

no I mean with milk leaking out


What color is your underwear?

at this very moment? black

Cute :) what kind?


Sexy :)

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Would you do videos?


Fair enough :-)

Thank you for all that you do.

What is your favorite position(s) in sex? Apologies if this has been asked before.

definitely doggy

Oh my, that is a pleasant mental image ;-)

Have you ever had your **** sucked on and milk came out?

well seeing as how im still breastfeeding, the answer is yes lol

How much milk do you make a day? What's the longest you have gone without pumping them?

about 40oz per boob each day

longest ive gone is one day

40oz? Wow that's a lot! Have you ever considered going ANR and finding someone to feed on a regular basis?

i used to do that with my roommate

Really? How did that work out? Was it direct feeding or maybe they drank after you pumped?

it was both. sometimes direct, sometimes after it was pumped. but it wasnt all the times since i was breastfeeding my daughter

So you are now an O correct? So how fast do they grow?

thats correct.

what do you mean by how fast do they grow?

Well I mean. By asking how often to your size goes up?

well they dont conistantely get bigger. you cant really predict when your boobs change size cause so many factors effect their size. there was a time my boobs didnt grow for multiple years. and there were times when they grew multiple sizes in one year

Well I'm sure you are happy with them. Let's switch topics. Are you ready for Christmas tomorrow?

of course i am! lol. are you?

Ehh I start vacation! I'm hapoy because I no longer have to work until after New Years. Being a manager at my job is no easy task


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How do you feel about the reemergence of Russia as a potential foe and what is appearing to be the return of the cold war?

I really don't think about it that much. There's nothing I can do to prevent anything that may or may not happen. So there's no point in me worrying about it

Very true, I just find it disheartening that nothing has really changed. ..

What would your reaction be if a guy friend tells you that he's been fantasizing about you and asks permission if he can jerk off on you? :D

Depends upon how long I've known this friend. I've done this with my closest friends before

Those lucky bastards. Lol.

How many cups sizes do you grow when your breasts get engorged with milk?

Maybe one

Have you ever squirted during sex before?

I have

Really? Is it an often thing that happens? Is it a lot of fluid?

no it doesnt happen often, and its a decent amount i guess. i dont know what you would define as a lot lol

Well meaning a lot as if you can do a few cups or what not lol.

did you mean squirting milk, or the other kind of squirting? lol

cause if you meant the other kind, its definitely not that much lol

Haha I meant the other squirting. Well I'm sure it's a pleasurable feeling when it happens. I must ask. Could I message you? Or you have too many to respond to?

you can always message me. you dont have to ask lol

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What subjects do you like to teach the most?

What's the most unusual thing you've used to **********?

Would you ever consider having sex with a MTF transsexual?

Do your hands ever wander when you're sitting at your desk? While driving?

Thanks, Beautiful, for the chance to ask these things!

I enjoy teaching English

I've never thought about that before. I really don't know

They wander often. Not while I'm at work though, there are kids around lol. But it does happen while I'm driving. Sometimes it's some boob grabbing, sometimes a few fingers find their way into my panties lol

i forgot to answer a question lol
the strangest thing ive used to ********** was a toy lightsaber lol

Do you enjoying being sucked on when your lactating?


Are your nipple very sensitive?

Not very... but sensitive enough

What's the general reaction to people seeing the size of your bust? What's the phrase you hear most?

"Holy ****!" Is normally the reaction and phase I hear lol

Would you ever do a ********?

I've thought about it and I'm considering having one

How many guys?

That's what I'm not exactly sure of yet. At least 3

Wow! Are you thinking of something like an **** with several couples or you taking on several guys? I usually don't think too often of being part of the latter, but the thought of having a chance with you would make me want to be a part of it. In fact, a certain part of me is telling me that I really would want to participate.

Lol yeah several guys. An **** is multiple couples, a ******** is gonna be me and multiple guys. Lol I'm glad I would be your motivation to join in :)

Tbh ********* aren't very appealing, but with you that's enough motivation for damn near anything.

If you do please invite me lol

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Do you get other women jealous, of your big boobs?

Unfortunately yeah. My cousins are always telling me how jealous they are when they see me. And my friends trend to get jealous too.

Thank you for your answer :)

Are you gonna post any new stories?

Yes I plan on it. Been busy with kids coming back to school... so there might be a lot of stories posted at once as soon as I get the chance lol

Hahaha... I wish you would grant the chance for the mature convo... With me. I have an interest in just general convo

What do you mean?

Meaning.... I would just like to chat with you. Get to know something about you. I don't want to make it all about you physical traits...

That's fine. I never said it had to be lol. All you have to do is send me a message lol

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Have you been ***** f***ed before?

Of course

Was penis ever long enough to show the head at the top?

Few guys have been long enough to do that lol

Have you every feel sorry for woman that have small or no Boobs

No, not really. Sometimes I do envy then.

Hi Liyah Have you managed to try and measured around one boob close to your chest yet

Hi, how are you today?

I'm good! How are you?

I'm well... Here at work doing a site assessment. A long, boring day :/

Is your cousins GF big busted as well then

Oh no. That was supposed to say bigger than her own head... she was barely even a B cup lol

I have a question.... I know why someone like myself has such an interest in a big bust, but why are u? Your profile is filled with topics on your bust - not that I'm complaining haha I'm just curious as to what you get out of posting stuff about them online... Xx

Im proud of them, i like to show them off, they are great conversation starters, i honestly think that the maternal function of them is amazing... Im sure there are more reasons but thats all i can think of at the moment lol

Ha! I agree. I'm curious as to how they are good conversation starters in the physical world... Example? And if you have a partner, how do they feel about you showing them off? It's pretty hot and strangely powerful haha.

Still curious hahaha! ;)

Lol you only asked why I was posting about my boobs on my profile. In real life, they really aren't conversation starters. And no, I don't have a partner right now.

Ooooohhhhh you want conversation starters huh? So if I was to get creative, would the intended reader reply accordingly if it inspired? ;)

They might lol

Hmmmm okay... Well I have a few questions first.. The answers to these questions will give me the ammo for a "conversation starter".. Haha
1. Have you ever been in a relationship where your man enjoys you exhibiting your hot physique?
2. What's the hottest experience you've had that you can't stop replaying over in your head?
3. Do you come on EP to vent sexual topics or other?
4. Ask ME anything!
Btw I'd be worried about the guy who asks questions like these when meeting you physically haha.

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Have you ever measured around one boob close to your chest before

Hi, liyah do you ever feel annoyed when ever your BF or friends groped you too much?
do you ever got flashed without your consent? like suddenly your friend lifting your shirt?

It depends upon where this is happening. Sometimes it's at an inappropriate time so I'll tell them to stop. But otherwise I don't really get annoyed. I've only been flashed without consent once. It was at a concert and some random girl in front of me turns around and says "oh my gosh, your **** are huge!" Because the music was loud, I didn't hear her so I asked what she said. So she pulls my tank top down, squeezes my boobs, and shouts "your **** are ******* huge!"

wonderful... so its okay to do that inappropriate manner :P
how long you think its still not in "too much" category?

what did you do then?

Pulled my shirt up, said "I know", and walked away from her

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Have you ever let someone else milk you and was it a hot experience?

I have seen boobs knock things off the self it was funny.
In a good Bra how far would your Boobs stick out from your Body

about 13 inches

I know you garner plenty of attention on here, but what are the odds that I could possibly have a meaningful conversation with you?

i dont see why your odds wouldnt be good...

I can tell... I figured I would at least ask

Hi Aaliyah what is the Funniest Experiences or incidents you have happen because of the size of you lovely Boobs

Oh there are way too many! But I was just talking to someone about this earlier today... When I'm at the grocery store and I'm reaching for something on the to shelf, I forget how far out from my body my boobs stick out and I knock over everything on the shelves in front of me.

So being so blessed in the chest area.... What is the most frustrating thing you have to deal with?

Finding bras in my size and clothes that fit properly.

I can see that. For someone who with such size I must say they look very perky in your pics and not saggy like most females.

well they really arent that perky. the do hang down a bit. its just cause they are so full that it looks like they are perky

What are some of your nicknames, good and bad?

Real name is Aaliyah so I mostly get called Liyah, or Li. Mostly just family or really close friends call me Li. In school I had the stereotypical nickname "big **** mcgee" I absolutely hated that one. I get called Busty Liyah from my friends roller derby team. I go to a lot of their events and other gatherings they have. They see me so often that they decided to give me a nickname even though I'm not on the team lol.

do you have any pet names

not that i know of

Have you ever weighed your breasts and tried to isolate them so you're just getting their weight?

multiple times...

So how much does one of them puppies weigh? Hugely curious.

I sit a scale on a table or a counter that's high enough that I can stand or sit and place on of my boobs on it

And the weight is... ?

The left one is 27, the other 28

Pounds?! I'm sorry, that is just amazing to me. I wish I could encounter and experience breasts that would be so... substantial. I know sometimes you're self conscious, but I am impressed and ... awestruck.

Lol yes in pounds.

I am still wowed, that means you're carry around over 50 lbs of boobs. I see you pump, do you have anyone suckle them often to help you manage them?

Yeah, that's how much they weigh without milk in them. Right now I have a couple helpers. My daughter and my friend's daughter.

do you do tandem or never did?

I tried, but it didn't work out too well

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I apologize I someone asked this already but, how do you go about dating?

We'll cause I'm not really looking for a relationship, I'm not actively dating. But when I am, if someone asks me out, I normally give them at last one chance. But if they spend most of their time talking to my boobs, then they don't get a second chance. Yes, I know I draw a lot of attention to that area, but I would want a guy who had enough self control to not stare and want to know the girl behind the boobs lol

Oooh "least", at first I thought you were making a joke lol. I understand.

I know it says "anything" but does that mean personal questions are on the table (not meaning just sexual)?

It honestly depends upon how personal. I've had to draw the line with a few people

What did they ask? Like crazy "no one should ever give out answers to over the internet" questions?

No he asked something and I responded but said I don't wanna get too into it. But then he kept pressing the issue and was being very pushy about it. I won't tell you what the issue was, but if you happen to ask it I'll let you know and hopefully you'll understand when I do say that I'd rather not talk about it

I can kind of guess. Or I might have not a clue, everyone is different... and the same.

Why is your daughter's dad no longer in the picture, so to speak?

I wish I knew, he just disappeared right before she was born.

You two haven't spoken since?

Has your daughter asked about him?

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Its nice to see a girl with big boobs do jumping jacks... But from your point of view, Does it hurt to do it?

oh yeah, it hurts quite a bit!

hey, i talked to you before about what you do to lessen back pain from having large breast. but i wanted to know what is your routine when you go to the gym, and where do you get your sports bras from... if you wear sports bras that is.

lol well as far as sports bras go, i still have issues finding one that fits right. because i dont do a lot of cardio, i just end up wearing a regular bra and a workout top, cause im not worried about my boobs going all over the place lol. but if i do plan on going for a light jog, or even just a walk, i wear my my regular bra under one or sometimes two larger sized sports bras from Target.

as far as what exercises i do to lessen the back pain, ive been doing these and its seemed to work so far lol...

the last one is my favorite, and i feel like i get a better result from it!

Have you ever *** ****** someone and did you enjoy it?

of course... multiple times!

Mmmmmmmmmm!! Lovely!! Good girl!

When you ****** does milk come out?

no... i have to actually start milking them myself. and then when i ******, they will start dripping more and more. but that really only happens when they are full

Oh so you have to be engorged with milk for them to actually start leaking when you ******.


That's interesting, I assume being engorged with milk during the day must not be the most comfortable feeling for a woman.

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What's better? Using a milk pump machine or manually milking your boobs yourself?

depends upon what you mean by better... whats more efficient at getting milk out? the machine. what feels better? pumping by hand.

Which one do you prefer?

yet again it depends on the situation. sometimes i want instant relief so i use the pump to get the milk out faster. but if im not in a rush, and dont mind not getting all the milk out, i will do it by hand. i like both methods equally

Using your hands feel better than pump though right?

lol i told you, it depends upon the situation

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Beside your daughter, did you breastfeed anybody else? :D

my nephew, and my friends daughter

It must be hard for you to 'adjust' with small baby..? hehe

Why would it be hard to adjust?

I mean big boob vs tiny head... hehe... i don't know... my mistake

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Have you ever considered filling up one of those gallon milk jugs with your boobs? Might be a good way to save money from going to the grocery store.

lol been doing that for a while

Do you manage to fill them within a day?

no, not in a day

Can post more stories about your breasts lactating? I find them fascinating

Lol I'll see what I can do. If I don't within a week, feel free to remind me. Does it have to be a story, or can it be a blog post?

It can be either one doesn't matter.

Is there anything your beasts stop you from doing? I'm assuming you don't go jogging etc. but I guess that's because it would be too painful. I'm thinking everyday stuff you can't do simply because they are in the way. Things like difficulty tying shoelaces, looking down at stairs, playing golf(?) etc. and anything else too?

Could you also add me to your friends list please? Thanks a lot.

theres actually a lot that i cant do, or if i can do it, its just much more difficult. i definitely cant run, not really cause its painful, but because i cant find a sports bra in my size, and they are just much too heavy! i can look down at the stairs, i just cant see the one that im on and the one right below that one lol. so most of the time i will end up holding my boobs so i can look down, and to keep them from bouncing all over the place. for some reason, going down the stairs makes my boobs bounce way more than any other activity, and because of their weight, it does hurt a little bit. exercise in general is difficult. push ups for example are pointless cause when im going down, my boobs hit the floor way before my body is halfway down. and its difficult doing anything that involves putting my arms in front of me, like carrying boxes (cant get a good grip on them cause my boobs take up a lot of space), driving, or even typing... so yes, even typing this response was a pain. i have a lot of typos cause its hard to move my arm around my boobs to hit the right key lol

Thank you for your very swift and comprehensive response! Are there any sports/games or activities you are unable to participate in for the same reason?

Sorry to cause such a problem for you in typing your responses! I hope you can forgive me :)

lol its ok. its not your fault my boobs get in the way. but i actually cant do most sports. you can definitely rule out golf, tennis and baseball cause of the swinging motion. i can do basketball, football and soccer, but i have to wear at least 2 sports bras to at least contain my boobs a little bit lol. football is frustrating though cause when im catching, if the ball hits my in the chest, it will just bounce off lol and ppl will accidentally hit my boobs when they are trying to swipe the ball to stop me from catching it. so even if i can play a sport, its still a pain in the *** lol

Wow, it sounds as though you were quite sporty once upon a time. Do you miss playing them? I'd hate not being able to play sports.

Do you get any trouble writing at a desk or using cutlery at a table? So you get any issues with seat belts?

Also what sleeping positions can you adopt? I'd guess on your back would almost cause you to suffocate and on your side would cause your to make your arm go numb! I imagine on your front isn't an option either unless you can use them as pillows! Do you wear a bra in bed?

I'm sorry - that's a lot of questions and I hope you don't mind me bothering you too much :)

i miss being able to play them without having to worry about my boobs the whole time. i still play football, but not often. i cant tell you how many time my boobs have been groped because we play 2 hand touch lol. theres another girl that we play with who is a 38DD and on more than one occasion she's 2 hand touched my by my boobs and everytime she says "im sorry, but i dont know how you can play football with these! mine are heavy enough, i dont wanna imagine yours!"
anyways, for the next question... yes. like i said before. anything that involves me putting my arms out in front of me. so yes writing and cutting are difficult. the only real issue with seatbelt is that they are uncomfortable.
as far as sleeping goes. i mostly sleep on my side. yes, sleeping on my back is bad cause the weight from my boobs sits right on my lungs making it hard to breath. and on my stomach is a no cause then my body weight sits on my boobs, squishing them and hurting them. and cause of their size, it would cause back problems. i always wear a bra to bed, cause otherwise they are outta control lol

Ok I see, so you do have sports bras that fit you? I thought you couldn't get them!

I read somewhere that you said your boobs weigh around 20lbs each. That doesn't really mean a lot to me, so I worked it out to be about 9kg each (I work better in kilograms). So while at work today, I felt the weight of two 10kg bags of sugar I was delivering and my initial reaction was "MY GOD, THOSE ARE ******* HEAVY"! My next thought was "How does she carry those breasts around all the time", to which I quickly answered myself with "She doesn't really have much of a choice".

Then I thought, "It must be such a relief to rest them on something" which brought about another question I have for you. Do you often rest them on a table or something to get some relief from the weight? Do you rest them on your lap (if they reach)? Do you ever use your arms to lift them up (which I presume would take the pressure of your shoulders, but obviously wouldn't transfer the weight off your back) and can you fold your arms underneath them to gain any support that way? Is there any other way you have found to get some relief from the weight? I hope the above aren't necessary but I fear something probably is.

Also I realised that I have pretty much been conducting an interrogation of you these last few days, so I wondered if there was anything you'd like to ask this strange character? :)

Lol how'd it feel?

Lol a lot of people say that. It doesn't sound very heavy at first, but then you actually feel it and it's a completely different story lol. Especially since I do carry then around all day, all week, all year, all my life lol. You are kind of right. I don't really have much of a choice, but at the same time, I do. I could get a reduction, but that's not something I wanna do. So my choice is to haul these heavy boobs around lol. And yes, it is such a relief to be able to rest them on something. When I get that opportunity, the stress on my back and shoulders is completely gone! If I'm sitting at a table and it's at the right height, I will rest my boobs on it. They do reach my lap, but not enough to take the weight off. So if I'm sitting down at home, I'll put a pillow on my lap and then my boobs have something to rest on! I can cross my arms under them, but after a while my arms will go to sleep from the weight on them lol. I guess I do have some questions for you (trust me though, I didn't mind the interrogation lol it's fun to me lol). Starting off with your name would be nice lol and you seem to be real interested in breasts of the large variety... is this true? And why? We can continue this messaging in our in boxes, so just send me a message instead of replying here.

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What are your thoughts about ******* in your breast :D (Hope it's not an offensive question) thanks.

i love it! i love being on my knees holding my breasts up like a shelf, or a rack ;) , and having him *** on both of them and i rub it all in!

OMG! My eyes just widened. I'm at my cubicle in the office and having a huge ***** right now. I can't hardly stand. Thank you so much. you just blew the boredom away from work. Mind if I think of this while I go to finish up business in the men's room? Would that be okay to *** on your breast? :D

Mmmmm!! That's so hot that you love it! I'd love sooo much to do that a lot to those two huge beauties! They're so massive they'd need a lot to rub in!

can u add me please dear :)

Well, I've asked you about your professional life, so now how about your personal life. Can men, with whom you may wish to pursue romantic involvement, see you as a whole person, or are they just fixated on the obvious?

well if they are just fixated on the obvious, then i probably wont be pursuing a romantic relationship with them

I just read your newest blog entry and I want you to know that you can put your breasts on my lap any time you want!

What is the most romantic thing somebody has done for you?

im not really into the big romantic stuff, so im pleased by just the simple things. i was very sick one day and my friend (we werent dating yet) took care of me. he had class for most of the day. but after each of his classes, he would come all the way across campus to check up on me and make sure i was staying hydrated. that night i was feeling much better so he wanted to take me out to dinner. he ended up driving to his apartment where he surprised me with a candle lit dinner. what was the dinner? Lunchables and a pudding cup :D all of my friends who i grow up with know that my favorite meal (obviously not a real meal) is Lunchables and a pudding cup. i might have only told this guy once, but that was years before this happened! so the small things can be the most romantic things in my eyes

I think the fact he remembered set him apart, its always fantastic when people remember the small things. I like what he did, good proof that romance is about making somebody feel special and the best way to do that often isn't through what we could call "corporate romance". Good on him :)

thats what i really liked about him. he wasnt afraid to just keep things simple. ive been on plenty of dates where the guy will try to impress me with expensive dinners and roses. as nice as that is, i'd rather to to a burger place, and maybe for a walk and on the walk he picked me a dandelion, as long as we had fun, thats more romantic to me. im not impressed with how much money someone has.

Being down to Earth and not seeing money as the be-all and end-all of life is an attractive quality in anyone. You can't put a price on a good honest heart.

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When a guy is ready to *** do you always say, "*** inside me."? Or does it depend on the guy?

depends on the guy

How far do your breasts hang down? Have you ever weighed them?

not quite down to my belly button, but very close. i have weighed them, they are about 20lbs each, and then get heavier as milk fills them.

Can I please see pics of them? From what you have just described they are my dream made real.

Do you have trouble interacting with other women either in your personal or professional life? Let's face it, women can be competitive with each other and you must attract a great deal of attention from men. Any thoughts or experiences that you'd like to share on this issue?

at my job i dont have too much of an issue except for the principle who seems to not like me very much. ive given her no reason not to like me. when i dress for work, i dont show any cleavage. but even then, my breasts are so big that its still obvious whats going on under my shirt. so when i was looking for a job, i was interviewed by a lot of women. some paid my breasts no mind. while others, as soon as i walked through the door, saw my breasts, and had a disgusted look on their face. a face that seemed to say "why would she be in this profession and go get fake bobs?" she even brought it up towards the end of the interview when she talked about the dress code. she wanted to know why i decided to get implants. i laughed a little bit and said to her that i dont have implants, that im 100% natural, and if that was the reason she gave me dirty looks, then i refuse to work with her. these are the kind of things i deal with in the "professional" world

Apparently, there are no "Appearance Discrimination" laws. There have been some well publicized cases of women being "too pretty" to work in some environments, including large breasted women showing "too much" cleavage and thereby being a "distraction." Some of these women have pursued legal action for themselves. But in your case, since the interviewer brought it up, if your employer ever gives you a difficult time, you can always say you are being discriminated against, with the proof being your interview. I can see the made for TV movie now, Revenge of the Big Boobed Employee."

How long have you been lactating and have you tasted your milk? Would appreciate an add

5 yrs ago... and yes i have tasted it

Do you like performing oral sex on a man? If you do, do you do it because you actually like it or just because you want the guy to reciprocate?

both lol

You're a good sport. I'm glad to see there are still some people that don't get "offended" by the slightest things. Of course, by answering you are opening the door to more such questions! :)

What is your favorite thing or things to wear to feel sexy?

i feel sexy in pretty much anything... but i feel sexiest when its just panties and a bra. simple and sexy

In my personal experience, I've noticed that large breasted women, with natural breasts and not implants, are "nicer" than small breasted woman. Granted, their are far fewer woman like yourself than small and average sized women, but I was wondering if you have any insight into this. By "nicer" I mean generally more approachable, less apt to project "attitude", and more considerate of other people's feelings. Any thoughts would be appreciate, and I'm sure you are an expert!!

well i know that isnt always the case. but i can see how that could be true. cause large breasts are associated with maturity, nurturing and maternal.

well im not saying that its not true. but i have met some other busty women who really arent that nice

Hi, Can you add me as a friend?

Thanks for adding me to your circle.

Describe yourself

Are you able to suck or lick your own nipples? o.O

yes i am

i dont know... whenever i want

what is your favorite sex position and how would you do that with me

How often do you crave sex? Everyday? One or twice a week? Would you say you have a high sex drive?

i dont crave it very often... maybe once a week

Can I please do a tribute to your breast???? send pics to my gmail so I can send u the video

whats your gmail?

I want to do a tribute to your big **** so can you please send me some pics of your big **** squeezed together and ill send you a video of me ******* to it, thank u baby, my email is

If you had a son and later in life when he was older. If he started developing feelings for you sexually would you allow it to happen

of course not!

1.What's your preference for music genre if you have one?

2.Favorite season?

3. Where would you travel if you had the option, no worries about expense?

My preference is r&b

I love spring and fall equally cause of the weather and the colors of the trees and flowers.

Can I say I would travel around the world? Cause there are so many places I want to visit.

You would love how many men at the same time ?

Have you ever met a guy who self sucks. Would it be a turn on

self sucks?

what would you do if a 16-17 years old boy falls in love for you?

let him know thats its not appropriate and hes much too young for me

Do you think I'm gay I love women's bodies and find them sexy but found out I enjoy sex with men

do you love sex with women? if yes, then you are bi. if no, you are gay

What do Victoria's Secret employes tell you when you walk inside the store?

"welcome to victorias secret! is there anything in particular you are looking for?"

I know you reply to so many Q.... maybe I asked the wrong one..... about your lactating

no... im just going through old ones that i missed. im not answering in any particular order, just be patient

Yess I'll be so...:)

What's the average price for a bra that will fit you ?

anywhere from $45-70

when did you start lactating? (MM/YYYY)

may of 2008

are you bsx? prefer male or female?

no im not bi. i prefer males