I'm An Open Book.

I'm a open book but some pages are closed. So ask me anything...if you want to, i don't know why you would.
deathbyblades16 deathbyblades16
18-21, F
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U single

No I'm not

Oh ok sorry bout that question

do u **********?

Nopes i'm a good girl :P
*crosses fingers*

ha ha, even i am a good boy, but i do ********** when i get horny! :)


just because i am curious:) first question : how are you?

I'm great how are you?

im great to :)
how was your day?

It was good rode da bus with my friend, and then did my homework you?

quite boring in fact watch some anime and worked all day
i guess ur name is not without purpose so what made you start that?

well i use to cut myself..still do a bit at times, and i hated my life i wanted it to end.
"deathbyblades is my name, and pain is my game" :P

ok i know what you mean anyway what ur favorite food ?

shrimps! and popcorn, and artichokes you?

pomegranate as a fruit and chicken as meat milk as drink and popcorn as junk :)
what ur favorite song?

Perfect Weapon by black veil brides or no love by simple plan

My curse by killswitch engage or Ghost walking by lamb of god or Fighting by yellowcard

or jalan jalan -lotus
what ur favorite car:)

anything but a dodge or a toyota

ah! my favorite are Dodge Viper 2013 - Toyota Supra 98 XD


anyway what the worst thing u ever done?

Drugs lol you?

no comments haha for me
but drug is bad for you haha so do you have any question

why are drugs bad? lol kidding
umm do you like pie flavored pie?

haha as much as ice cream flavored ice cream :)


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Have you ever had a crush or fantasy about one of your friends dad?

Ummm....hmms good question no lol not reallly they were all really old. haha

Darn. Lol.

haha wll i don't have a problem with old guys just if their ugly lol

Am I ugly? I don't have a problem with young girls unless they are ugly. You are not ugly at all. Mmm

umm idk lol hahaha but i'm taken

Your not ugly but i just think its time to start dating guys my own age lol less illegal

Blah.... :)

lol sorry :P

Iam truely excited about you. Skype or kik or yim? I got some questions. :-P

lol sorry i don't got any of those :P
well just ask them lol

Mmmmm really? Probably shouldn't. Maybe you could hint me what you like about the older men you have "dated"...?

lol really the oldest guy i love is harrison ford, and cary grant...and patrick stewart. I dated 23-30 year olds. But i'm taken by a guy my age.

I think you can be taken by an orally skilled man. I will tutor this boy how to take care of you. Show and tell. I'm 40. I know how to make the mattress shake. Travel and hot clothes and a car also help take care of you. Anything. Lol j/k

Ford and grant? You like them a lot? They make things moist?

No lol he knows how to, and he treats me better than any of the older men I dated. And harrison ford is the bomb!

lol :P dude i just love them and their acting i just think they are sexy.

Get that tongue back in your mouth young lady. Lol. Ok I should stop flirting before the naughty questions start falling out of my mouth.

Okaaay talk to you later

How long ago did you date a 30yr old? Um....

:x sorry thats a personal thing lol

Hot. I'm going to have to get into something tonight now. Mmmm

Roleplayjoey@ymail.. Com

I am just the opposite of you. We are a match. Lol

o.O wtf man its creepy...

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I could get in trouble you are underage but very sexy..

lol no i'm not.