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Bring It On!

im ready for whatever question y'all may have... nows your chance ;)

btw, if your question is "can you add me?" or something along those lines, dont bother asking here... just send me a request,
liyah21 liyah21 26-30, F 291 Responses Oct 21, 2012

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What would you do if I was a tiny shrunken guy in your cereal? :)

So you'll just add anyone who adds you I'm guessing, right?

Has anyone ever got distracted at by your natural beauty while driving and ended up getting into a accident?

What was the most tender moment you've ever had with one of your lovers?

Hey happy new year to you! Did you get my last message?

Will you post another thong pic? The boob to butt ratio is staggering in favor of boobs, and they're both so very lovely ;-)

Where is your favorite place to kissed ;)

On the lips

well said... :)

What is your favorite movie?

Lion King duh lol

Lol. Good choice, mine are Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing.

of which superhero you wouldn't buy and wear a shirt?


you showed superman and batman. there are plenty of heroes left. of which one you would never buy a shirt because you dislike him?

Have you had anal sex? Have you ever thought of professional modeling?

yes, but im not really a fan of it. and yes again, but its not really something i wanna do

i just didnt find real pleasure in it

I don't think it was the technique. Not sure how to describe it, but I just couldn't get off from it

Have you licked *** off of another woman's breast? Or *****?

breasts, yes. *****, no

So you have had group sex? Was it FMF or some other combination?

Last one, can your have an ****** from breast stimulation.

yes i can

Have you ever had your breast sucked in public?

when i breastfed my daughter

Do you ever go braless in public?

no. i rarely go braless in my own home

So are you always wet?


Would you take a picture of your breasts engorged with milk?

i already have before

no I mean with milk leaking out


What color is your underwear?

at this very moment? black

Cute :) what kind?


Sexy :)

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Would you do videos?


Fair enough :-)

Thank you for all that you do.

What is your favorite position(s) in sex? Apologies if this has been asked before.

definitely doggy

Oh my, that is a pleasant mental image ;-)

I must know would you be willing to have a guy you like cover you allover your breasts and many other places with whipped cream syrup and other desert condiments and lick it off of you in the most sensual of ways.

been there, done that lol

And it would be the best $30 ever spent on whipped cream

Have you ever had your **** sucked on and milk came out?

well seeing as how im still breastfeeding, the answer is yes lol

How much milk do you make a day? What's the longest you have gone without pumping them?

about 40oz per boob each day

longest ive gone is one day

40oz? Wow that's a lot! Have you ever considered going ANR and finding someone to feed on a regular basis?

i used to do that with my roommate

Really? How did that work out? Was it direct feeding or maybe they drank after you pumped?

it was both. sometimes direct, sometimes after it was pumped. but it wasnt all the times since i was breastfeeding my daughter

So you are now an O correct? So how fast do they grow?

thats correct.

what do you mean by how fast do they grow?

Well I mean. By asking how often to your size goes up?

well they dont conistantely get bigger. you cant really predict when your boobs change size cause so many factors effect their size. there was a time my boobs didnt grow for multiple years. and there were times when they grew multiple sizes in one year

Well I'm sure you are happy with them. Let's switch topics. Are you ready for Christmas tomorrow?

of course i am! lol. are you?

Ehh I start vacation! I'm hapoy because I no longer have to work until after New Years. Being a manager at my job is no easy task


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You may have answerd this earlier so please forgive me If im asking the same quesion for the 1000th time. but between pumping and having someone suckle your sweet lovely breasts. How much money do you think can be saved on buying milk from the store just from having an awesome lady like you around? :)

well ive never sat down and calculated how much money can be saved. and actually no one has asked me that before.

Sweet I asked something Noone else did. Lol. Not only are you sweet sexy and beautiful but having you as long has economic advantages. Like saving money on dairy. ;)

well hopefully thats not all someone wants me for lol

I can't speak for everyone. But me As a man that took very good care of a beautiful lady for many years until she passed away from illness can say from experience that having someone as lovely as you would be a great blessing. A man should make it a point to keep you happy and smiling every day and any and all perks and benefits tangible and intangible be viewed as divine favor from an angel trapped in a beautiful woman like you

wow.... i really dont know what to say to that! thank you so much :)

Merry Christmas angel yeah you have the perfect body in my eyes but your heart is much more precious than your cup size. Having said that I will be honest. Superman's kryptonite is a shiny green rock. 3 guesses to what my kryptonite is. ;)

i dont think i need 3 guesses lol

i dont think i need 3 guesses lol

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How do you feel about the reemergence of Russia as a potential foe and what is appearing to be the return of the cold war?

I really don't think about it that much. There's nothing I can do to prevent anything that may or may not happen. So there's no point in me worrying about it

Very true, I just find it disheartening that nothing has really changed. ..

Ever you ever thought about smothering someone with your breasts in order to shut them up?

Lol not for that purpose


What would your reaction be if a guy friend tells you that he's been fantasizing about you and asks permission if he can jerk off on you? :D

Depends upon how long I've known this friend. I've done this with my closest friends before

Those lucky bastards. Lol.

How many cups sizes do you grow when your breasts get engorged with milk?

Maybe one

Have you ever squirted during sex before?

I have

Really? Is it an often thing that happens? Is it a lot of fluid?

no it doesnt happen often, and its a decent amount i guess. i dont know what you would define as a lot lol

Well meaning a lot as if you can do a few cups or what not lol.

did you mean squirting milk, or the other kind of squirting? lol

cause if you meant the other kind, its definitely not that much lol

Haha I meant the other squirting. Well I'm sure it's a pleasurable feeling when it happens. I must ask. Could I message you? Or you have too many to respond to?

you can always message me. you dont have to ask lol

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What subjects do you like to teach the most?

What's the most unusual thing you've used to **********?

Would you ever consider having sex with a MTF transsexual?

Do your hands ever wander when you're sitting at your desk? While driving?

Thanks, Beautiful, for the chance to ask these things!

I enjoy teaching English

I've never thought about that before. I really don't know

They wander often. Not while I'm at work though, there are kids around lol. But it does happen while I'm driving. Sometimes it's some boob grabbing, sometimes a few fingers find their way into my panties lol

i forgot to answer a question lol
the strangest thing ive used to ********** was a toy lightsaber lol

Do you enjoying being sucked on when your lactating?