I Answer Anything You Dare Ask :)

i answer anything you dare ask :)
Thompsons Thompsons
1 Response Nov 30, 2012

What brings you enjoyment in your life and what makes you thankful.

sex, manga, book, hard working , and paintball with a good cup of milk at the end of the day :) if i can have all that atleast once in a time im happy:) what about you ?

it was wrote sex by the way

Yeah I thought you were stuck on you ex at first. Seeing people which I do every week with my work. Good conversations, a game of cards with friends and an active Walter Mitty imagination with sexual undertones.

=) i don't get caugh on my ex haha ex are like prison if you return to them it mean you didnt understand in the first place:) now ask away another question haha

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