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I am open to all and any questions and will respond to all hope to have fun
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Have you ever ****** your wife in the ***? Man that'll be fun, judging by how hoottttt her *** is

Yes I have but only a couple times she hates it and cries every time

Have you licked it? If yes, how does she find it?

Also, what's the crazzziieestt fantasy she let you indulge in? What's the craziest thing she's ever done when horny?

Man, I love her ***.

She said it doesn't do anything for her but she doesn't mind it if I like it and I do so I do it often

Just the role play for me and this fantasy

Describe your ideallllll sex session with her - like, the stuff your dreams are made of.

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Post some pictures of your wife showing how much of a cuck you are.

I willing to trade pictures with people not sure if I want then on here yet but I'm sure oil be comfortable soon

what the worst thing you ever done?

Cheated on my ex with her sister not a pretty ending

everything is done for a reason good or not ... now you are with someone else that i bet fit more your personallity
second question and you can ask me some if you want :)
what is the worst thing you ever done for money ?

I honestly can't think of anything bad I've done for money I'll keep thinking and if I remember I'll tell you

alright the i turn out my question to what would you do for money and howmuch?

It all depends on what it is but I'm sure I would do anything at the right price ;-)

haha okay do it by price

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Who's that DP of ?

My wife

HOT ***... wonder how the boobs are ?