I'll Try.

I saw some others have done this, I'll give it a try...
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who did you catch ************?

my oldest son.

what was his reaction? have you ever thought about it?

He was very upset, he felt that his privacy had been invaded and he wouldn't accept my appology and my explanation of it being a complete accident.

you ever been tempted to catch him doing it again?

No, I wasn't tempted to do it the first time. It was an honest accident. I was home upstairs and our youngest was out at a friends house. Our oldest came home, announced he was back and went downstairs to his room. My computor was doing an update and it was taking quite a long time but I was needing to check somthing online so I thought I would go down and ask him if I could borrow his laptop for afew minutes. He had only come in 5 or 10 minutes earlier so I knew he wouldn't have gone to bed yet. His door was open a crack and the light was on and unfortunately I didn't think to knock first or announce that I was at the door, I just pushed it open and walked in. I would never deliberately intrude on them but he wouldn't accept my appology or my explanation for quite a long time.

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1) ever been skinny dipping? with whom..
2) What is your best physical trait?
3) what do you like to admire in others?
4) describe your breasts in detail

1) No, never skinny dipped. Much too shy for somthing like that.
2) I think I have great skin, which is surprising because we have dry winters. I'm told it always looks nice and smooth.
3) It depends on who it is. I try hard to look at people's positive traits. Some are lucky enough to have beautiful bodies, some have great personalities, some are encouragers, etc.
4) my breasts, well, they're mommy boobs and I'm over 40, enough said.

Are you willing to share pictures?

No I wouldn't go that far.

what kind of taboo film would turn you on?

I've watched some that show "middle-aged" women with "young" men. There is somthing about the visual of a young man...

nice...that works for me as well...so who is the middle aged woman in your fantasy...stay at home mom or a wife or someone else? and who initiates the sex? her or the young men?

I certainly include myself in those images somtimes, but somtimes it's just general images of others. Who initiates it? It doesn't really matter, either one, thats not important.

anyone in particular you think of? would love to watch one film with you...bet that would be hot...you like to play as you watch the film?

True, as long as it happens.

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