Aight so im 16 and i smoke weed..i started when i was 14..but let me say this with 100% honesty , im not a misbehaved kid , ive never been in a fight i dont steal im a straight a student. i respect and love my parents im also pretty close with them..but they dont know i smoke ofcourse...now today at school i got a letter stating that next week monday they will be testing random kids..so i dont really know if im gonna get tested or not because they said they are gonna test random classes..today while on the bus i asked some other friends that aren't in my class if they got the letter..they said no their class didnt but our class did...and keep in mind that im not a daily smoker btw..i smoke every friday and saturday...so my question is , should i confess to my parents that i smoke or should i just remain quite and hope that they dont test me? last time i smoked was wednesday and i will probally smoke tomorrow so yea help me out..

*also!: i think my parents might suspect because i told them a while ago that i tried it once , and recently maybe like 3 weeks ago i was in my car talking to my mom and she was like ''i know you smoke pot'' but she didnt say it seriously she said it as if she didnt care if i actually did , i was like ''no mom i dont!'' and she was like *grinning* "yes u do , i know u do im not dumb " and laughing and smiling so if i do get caught or if i do confess i dont know if my parents would get really that mad cuz like i said im a good kid

any tips? thanks
ps: im from Aruba so excuse my grammar fails ;p
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1 Response Nov 9, 2012

so, if you're close to your parents and Mom thinks you smoke, you might as well open it up. You might be surprised at her answer. Now the question... do you think your Mom smoked pot when she was younger?